3 Graduation.

It has been eight years since I joined the military and magic schools, and it is time to graduate from the military school, although I can stay for several more years, but I am not the type of masochist who likes to be beaten, in recent years it has become rare to be defeated because I am I trained hard but in the beginning I was being beaten in blue and black even by the Aisir girls, silly race advantages, if I used runes i would defeat them in one second!

I can join the army after that, as I will be trained additionally by the officers and regardless of the fact that I have to participate in any battle or war in which I am deployed, in the meantime I can either do nothing or do additional work like my parents in order to pass the time, Maybe I can be accepted into the berserk squad, forget it, I'm too calm to be accepted in.

Or I could join the Royal Guard, I heard that they are living a life of prosperity, and I might also make some connections with the royal family, forget that too, it might not be a good idea.

As for the magic school, everyone can study in it up to the age of 35 as a maximum, and I intend to make use of this time to the maximum. I can live for about 5,000 years now, studying up to 35 years is nothing for me.

By the way, I am a hundred years older than Thor, Balder, and Loki, they are not even born yet, just as the frost Giants have not attacked Midgard yet, times are still fairly peaceful in Asgard.

Maybe I can take advantage of this opportunity, when I go to Earth next time I'll add my name to Norse mythology, just imagine it makes me shiver.

Valli, the best god ever! Well, it doesn't look great when phrasing it this way, I'm sure I can pull something out by then, I hope so ...

Anyway, in order to graduate from the military school I had to fight someone, usually either a former graduate or one of the instructors, in my case I had to deal with the former.

The person I have to fight is the one who used to kick my ass before, Astrid, Aisir with blonde hair and a slightly muscular body, she is several years older than me, but that didn't stop her from bullying me before.

"Valli, you will be disappointed today," she said as she pointed her sword at me.

"Don't say that, I defeated you before!" I told her while I held my double blades firmly and took the battle stance.

"And I kicked your ass 167 times," she said to me while smiling arrogantly.

Well, at least I know now that she was counting the number of times she won, damn, could this situation get more humiliating?

"If only I was allowed use magic to defeat you in less than a minute," I told her, trying to regain a little of my dignity.

"If only I was allowed to use magic, I would defeat you in a second!" She told me before she came towards me and waved her sword.

But you can't even use magic! I was about to respond when I realized the hidden meaning within this sentence, fucking racism!

I immediately blocked her sword by crossing my blades, but as soon as I did, Astrid tried to kick me, but I immediately took a few steps back in order to avoid her attack.

In the next few minutes all we could do was stop and dodge the other's attacks, and try to attack the other.

After a while, Astrid held her sword in her left hand and waved it towards me, I immediately threw my right blade and grabbed her hand by the sword handle, when I did, she punched my face with her right hand.

My beautiful face!

I let go of my remaining blade and grabbed her other hand, and she pulled it towards me while I pushed my head forward.

My head hit her head hard while I heard the sound of her nose breaking. I will apologize later, but I feel really satisfied now, eye for eye and teeth for teeth!

As I plunged into my moment of contentment Astrid sent a side kick towards me, hitting my knee and causing me to lose my balance and fall onto my knee.

Astrid let go of her sword and grabbed my hair in one hand and started hitting my face blue and black.

After receiving several blows focused enough to drag her legs in order to drop her into the ground, I kicked her sword away, as we began to fight against each other before I could reach behind her and start choking her through my elbow.

Astrid started to fight hard against me, but I endured her attempt to break free with all my might. I looked at the coach who was overseeing our fight, and he looked at our fight very hard.

"please?" I told him as I tried to continue subduing Astrid.

Seeing that the coach completely ignored me, I cursed him in my mind.

Damn racist! I squeezed my teeth and choked Astrid harder, after a few seconds she lost consciousness.

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