Marvel's Hogwarts Professor

I am Gilderoy Lockhart, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. But who can tell me why I am in the Marvel world? Oh my God, I was still being watched by Ancient One and Odin, how to avoid this? ······ Reform to the world in the world of Harry Potter. Grindelwald: "For the greater good!" Dumbledore: "Order is above all else!" Lockhart: "Make wizards great again!" Go back in the Marvel universe. Ancient One: "Lockhart, the responsibility of protecting the earth is entrusted to you..." Tony: "Jarvis, let's start the development of the 36th version of the anti-magic armor." ······ I, Gilderoy Lockhart, the wizard who can travel back and forth between the worlds of Harry Potter and Marvel, using the magic of Karma Taj and Asgard, is here.

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Chapter 14 Will is the soul! Knowledge is bone! Magic for meat!


The ground trembled with the booming steps of the Destroyer as it stomped forward, attacking indiscriminately.

Thor, Fandral, and others quickly ran outside, closely followed by Lockhart and Jane. As the distance between them and the Destroyer closed, the ground shook with each of the creature's heavy steps. Thor's expression darkened with each passing moment.

Facing the oncoming threat, Thor paused and addressed Volstagg and the others, "Although I have lost my power and cannot fight beside you, do not worry about me. Staying here helps keep others safe."

Upon hearing this, Jane quickly responded, "Thor, if you're staying, I'm staying too. I'll help you evacuate the crowd."

Next to her, Daisy nodded in agreement, and Eric stood by supportively.

Lockhart, observing Thor at this moment, gave a slight nod of approval. Thor's demeanor had shifted from his previous recklessness to a more thoughtful and responsible attitude.

As everyone began expressing their willingness to help, Lockhart smiled at Thor and the group, saying, "We wizards have a lot of experience in evacuating Muggles."

He then waved his wand, channeling magical energy, and fervently recited the spell three times:

"Repello Muggletum!"

The tip of his wand released a burst of silver-white light, spreading across the vicinity.

Soon, Sif and the others observed a large number of ordinary people, looking confused, exiting their homes and shops to move towards safety. The bustling area quickly emptied, leaving only Jane, Daisy, Eric, and a few others alongside Thor. The group was visibly surprised by the efficacy of Lockhart's spell. Although they had glimpsed his capabilities in small doses, the ease with which he manipulated such a large crowd was startling.

Lockhart, satisfied with the successful application of the Muggle expulsion spell, nodded. It appeared that the spells from the Harry Potter universe were more potent in the Marvel world. Before anyone could inquire further, the looming figure of the Destroyer demanded their attention, and everyone readied themselves for confrontation.

Thor led the group back while Sif, Fandral, and the others brandished their weapons for the attack. Standing by them, Lockhart gripped his wand tightly, his posture tense with caution. For a non-Asgardian wizard, any misstep could be fatal.


The Destroyer advanced, spewing a stream of flames from its head that obliterated anything in its path. An immense explosion reverberated around Lockhart and the others, heightening their alertness.

"Fandral, what means do you have? Can it hinder the Destroyer? If not, we will start fighting here first," Fandral asked urgently.

After hearing this, Lockhart replied in a deep voice, "Let me."

With a swift motion, he waved his wand. Under Lockhart's control, a Transfiguration spell caused the earth around the Destroyer's feet to swirl like water, trapping it as if it were mired in a bog. As the Destroyer attempted to free itself, the earth hardened into rope-like restraints that further ensnared it, accelerating its sinking.

Lockhart's eyes sparkled with triumph. He had been devising ways to effectively restrain the Destroyer, using the principles of quagmires and swamps, which he had researched extensively.

The Destroyer, realizing that struggling was futile, ignited its head in a desperate attempt to free itself. However, before it could act, Sif leapt from above, her weapon transforming mid-air into a spear that pierced the Destroyer's head, extinguishing its fiery assault instantly.

Lockhart remained vigilant, knowing from the original tales that the Destroyer was not so easily defeated. True to his suspicions, the creature began to regenerate, quickly facing Sif as its energy flared for another attack.


A fierce torrent of flames erupted, aiming directly at Sif, who narrowly dodged the blast. The flames wreaked havoc on the surrounding structures, producing a thunderous noise.

As the Destroyer freed itself from the ground, it launched a fiery assault towards Lockhart. Lockhart dodged just in time, breaking his spell. The situation escalated as the Destroyer began to indiscriminately spray flames, causing widespread destruction.

The Asgardian warriors scrambled to avoid the flames, with Lockhart quickly casting a speed-enhancing spell on himself to evade the fiery onslaught. As the battlefield turned into a chaotic inferno, Thor, witnessing the devastation and his allies in peril, stood frozen momentarily, his thoughts unreadable and his expression increasingly complex.

"Stop fighting, Loki!!!"