1 1- Summoning Cammy White and the task force 141

Madripoor - 1971

Madridpoor is a beautiful eastern country located on an island west of the Straits of Malacca

The island is divided into two parts: the Lower city and the Hightown.

The lower city is known for being a poor and dangerous area, where there is a lot of drug, weapons and people trafficking. It is a place with dirty and poorly lit streets, where small businesses, markets, bars and brothels predominate. The lower city is the busiest area of ​​the island, where the main ports and terminals are located.

Hightown, on the other hand, is the upscale and wealthy area of ​​Madripoor, where modern skyscrapers and historic buildings blend into an impressive urban landscape. It is a cleaner and safer area, where the richest and most powerful inhabitants of the island live. Hightown is where the main hotels, resorts, restaurants and luxury shops are located.

Until the second war Madripoor was a principality, but due to a popular revolt due to poverty it ended up becoming a "democracy"

the political system may have changed, but the real owners of the country have not, the biggest groups of people and drugs trafficking in Southeast Asia rule the country, violence and poverty continues and any politician who tries to go against the system always ends up disappearing

in 1970, 30-year-old Davos Santero was elected president with 52% of the valid votes, ran for a small party and was seen as a joke with no chance of winning, but in the end he defeated the candidate of the left and the right, Davos won by receiving protest votes

However Davos took over the government and started a series of decrees against crimes, giving authority to the police forces, but unfortunately the powerful did not want to see this

the powerful of Hightown activated the machine of the power system, suddenly the media said that Davos did not respect human rights, parliament hated him and even the senate

in just 1 year of government, Davos was close to being expelled from the presidency for an alleged crime of hiding assets


Blue House - President's Place

A 31-year-old man was sitting in the presidential chair, he had a mixed European and Asian appearance, he was the president

"the vote in parliament for the impeachment of President Davos is in full swing, in all 71 votes have been counted and there are only 130 more votes to go, 65 votes in favor and 6 neutrals" on television the newspaper followed everything

'to be transmigrated into a decadent politician, how sad' Davos

Davos is a transmigrant, he was once an entrepreneur of agricultural machinery such as tractors and became a millionaire at the age of 30 but in an agricultural event he ended up being run over by his own tractor, when he woke up Davos became president

Davos was sad, not that he lost the power he had just gained, but that he was going to die.

the old Davos was obviously poisoned and took his place, probably the media will love to talk that Davos committed suicide because he lost power

*Ding...ruling system starts*

*decides which way to go*

*option 1; democratic, escape to america and reveal your country's corruption and try to get diplomatic support, rewards = random mutant gene Tier A*

*option 2; Dictator, use force and control the country, no one controls it, rewards = 2 random military groups from the universe*

"escape to america? hahaha if there was oil in madripoor it would even be a good option, i choose option 2" Davos

*ding, option done...looking for world....street fighter world selected*

*congratulations you received the Delta Red group with Cammy White commander*

[Delta Red is a special operations unit, 5 Tier S members in military, intelligence and infiltration skills]

*ding, option done...looking for world....Call of Duty world selected*

*congratulations you have received 3000 members of the military organization "task force 141", with Simon "Ghost" Riley as commander*

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