24 The Party.

So this is where the party is taking place? I looked around when I walked into the mansion where this party was being held, there were many gods and nymphs that were not mentioned in the mythology, while I got to know a few people that I interacted with before, it seems that everyone regardless of some here, well, it is clear that they are They don't let any of the wild races attend, the Minotaurs are very aggressive, while the centaurs like calm, and the Gorgons love solitude.

Almost everyone was here, drinking and talking, while there are pretty-looking homunculuses that serve everyone, and some are actually making out in the corners.

Looking around, I didn't know what to do, blame my poor social skills, all that was at the Asgard celebrations was drinking (which I didn't do) and greedily eating and fighting, while just a few who woke up in the morning not remembering anything with other people in their beds, all I could do was look at Hermes, which made him realize the situation.

I didn't intend to come, but Hermes insisted, and started to bother me about how he promised everyone that I would be here and that he would get in trouble if I didn't show up.

My advice to him was, don't make a promise you can't keep, and yet, after insistence, I could only reluctantly agree.

I'm not really a sexual person, I'm handsome of course, 1.90 meters tall with black hair and green eyes, I'm 104 years old and I've barely thought about sex before, but I don't think I mind throwing off my virginity.

Do not blame me, it is clear that I, as an Guardian, prefer to fight and fought in battle, this gives me pleasure equal or superior to sex, of course, Olympians do not share this opinion, and I prefer not to say this out loud, they may consider me barbaric, while it is clear that they and I share A common opinion on art.

"Oh, guys! I brought him as I promised! It's yours now!" Hermes took off his helmet and waved at several groups of women before wearing his helmet and waving to me as he walked away "You will thank me later!"

This bastard ... this was a trap! With all my infinite divine wisdom, how could I not realize that he would forsake me at the time of the seriousness?

It was only when I was just about to follow him that I was surrounded by goddesses and nymphs that I didn't even know, even though a pheme, one of my neighbors was with them, and because she's the goddess of gossip, I wasn't really a fan of her ...

"Who is this handsome?" One of them said as she pulled my arm.

"Look who came, our favorite Asgardian!" Akhlys, the goddess of poison and misery, said as she pulled my other arm, but I immediately pulled my arm out of hers and turned away from her while the other goddesses surrounded me, I could see her looking at me as if she was about to cry.

"Hey, tell us about some of your adventures?" One of them said.

"Is Asgard really beautiful?"

"circe told us you killed a dragon before, is that true?"

"What do the nine realms look like?"

Faced with the endless number of questions from different goddesses, I could only forget the goddess of misery and start answering their questions randomly, but I was slowly and lightly emerging from their siege on me, after a while, I asked permission to go to the bathroom.

However, in reality, I went to the less crowded place in the mansion, where there was only a blind lady with blond hair sitting in a chair.

Mental note, never trust Hermes again.

I sat next to the blind lady, who was no other than the titaness Themis, the deity of justice and order, and one of the few remaining titans. "hello, sorry for the interruption"

"You can do yourself a favor," she simply said while pointing to the seat with her finger.

"So what are you watching?" I deliberately said while trying not to laugh, but Themis completely ignored me, it seemed to be a bad joke, "I like calm, small conversations of importance."

"I see," said Themis simply. "Why are you not celebrating with others?"

"No" I answered her moderately. "The women out there are trying to have sex with me, but because they're so drunk, I feel it's wrong."

"Because of the low population, everyone here is very open to each other," she said when she did not answer after that.

"how old are you?" I said in a final attempt to break the silence between us.

"Nearly… 100,000 years old," she said to me as she raised her head as though she were thinking.

"You're much older than me…" I said as my voice ran over me a little.

"how old are you?" She asked me, it seems that we have finally found a common thread.

"Only 104 years old, you are really old, I'm sorry, it was not appropriate to say it this way. However, can I ask you if you are good at history?"

"I can say I know some of the events that have been through my time, are you interested in hearing them?" She told me while she smiled.

Seeing this, I made up my mind, she might be a thousand times older than me but she still looks like a beautiful and healthy lady, plus, I might get some god energy from of a titan!

"Maybe we can go to a quieter place, where we will be alone, and be able to talk about historical events in a more intimate and close manner?" I told her in a whisper-like tone.

"I don't know," she said as her smile faded.

"If you change your mind at a later time before our discussion begins, you can leave. I am not really forcing you. I apologize if I was too direct. I ... you can say that I am new in this regard."

"Obviously," she said while standing, "Why don't you help me get to a safe place?"

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