Marvel's Black Steel

Nothing special, it's just that your average nigga end's up dying while following his heart as he protects a woman from rape; you know, the usual BS. Dude ends up dying, only to reincarnate in a world full of people that can destroy universes on a whim, and all that other crazy stuff, lucky for our MC, he happens to meet a chill yet powerful being that reincarnates him with the potential of the strongest version of Superman; Superman Prime One-Million. _______ Would like to point out, MC won't be an edgy villain or anything of the sort; he's got a good heart, and will be raised by kindhearted parents, though as it is the marvel universe and the not the goody two shoes DC universe, he will kill people, though, only when absolutely required to. Also, this novel is a slightly slow, so you've been warned. Ps. I've set this novel up for both a Harem and Non-Harem route, so really it depends what ya'll want, so you gotta let me know; though like I said, the novel is a little slow on the uptake, so don't expect that much romance in the beginning. I also haven't read any of the marvel comics, so all of my knowledge is coming from the movies and wiki-fandom, so don't expect me to get super in depth on comic lore. Although I know this kind of novel has been done several times before, I've only read like two that I really fucked with, so I wanted to make my own, hopefully ya'll enjoy and if you do, might as well leave a review

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Chapter 39: Less Than Ideal Meeting

Begrudgingly nodding at Professor X's words, I headed deeper into the house, though I didn't find Mom in the kitchen or the living room.

"Y'all just make yourselves at home, and you better not shed Beast. I'm going to get my Mom." Said Pharaoh as he gestured to the living room before glaring at Beast, who slightly chuckled.

"No promises, Pharaoh." Replied Beast with a smile as he and the other four sat down on the couch while Professor X moved to the middle of the living room.

Grumbling under my breath at Beast's remark, I looked around and spotted Mom inside her office; entering her office, which was in the back of the house, I saw her reading something on the computer.

'Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters; Mom's doing her own little research.' Thought Pharaoh with a raised eyebrow as he tapped Hana's shoulder, causing her to jump in her seat.

"I'm back, Mom; I've brought those people I talked about." Said Pharaoh with a slight smile of amusement from accidentally scaring Hana.

"Haa, don't sneak up on me like that, Tut." Muttered Hana as she placed her hand on her rapidly beating heart and took a few breaths to calm herself.

Once Mom collected herself, she stood up and left the room while following behind her; when she arrived at the living room, she froze for a split second before continuing forward while clearing her throat, garnering everyone's attention.

"Nice to meet you all; I'm Hana Kent, Pharaoh's Mother." Stated Hana in her professional demeanor as she stepped forward and extended her hand toward Professor X.

"Charles Xavier, though I'm usually referred to as Professor Xavier, and the pleasures all mine, Mrs. Kent. It's not every day you get to meet someone as unique as Pharaoh, much less the Mother of such a person." Replied Professor X with a smile, shaking hands with Hana as she eyed Pharaoh, who awkwardly looked away, though she wasn't able to question him as Beast introduced himself.

"Hank McCoy, Madam. I see you're a Bioengineer; I'd love to speak with you about such a topic if you feel so inclined." Said Beast with a smile as he shook Hana's hand before backing away.

"Piotr Rasputin, Mrs. Kent; nice to meet you." Remarked Colossus with a soft smile as he stepped forward, his large frame towering over Hana as they shook hands.

"Robert Louis, Mrs. Kent, though I prefer Bobby if you don't mind." Commented Bobby with a smile as he and Hana shook hands before quickly returning to his previous seat.

"Logan, Mam, though just like that kid, I prefer Wolverine." Stated Wolverine calmly as he shook hands with Hana while still sitting on the couch, earning him a glare from Colossus, which he promptly ignored.

"Ororo Munroe, Mrs. Kent." Said Storm with a smile as she and Hana shook hands, though Pharaoh's intervention ruined it.

"Should've just called her Mother-in-law, Storm." Remarked Pharaoh with a slight smile, causing Storm's face to constantly twitch while Hana glanced at Pharaoh, seeking more input, which he gladly gave.

"She promised me a date when I turned 18." Said Pharaoh with a slight smirk as he watched how Hana glared at Storm, who tried salvaging it.

"I-It's not like that, Mrs. Kent; Pharaoh kept flirting with me, and I said that so I could get him to stop; I-I didn't really intend to uphold my end of the agreement." Stated Storm quickly with a forced smile, though her words hardly changed Hana's stance.

