Marvel: A New Magneto (TL)

Eric: "Who said that i had to be a villain? I also want to be a superhero!" Ancient One: "But you robbed the Illuminati at the beginning!" Eric: "Uh..." Stark: "Although you saved my parents, the person I hate the most is still you, no one!" Eric: "Huh?" Nick Bald Fury: "Although you are a jerk, no one can deny that you are a superhero." Eric: "Oh..." ... This is a translation. Link:https://m.qidian.com/book/1016555216.html ...

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Chapter 25: Deal

  "General Ross, Happy New Year! How about a drink?" Eric got into General Ross's car calmly, with whiskey in one hand and two wine glasses in the other.

  General Ross didn't follow up with him, but knocked on the back of the driver. The driver understood, turned on a jammer, and raised the soundproof panel in the car.

  Eric couldn't help frowning, the jammer was interfering with electronic equipment, and it sent out bursts of messy electromagnetic waves, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

  "Mr. Eric, on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, I hope to reach a cooperation with Alice Industries." General Ross still took out a document with a blank face.

  Eric took the material and simply flipped through it, and his eyes lit up.

  This is a weapon design drawing, very simple and very untechnical.

  Single Soldier Electromagnetic Cannon. An idea, an idea that is difficult to achieve.

  If it is manufactured according to the method in the design drawing, the individual electromagnetic gun will weigh at least 100 kilograms. If the weight is reduced, the power of the electromagnetic gun will be insufficient.

  "The military wants Alice Industries to improve this weapon?" Eric closed the blueprint and poured a glass of wine for General Ross.

  "Yes, Alice Industries has developed a room temperature superconducting material, which makes it possible for this weapon to be manufactured. We hope that Alice Industries can cooperate with the military to manufacture this weapon." General Ross accepted but was not drinking, he held it in his hand and stared at Eric, "If you can succeed, then Alice Industry will become another major customer of the military in the future, and by then, the order will definitely not be only Individual electromagnetic guns, there will also be shipborne electromagnetic guns, airborne electromagnetic guns, electromagnetic gun tanks..."

  After listening, Eric looks amazed. "General Ross, this is a good thing, and we Alice Industries are of course willing. However, I don't understand a bit, why should you choose Alice Industries? This kind of thing, as long as you buy Lehnsherr No.1, it's actually not difficult to make, right?"

  General Ross was silent for a moment and said, "I recommended you to the Ministry of Defense."

  "Why?" Eric was extremely puzzled. It was the first time he and General Ross met, and they had nothing to do with half a dime.

  "I have an experiment that requires a lot of room-temperature superconducting material."

  Experiment? Eric's heart moved. there is only one experiment that General Ross is obsessed in, "What kind of experiment?"

  "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask!" General Ross glared, as he swallowed the wine in his hand.

  Eric shrugged and poured him again.

  "This experiment requires a lot of money." General Ross finished and clinked his glass with Eric's.

  Eric understood right away that he need large amount of money.

 "General Ross, I understand what you mean!" Eric drank his drink with a smile, "We will take orders from the Ministry of Defense, but please tell to the Ministry of Defense that developing individual electromagnetic guns is very expensive, and that will consume a huge amount of Lehnsherr One, and the price of Lehnsherr One is not actually that expensive!"

  "Hehe, very good, happy cooperation!" General Ross nodded with satisfaction and raised the wine glass in his hand.

  "Happy cooperation!" Eric smiled and touched the wine glasses of the two, making a crisp sound.

  "General Ross, I still have a weapon here, I wonder if you are interested?" After drinking, Eric suddenly remembered something.

  General Ross was a little surprised. He had never heard that Alice Industries had a weapons department. His intention was to let Eric add such a department to help him launder money. But what does Eric mean?.

  "Sonic weapon!" Eric thought of the sonic gun he got from Ulysses, removed the bells and whistles like deformation, and then tried to replace the vibranium metal in it. It's not big problem for him to copy it.

  "Oh? How powerful?" General Ross didn't care what type of weapon it was, he only cared about power.

  "First-class! From non-lethal weapons to missile-like levels, the power can be adjusted by itself, and it is continuous damage, zero pollution, only consumes electricity, and can be reused!" Eric recalled in his mind a certain green monster that was hit by sound waves. as he lists its benefits one by one.

  The more General Ross listened, the brighter his eyes became, and he finally agreed that the military would purchase individual electromagnetic guns and sonic weapons from Alice Industries. At the same time, he personally contributed to buy some Lehnsherr 1 from Eric at cost.


  Eric staggered back to the company and found that the banquet was over, and there were not many people in the whole company. He thought that he should go to the test site to participate in the test ceremony of the maglev train.

  General Ross has three hobbies, smoking, drinking, and hating the Hulk. Today, Eric finally saw his hobby of drinking, the two of them drank like that.

  Eric had been injected with super soldier serum so the alcohol was decomposed as soon as it got into his stomach, but General Koros relied on his own.

  After drinking a bottle of whiskey, General Ross was hooked, opened the wine cabinet in the car, and took out one bottle after another until he got himself drunk.

  In order to appear less fake, Eric sprinkled half a bottle of brandy on his body and staggered on purpose while walking.

  After habitually turning on the magnetic field induction, Eric suddenly found that someone was prying on him.

  Eric is not only not angry, but also very happy.

  He thought Alexander Pierce must have sent someone, and finally took the bait!

  Ultraviolet shielding device, the first product released by Alice Industries, Eric even carried the nickname of "Women's Best Friend" for this reason. This thing is actually made by Eric for Alexander to see.

  It can block ultraviolet rays and naturally also block visible light!

  The helli carrier, the Insight program, this is the technology that Alexander desperately needs.

  Why does Eric have to go to Wakanda to do this? It's because Hydra can't crack Wakanda's technology.

  If you just want to build a device that blocks ultraviolet rays, Eric can do it in minutes with his abilities and advanced scientific knowledge. However, that would be easily cracked by Hydra.

  But with the addition of Wakanda's Vibranium technology, things are different. The core component of the UV shielding instrument has become an alloy that can release a special magnetic field, and the most critical raw material of this alloy is vibranium.

  The special vibranium alloy, coupled with Wakanda's magnetic field control technology, Hydra won't be able to crack no matter how what they do.

  "Finally, let me see who Alexander sent over here!"