8 8. Progress

The first 5 months of school were the usual for a teenager like me.

I turned 14 on October 22nd and had a humble party.

I say humble, but since Liz Allen found out before October came around, she decided it would be best to throw a massive birthday party at her house.

Turns out she's from a rich family. Her father is a skilled electrical engineer who works for Oscorp.

That sounds like a huge red flag. I better take note of that since not everything in this universe is gonna be like 616 or the MCU, given the fact that Colleen Wing is in Midtown High, Watanabe from Spiderman PS4 is here, and Jean Grey is not in the X Mansion. Though, there are plenty of things that are similar, like the fact that Iron Man 1 and 2 ended very similarly to how they ended in the MCU.

(A/n: BTW, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Universe-199999)

Anyway, Liz Allen threw a big party, everyone was invited, including Peter, since I've been helping him out with minor bullying situations and she took notice of that.

Of course, I never really intervened in Peter's life. I only taught him very basic Jiu Jitsu and spoke about various science subjects, namely biochemistry.

Since I want to make a company on advanced prosthetics, a biochemist would be a good addition to the business, right? If I offer Peter a job, that might help his future money situation.

Oh, yeah, I've managed to help ease Jean into normalcy. She's now able to talk normally and she isn't so shy anymore. I guess my teasing really opened her up. She's also now 100% fluent in Spanish.

Colleen, however, has gotten more stressed out. How do I know she's been stressing? Well the amount of times she asks for sex has increased. I guess her masters at The Hand have been pressuring her about me. She has been asking me to join the Dojo her Sensei runs more often this past month, and I've refused every time.

This stress of hers might accumulate into her investigating exactly why I'm so sought after. She may learn what The Head truly is and defect.

That's just my hope, though.


However, During these 5 months, the most exciting thing that's happened is that I'm taller. The ladies who once made fun of my height secretly are now all giddy whenever I call out to them, even if it's to borrow an eraser.

I've hit my first Saiyan growth spurt. I am now 5'7" (170 cm), the same height as Gwen. I've won my bet for sure.

(A/n: If memory serves me right, Goku had 2 growth spurts. One small one after his first world tournament competition and one big one just before the world tournament during the last few episodes of the OG Dragon Ball show. I'm making 2 growth spurts for saiyans my head canon.)

Enough about my height, let's talk about my power and abilities.

The most important is my overall power level.

It's 500.

How do I know this?

Well, I've been given a... system. Luckily it's not a very complicated system.

It suddenly appeared when I was training with Colleen. It notified me that I've hit power level 500 and congratulated me and everything.

I asked 'Why? Why did I get this overly used trope?'.

Well, apparently, the One-Above-All had made a mistake. He pulled me, a being not of his creation, into one of his universes. As an apology, he scanned my memories and found that a 'system' is the best gift to give considering it's ease of use and ability to help me get stronger much faster.

I open up the system to take a look.


+System Manager+

Owner: Arthur Nathaniel Stacy (Nion)

Power Level (PL): 501

Ki: 5,010

God Ki: 100

Gift 1 (PL500): System Manager (COMPLETED)

Gift 2 (PL1,000): Senzu Bean Recipe

Gift 3 (PL5,000): Adjustable Weights

Gift 4 (PL10,000): Potential Unlocked

Gift 5 (PL100,000): Shop Menu


Scouter (Lvl.MAX)-Active- View the overall power level of a sentient being.

Sense Presence (Lvl.MAX)-Passive- Able to sense the presence of sentient beings from great distances.


(A/n: Every 1 power level is 10 ki, God Ki doesn't increase unless you use it. Arthur was born with 100.)

Wow, thank you, One-Above-All. This really fucking helps, holy shit! Especially the Sense Presence ability.

I've been trying to train my Ki sense in order to locate and recognize people, but I haven't been able to succeed, probably because this universe doesn't have Ki, but instead it uses Chi.

Good thing I have it now, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed the odd presence that's always watching me.

I'll deal with them when I'm free after school.


(The Next Day)

Right after school ended the presence that has been following me appeared as usual.

I said my goodbyes to Jean and her friends and told Gwen that I'll be home later.

"Gonna buy some food? If you are, bring me an lemon iced tea, would you?" Gwen asked.

"Sure, no problem." I responded.

I turned the opposite way and nonchalantly headed to the edge of town. The entire way there, the sneaky presence kept it's distance. It looks like he's only observing me. I don't like having my privacy invaded.

Sensing that there were no other people nearby once I reached a secluded area, I stopped in my tracks and dashed to where my stalker was.

"N-Nani?!" The gruff voice said, surprised at my speed.

Oh! This is my chance to say the thing!

"Omae wa mō shinde iru." I responded as I grabbed the stalker's jaw.

Not expecting to get caught so easily, the stalker's face pales as the grip I have on his jaw gets stronger.

"Just kidding. I'm not one to kill someone for a nonviolent crime. So, what do I owe the pleasure, Ninja-san?" I said.

"..." The red clad ninja said nothing, slowly reaching into his back pocket.

Before the ninja could throw down what I assume to be smoke bombs, I grab his hand and crush them, along with his hand.

"Aargh! ... Kisama..." The ninja growled.

(A/n: Kisama is a VERY rude way to say 'you' in Japanese. You might've heard it being said in non-dubbed anime and such. Do not use it when in Japan.)

"Are you the type of henchman to not say anything even when I threaten to kill you?" I asked.

"..." The ninja just stays silent, looking at me with hatred in his eyes.

"Yep, you are. Typical. Well, you can just tell your masters to never mess with me again, otherwise I'll destroy them." I warned.

I let go of the Ninja's hand and pushed him away. He quickly did a ninjutsu hand sign and disappeared into the shadows. I didn't feel his presence anymore.

I just revealed to The Hand that I have strength and speed comparable to a superhero, but whatever. What doesn't kill me quite literally makes me stronger. If The Hand can push me to my limits I will get a much needed zenkai boost.

The faster I can get the recipe to senzu beans, the faster I can become stronger.

I look at the current date on my phone.

February 28th, 2012.

I don't know if it'll happen, but since Iron Man 1 and 2 happened almost exactly as they did in the movies, it's safe to say that the Invasion of New York City by Loki will happen in May.

How did I know Iron Man 1 and 2 happened exactly like in the MCU? Well, for one, Tony Stark announced that he is Iron Man, and the second, the robots controlled by that Russian dude at Hammer Industries went crazy. It was all televised or on the news, considering how famous Tony is. Anywhere he goes, whether suited up or not, reporters will be there.

How useful of them. Thank you, paparazzi.

I am currently power level 579. I can easily lift a couple hundred tons of I boost my strength using ki. I'm confident I can blast the moon away if I use my full power. I'm definitely strong enough to help during the invasion. Even if I'm not, it's a sure fire way to get a zenkai boost.

After watching the sun begin setting for a little, I turn around and head to a corner store. I have to get the lemon iced tea I promised for my dear sister.