Marvel: A New Magneto (TL)

Eric: "Who said that i had to be a villain? I also want to be a superhero!" Ancient One: "But you robbed the Illuminati at the beginning!" Eric: "Uh..." Stark: "Although you saved my parents, the person I hate the most is still you, no one!" Eric: "Huh?" Nick Bald Fury: "Although you are a jerk, no one can deny that you are a superhero." Eric: "Oh..." ... This is a translation. Link:https://m.qidian.com/book/1016555216.html ...

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Chapter 27: drinking with tony

  Eric just interrogated her briefly, drew another tube of blood for research, and tied her to the laboratory.


  At eight o'clock in the evening, Eric came to Stark Industries on time. Obadiah was sitting on the sofa, surrounded by beautiful women. From time to time, those women fed him a fruit and poured a glass of wine. He looked very comfortable.

  On the other side, a young man is playing billiards with two beauties, as they cheered from time to time. This is Tony Stark, the future Iron Man, and now the most famous playboy in New York.

  "Hey, Eric, you're here at the right time, come here, here are the models I mentioned to you!" Obadi greeted warmly, with a few red lip prints on his forehead, which seemed a little strange.

  Eric walked over with a smile, but Tony Stark suddenly came over and stood in front of him. Unfortunately, Stark was almost five centimeters shorter than Eric, which made Stark have to raise his head slightly. making him look like a kid challenging an adult.

  Stark immediately noticed this embarrassing situation, quietly stood on tiptoe, and looked at Eric, "Hey, man, are you the guy who plays with magnets?"

  Eric looked at his tiptoes, and laughed happily, "Yes, that's right, I'm the guy who plays with magnets!"

  Seeing that Eric had noticed his little move, Stark shrugged, stretched his hand above his head to compare the height of the two, and stomped the ground, "It's the uneven floor! Actually, we're almost the same, I'll ask someone to fix it later."

  "Nice to meet you, Mr. Stark!" Eric smiled and stretched out his hand.

  Stark hesitated for a second but he still shook hands with him.

  "Haha, Eric, don't mind him, Tony just doesn't like shaking hands with men, you know!" Obadiah came over with a beautiful woman in his arms and smiled to smooth things over for the two.

  "Want something to drink?" Obadiah snapped his fingers and called a waiter.

  "Martini, with gin, no vodka, stir for ten seconds, and add a little twist to it, thank you!"

  Stark immediately said: "Hey hey, what are you saying!"

  Eric laughed at him and gracefully stretched out his palm to the beautiful woman beside Obadiah, The woman had obviously learned etiquette lessons, and gently placed her right hand In Eric's hands. Eric then gave a very gentlemanly kiss.

  "Okay, two geniuses, why don't we sit down and have a drink with the them?"

  "Lucy, or Anna, uh, well, maybe Amanda, whatever your name is, get me a glass of vodka!" Stark pointed to a beautiful woman and asked her to pour a drink. After calling a few names, he still couldn't remember what is the name of this girl, the woman frowned in dissatisfaction, but she went to pour the wine obediently.

  Eric shook his head slightly.

  Accompanied by beautiful women, the three of them temporarily put their unpleasantness behind them and had fun, singing, dancing, billiards, poker...

  Playing to the rise, Stark even played golf indoors, aiming at a tens of thousands of dollars bottle of famous wine, which made Eric feel distressed.

  The three of them went crazy for hours, and several beauties fell to the ground drunk. Taking advantage of the drunkenness, Obadiah clapped his hands and called a few waiters in. Whether standing or lying down, all female creatures were carried out.

  "Okay, Eric, Ruth and Annie have been sent to your room. You can enjoy the evening, hehe." Obadeh put his arms around Eric's shoulders and smiled lewdly.

  "That's great, I haven't had enough fun just now!" Eric returned an expression that a man could understand, with his eyes a little blurred.

  "Hey! Dude, I made an appointment for Annie! We just played golf together after all!" Stark drank a lot, and his mind was a little dizzy. He fell on the sofa just after saying a few words.

  "Hahaha! Stark, not only your height, your alcohol intake is not as good as mine!" Eric pointed at Stark and laughed wildly, but unfortunately, Stark couldn't hear him, he was already asleep.

  Obadiah looked at Eric who was a little drunk, the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned, but he returned to a drunken state in a flash. He patted Stark's thigh hard, "Tony really can't do it, haha, he's already drunk high, but theirs a woman in the front so he's too embarrassed to fall down!"

  "Haha, Tony Stark, you lost!" Eric looked proud, pointed at Stark and laughed, his eyes becoming more and more blurred.

  "Yeah, Eric, you won. Not only did you beat Tony in alcohol, but you also beat him in terms of intelligence. Room temperature superconducting materials, God! I really don't know how you came up with it!" When there was still a hint of drunkenness, he sat next to Eric with a clear face and poured him a glass of wine again.

  "Hey, that's my most proud work!" Eric squinted his eyes and drank the wine in the cup, "I tell you, if you want to create a constant, room temperature superconducting material, the most important thing is, hiccup! Bleurgh..."

  Speaking of the key point, Eric suddenly hiccupped, followed by nausea, and began to vomit wildly. A large amount of undigested food and wine were mixed with stomach acid, and sprayed it on Obadiah's face.

  "WTF..." Obadeh cursed, pushed Eric away and rushed to the bathroom, but then turned back, pulled Eric's collar and asked, "The most important thing is?"

  "Yes, it must be stirred clockwise, otherwise, yes, yes, burp!" Eric burped again, his eyelids drooped, and he fell asleep.

  "Stir clockwise? What the hell? Damn it!" Obadiah kicked Eric angrily, but his shoes were then stained with Eric's vomit, which made him nauseated again, hurriedly run to the bathroom.

  "Come on, send Mr. Eric to his guest room, tell Ruth and Annie to treat him well!" Obadiah cleaned himself in the bathroom as he shouted orders.