35 Zeus's offer.

"Don't be childish and tell me what happened" Athena answered me quickly, as though she hadn't thought before speaking, by means of this, she had greatly destroyed my sense of self and importance.

However, given the charisma she is currently unleashing on, I could of course suppress my arrogance and narcissism to some extent, and act like a god of wisdom once again.

"Well, Hades said hello to us, Zagreus fled, and he and I exchanged punches, stabs, curses and magic, and I cut off his head and he died. This is a short version of the story. Maybe I can tell you the verified story later? " I told her while I smiled sweetly.

"are you sure? You know what? don't answer," Athena said, appearing not to believe, "I'll check it later."

Seeing that the blonde goddess of war did not believe my words, I couldn't help but blame my childish behavior, but I knew that she knew that the fact that I was in front of her meant that I was the winner in the battle between me and Hades.

"Can we go back to Olympus? I just performed an impossible rescue and fought the god of the underworld himself, don't you think I deserve some rest?" I told her while I was sitting on the ground.

Athena sighed and touched my shoulder before she used her divine energy to teleport us to Olympus, we were wrapped in white light for a moment before we reappear again in Olympus.

"Stand up, don't you feel ashamed to act like this?"

I looked at the goddess who was looking at me, she seemed to be unaccustomed to me being tired and lazy, because I always act appropriately in front of most people, it seems like she thinks it's a shame that I'm behaving like this around her.

I suppressed my sense of fatigue and immediately stood up, later, I would have to take a long nap just to regain my previous discipline, but now I have to return the Stygian Blade to Zagreus, and get my reward from Zeus, but I have to check if he's angry because I killed his brother , Although they often hate each other, the person cannot be sure.

I followed Athena towards the throne room of Zeus, where Zeus was sitting on his throne with his relaxing smile, Hera was not here which made me a little disappointed, I had never found Zeus's appearance so likable to the eyes before, and of course won't be as likeable as her appearance.

"Zeus, I accomplished your mission!" I told him directly when I entered the room, acting bravely and boldly in front of someone as powerful as Zeus.

"Yes, you did, I was watching you, Valli, and I must say you did a great job!" Zeus said while smiling broadly, he even stood from his throne and started walking towards us.

When I looked at Athena, she seemed to know why, but she seemed not to be accustomed to Zeus behaving like this, to praise someone else like this.

Zeus quickly approached me, and I didn't try to avoid him because I don't think he's intending on something bad (for the most part), and he grabbed my shoulder in his hand "Boy, if I didn't know you're the boring type, I'd throw a fest for you"

For My Sake I'm the very opposite of boring! I am funny, interesting, intelligent and strong! This is what I wanted to say but I decided not to make a fuss about something as small as this.

"You can leave now, my daughter. Valli and I need to talk a little," Zeus said as he did not even look at Athena.

Athena looked at me for a moment before she turned to leave, well, that's not comfortable, I laughed a little and took a few steps away from Zeus "Looks like you're so happy?"

"Huh, that's right, and you should feel proud, boy, you killed the god of underworld! I also have something that I can use to mock my brother in the future."

Well, most people will be angry, but Zeus is happy that I killed his brother, that's just .... very much like Zeus ...

"Well, about my reward…" I said while trying not to show that I was uncomfortable, but I ultimately failed.

"Oh, about this…" Zeus said as he seemed to be thinking, "I was intending to give you some adamantine, but now I really don't know what I should, so, what do you think about giving you anything you want?"

When thinking about the display of Zeus, I couldn't help but think that he was so nice, so nice that I began to think that someone was impersonating Zeus.

"Can I know the reason for your generosity?" I told him while I hesitated a little.

"Oh, that ... don't think about a little thing like that," said Zeus as, again, placing his hands over my shoulder, "By the way, do you like Olympus?"

"Yes… I think so… Olympus is a very nice place," I told him while I hadn't finished the next half of my talk, so good that I could hardly believe you are the king here.

"So, let me tell you something very important, Young man," Zeus said with a smile, "Although I did not think Hades would try to stop you personally, saving Zagreus was as much a test for you as it was a rescue mission."

Upon hearing his words, I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable and wanting to know what that test was, Zeus so random and moody that I couldn't understand him, because I didn't try.


"That's right, you know, after you did your little experiment I thought it would be better if you joined us formally. We don't want the information to spread, right?"

For some reason, I just don't like where this conversation is going

"So, what do you think about adopting you? Your new name will be valli Panhellenios! You can call me father, and Hera your mother!"

"This ..." Looks like I was right, I definitely don't like the path of this conversation. "I still have my biological parents, and I'm already over 100 years old, don't you think it's too late for me to be adopted?"

"You can have two parents, the higher the number the more fun, right?" Zeus insisted, refusing to take my hidden refusal, stressed my shoulder and said, "Age is just a number, you know this, you can rule Olympus and the world beside us, the 13th Olympian, no, you can even replace Dionysus or Ares, what do you think?"

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