Marvel: A New Magneto (TL)

Eric: "Who said that i had to be a villain? I also want to be a superhero!" Ancient One: "But you robbed the Illuminati at the beginning!" Eric: "Uh..." Stark: "Although you saved my parents, the person I hate the most is still you, no one!" Eric: "Huh?" Nick Bald Fury: "Although you are a jerk, no one can deny that you are a superhero." Eric: "Oh..." ... This is a translation. Link:https://m.qidian.com/book/1016555216.html ...

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Chapter 28: Let's about cooperation

  Eric sat on the head of the bed, looked at the two unconscious girl on the bed, and shook his head slightly.

  In order to obtain the secret of the superconducting material at room temperature, Obadiah really worked very hard.

  "Judging from various signs, Stark should not know the purpose of Obadiah!"

  Eric got up and poured himself another glass of wine. This is the benefit of the super soldier potion. No matter how much wine he drinks, it will turn into water and carbon dioxide in his stomach.

  "The worst is not Obadai, the worst is that damn fury!" Eric gnashed his teeth and drank the wine in the cup. " I thought Natasha was sent by Alexander, but I didn't expect it to be sent by you, you rotten egg head,..wait he still has hair!"

  That's right, Natasha was sent by Nick Fury, and is after the secret of the room temperature superconducting material.

  "Unexpectedly, these two actually met up so early, no, I have to hurry up and recruit Barton! The benefits can't be taken by that bastard alone!"

  Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, this person is very important, not because of his strength, nor because of his identity or other messy things, but because this guy is lucky!

  You do not believe? During the New York War, He was present, and the Avengers won; in the battle of Ultron, he was present, and the Avengers won again; during the civil war, he stood on the side of the Captain America and they won; the first fight against Thanos, He was absent from the scene, the Avengers failed miserably, Thanos snapped his fingers, the Barton's family disappeared, and he was fine? the second time he fought Thanos, Clint was present, and Thanos died...

  Although it is a bit far-fetched, Eric really thinks that Barton is the embodiment of luck.


  The next morning, Eric got up early and wandered in Stark Industries, his magnetic field induction was fully turned on, as his eyes flashed with excitement.

  Obadiah's choice of the location in Stark Industries is really the biggest mistake...

  "Eric, did you have a good time last night?" Obadiah greeted Eric from a distance, he was still wearing pajamas, holding a wine glass in one hand and a cigar in the other.

  "Don't mention it! I drank too much last night and slept like a dead pig. What are you playing, Obadiah, you actually made me drink so much!" Eric looked remorseful, blaming Obadiah.

  "Haha, you can't blame me for that, it's because your alcohol intake is too bad!" Obadai put his arms around his shoulders and winked, "I'll send those two girls to your home for you, how about a few days of fun?"

  Eric's eyes suddenly lit up, like a dog seeing flesh and bones, but looked a little embarrassed, "Forget it, if you do this, Jennifer will kill me!"

  That's why he hired a beautiful girl as his assistant. In such a situation, it's an excellent shield...

  "Oh? Your assistant to the president? Well, she's in good shape, I understand." Obadi took a deep breath of the cigar. "Well, I'll just give you their contact information."

  "That's great, you still know me." Eric and Obadi smiled at each other.

  "Let's go, let's have breakfast first, Tony should be getting up soon."


  "Eric, are you saying that General Ross recommended Alice Industries to the Department of Defense? Are you sure I heard correctly?" Eric took the initiative to reveal this explosive story just after breakfast. The news made Obadiah wonder if there was something wrong with his ears.

  "Of course, the room temperature superconducting material is the product of Alice Industries. We have more perfect technology. Perhaps General Ross and the Ministry of Defense also considered this reason, so they handed over the development of the electromagnetic gun series to Alice Industries."

  "However, Stark Industries has provided the military with weapons and equipment for decades. No one can compare with us in weapon development! If Alice Industries and Stark Industries cooperate, I believe we will be able to create a better weapon!" Obadiah was still trying to convince Eric, his eyebrows furrowed tightly and his spittle flying.

  "Obadiah, my friend, you should know that the series of electromagnetic guns will be the stepping stone for our Alice Industries to enter the arms market. We can't let it go!" Eric spread his hands in embarrassment.

  "There's no room for cooperation?" Obadiah sat back on the sofa and took a hard cigar.

  "Hey, buddy! I can buy materials from you and develop it myself! I believe we will develop a series of electromagnetic guns faster than Alice Industries!" Tony Stark lay on the sofa indifferently while eating cheeseburger, he is after all very confident in his IQ.

  Eric suddenly smiled, "Of course I know this, Mr. Stark, your Intellect is without a doubt! But if you really do this, then we have to limit the number of shipments of Lehnsherr One. "

  "Then I'll buy Alice Industries!" Stark swallowed the last bit of the burger.

  "I'm afraid you can't do this, Mr. Stark, Alice Industries is not listed yet, it belongs to me completely!" Eric shrugged.

  The room suddenly became quiet, and the atmosphere of solidified.

  Eric suddenly smiled, "Obadai, Mr. Stark, I think we can cooperate in other areas!"

  "Oh? What aspects? Concerned about women's skin problems? Stark Industries doesn't produce cosmetics! Mr. Women's Best Friend!" Stark said in disgust.

  "No, what I want to say, it's a metal prosthesis!" Eric didn't care about Stark's teasing. He took out a photo from his pocket and put it in front of the two of them. On the photo, it was the metal arm of the Winter Soldier. of course, all traces of Hydra or the former Soviet Union were erased by Eric.

  Stark picked up the photo and raised his eyebrows, "You want us to make this kind of toy?"

  "This is not a toy, Mr. Stark! This arm can give the user tons of strength!" Eric reached out and made a fist, his biceps bulging high under his clothes.

  "Every year, tens of thousands of soldiers in the U.S. military are injured, and most of them are disabled! This group of people includes soldiers, non-commissioned officers, lieutenants, colonists, and even generals! but many of them will just continue to serve in the barracks."

  "They came back from battle and left their legs or arms there, they have honor!"

  "The government gives out a lot of pensions every year and they have money!"

  "Also, society pays a lot of attention to them, and every little thing that's relevant gets a lot of coverage."

  "We have money, power, honor, and the society pays enough attention, why don't we do it?"

  Eric snatched the photo from Stark's hand, "This prosthesis will not only allow them to return to their normal lives, but even make them stronger!"

  "This is not only prosthetic limb, but also a weapon!"

  Obadi smiled with satisfaction, "Then, let's talk about cooperation!"