Marvel: A New Magneto (TL)

Eric: "Who said that i had to be a villain? I also want to be a superhero!" Ancient One: "But you robbed the Illuminati at the beginning!" Eric: "Uh..." Stark: "Although you saved my parents, the person I hate the most is still you, no one!" Eric: "Huh?" Nick Bald Fury: "Although you are a jerk, no one can deny that you are a superhero." Eric: "Oh..." ... This is a translation. Link:https://m.qidian.com/book/1016555216.html ...

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Chapter 24: General Ross

  January 1, 1993, New Year's Day, Alice Industries.

  After a few months, Alice Industries held another product launch conference, and the product released this time is the much-anticipated maglev train.

  The press conference was packed. Not only did the major media arrive on time, but also many representatives from related government departments came to the conference. The major railway companies and technology companies were waiting outside the door early.

  Eric stood in front of the window of the president's office and looked at Stark Industries, Hammer Military Industries, Pioneer Technology, Roxon Oil, BNSF, NASA...

  Eric finally found his old friend in the crowd, long-haired Nick Fury, beside him, he also brought a somewhat restrained young man, seeing the young man's hairline, Eric suddenly laughed, "Long time no see, Coulson!"

  In Eric's speech, trains, planes, ships, subways, cars, all means of transportation were devalued to nothing, and they couldn't even follow the ass of the maglev train to eat ashes.

  The recordings that the media should record, the recordings that should be recorded, anyway, Eric says, they will broadcast it how they will broadcast. If something really happens in the future, it will also be the top of Alice Industries, not counting them.

  The major railway companies are not happy. The site they have been operating for many years is about to be invaded, and no one is happy. Many representatives are thinking about how to make Alice Industry fall. But at the press conference, they all kept quiet, they were all powerful people, and basic manners was still required.

  The two-hour press conference soon ended. Representatives of major media and companies moved to the restaurant to attend the banquet. In the afternoon, there was a more important event, the trial of the maglev train.

  Eric interspersed between the big figures holding a wine glass, dealing with questions from all sides, but once it came to the room temperature superconducting material, Lehnsherr No. 1, Eric would just laugh without saying a word.

  In fact, everyone knows that the construction technology of maglev trains is not difficult, and it can be developed by any high-tech company. The real difficulty lies in the superconducting materials at room temperature, which are recognized by the scientific community as impossible substances, but now It was synthesized by Alice Industries. Ninety-nine percent of the companies and forces that came to the press conference came for this.

  "Eric, long time no see!" Nick Fury walked over with the still young Coulson and stretched out his hand from a distance.

  Eric smiled and shook hands with Nick Fury, "Fury, long time no see, I heard that you have been transferred to the headquarters. Why, living in New York is uncomfortable?"

  "Don't mention it, New York is so noisy! That's why I applied for a transfer to the headquarters to do a clerical job," Nick Fury frowned and made a gesture of picking his ears, and pointed to Coulson next to him, " Let me introduce to you, my rookie, Coulson, a very nice young man."

  "Hello, Mr. Eric!" Coulson's smile is indeed very friendly, making people feel that he is a good person at first glance, Eric's eyes suddenly lit up, this kind of smile must be learned, it is too deceptive.

  "Hello Coulson, so your S.H.I.E.L.D also interested in maglev trains?"

  Nick Fury shrugged and said helplessly: "It's just a routine. The director said that such an important meeting must be watched by someone. I happened to be free, so I'm here."

  "Well, I thought you were here to see an old friend!" Eric pretended to be sad.

  Nick Fury laughed suddenly: "Come on, Eric, I'm not one of those little girls, don't do this!"

  "Haha, have fun, I'll go take a look over there!" Eric patted Nick Fury's arm with a smile and pointed to another group of people. Nick Fury looked at him and saw a fat bald man chatting freely there. He nodded in understanding and made a gesture of invitation.

  Eric walked towards the bald fat man. The bald fat man saw Eric and stretched out his palm from a distance, his fat face squeezed into a chrysanthemum, and he laughed loudly: "Haha, Mr. Eric, you finally It's here!"

  "Mr. Obadiah! I didn't expect Stark Industries to come to a small press conference like this!" Eric's expression seemed to be very surprised by his arrival.

  "Oh, don't say that, Mr. Eric is young and promising, and he can actually invent room temperature superconducting materials. This is something that even Tony can't do! In the future, Alice Industry will definitely have a lot to do!"

  "Don't say that, Alice Industries is just a small company, and it can't compare to Stark Industries..."

  The two started a business touting model, and they almost praised each other to the sky. Many reporters did not forget their own jobs, took pictures one after another, and even thought about the title of the report in their minds - Obadeh and Eric met enthusiastically, Stark Industries may reach a secret deal with Alice Industries.

  "Eric, do you want to go to my place to relax at night? I asked a few models to come over, and they are in a very 'great shape'." Obade approached Eric and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear, There is a look in his eyes that all men could understand.

  Eric smiled suddenly, and returned a look that you know me well, "That's great, I just designed a few sets of clothes, and I need models to try them on."

  "Oh, what a coincidence, I also have a few sets of clothes to try on there. Well, it's settled, how about 8 o'clock tonight?" Obadeh put his arms around Eric's shoulders, like two old friends.

  "Okay, it's settled, just eight..." Before Eric could finish speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by a whisper from behind.

  "Mr. Eric, it's a little urgent, you'd better come here." It was Jennifer, her expression was a little anxious.

  Eric frowned and turned around, "What's the matter? Didn't you see that I was discussing things with Mr. Obadiah?"

  "Haha, Eric, don't lose your temper at the beauty, that's not a gentleman!" Obadeh smiled and patted Eric's shoulder, "You do your job first, I will contact you later."

  "Mr. Obadiah, I'm really sorry, I'll come back if I can." Eric nodded apologetically, and asked Jennifer to lead the way.

  "Jennifer, what's the matter?" When he came to a corner where no one was around, Eric regained his glib tone, how could he be unhappy at all?

  Jennifer can't care about this now. She looked around to make sure that there was no one around, and then she leaned into Eric's ear and said, "General Ross wants to see you!"

  "General Ross? What is he doing here? Also, can't he come here in a fair way? He has to be so mysterious." Eric pouted in dissatisfaction.

  "I don't know, he doesn't seem to want people to know that he's here, He just invited you over."

  Eric raised his eyebrows, what does this mean? "Where is he?"

  "underground garage."