"Hmm, yeah, I'm sure that's exactly what a pedophile would say in court." Remarked Hana with a slight look of disgust as she looked at Storm, while the other X-Men just stayed silent amidst the awkwardness.

Despite how funny it was to see Mom look at Storm in disgust as if she was an actual pedophile, I did intervene again; after all, what I said wouldn't help my case in joining Jean.

"Mom, it's just a joke; I thought it would be funny, which it was." Said Pharaoh, causing Storm to glare at him while Professor X gave him a slightly annoyed look.

"Hmph, yeah, sure it is; if she tries anything, Tut, just tell me, I'll call the cops." Stated Hana with a huff as she sat down in the only open seat while looking at Storm in suspicion.

"Um, if it makes you feel any better, Mrs. Kent, I doubt it would be easier for Storm to do anything against Tut; he defeated the strongest members of the Brotherhood of Mutants easily!" Commented Bobby with a smile, trying to repair the image that Pharaoh ruined, though his words did the complete opposite.

Thanks to Bobby stupidly saying something, it was my turn to be glared at by Mom, which caused me to shiver in fear when I saw the look in her eyes.

'Fuck you, Bobby.' Thought Pharaoh as he glared at Bobby while Hana glared at him.

"Pharaoh, what does he mean by that?" Asked Hana, causing Pharaoh to curse inwardly.

"Hmm? Ah, he means that lame group; they tried messing with Jean, but I beat them up easily; they're no one to worry about, Mom." Said Pharaoh casually while dismissively waving his, acting as if his actions were nothing.

"Pharaoh, I hope you don't think I'm stupid; the Brotherhood of Mutants was the group that fought on that island in California, and the leader, who is called Magneto, lifted the entire fucking Golden Gate Bridge." Stated Hana with slight anger as she eyed Pharaoh while Bobby started to realize he had made a mistake.

"I should've stayed quiet." Muttered Bobby quietly as he leaned back, using Beast to hide his figure.

"Tch, yeah, you think!" Yelled Pharaoh angrily while eyeing Bobby, who apologetically smiled.

"No, before I lash out in anger, first, you're to tell me everything that happened; I want to know everything." Declared Hana as she calmed down and folded her arms, causing Pharaoh to wince in pain since he knew what was coming.

"Haa, yes, Mom." Replied Pharaoh with a nod of defeat as he started recounting the events in detail, causing Hana's facial expressions to constantly change.



"... Then I sneaked Jean back into her house before returning home." Said Pharaoh, finishing after roughly fifteen minutes.

Once I finished speaking, the room stayed silent; even Wolverine was silent as we all waited for Mom to open her eyes and say something, which took a full minute.

"Haa, you're so lucky you didn't get hurt, Pharaoh; otherwise, I would've been unbelievably pissed. Not just at you, you six as well." Remarked Hana as she opened her eyes, looking at Pharaoh before eyeing the six X-Men.

"But my goodness, Pharaoh, you need to think, what if a neighbor happened to look out the window and saw you fighting some giant man in red? What then." Added Hana while glaring at Pharaoh in concern.

"I know, Mom, the entire time I was paying attention to the neighbors, if someone had woken up, I would've stopped and quickly hid. I'm not stupid, Mom; you should know that better than anyone." Replied Pharaoh softly, his words causing Hana to sigh and shake her head.

"We can talk more about this later, Tut." Said Hana as she looked away from Pharaoh before glancing at Professor X.

"Not the best way to get to know each other." Commented Professor X with an awkward smile, to which Hana nodded in agreement.

"Yes, not best indeed." Replied Hana with a nod as the two started talking.

With Professor X and Mom speaking, which was really Professor X just repeating what he talked about with Jean, the conversation lasted for about an hour, as Mom also spoke with everyone else a little before everything wrapped up neatly.

"Well then, if that's the case, I don't mind if Tut stays with you for a few days; it might be good for him to get to know more people who are somewhat similar to him. Besides, I could use a break from him; he's been getting wilder as he grows, probably because he's just hit puberty." Said Hana as she stood up, prompting everyone else to do the same, except Professor X, of course.

"Haha, I know exactly how you feel, Mrs. Kent; the students at my school are like my own kids, and dealing with them is quite the hassle. Although I wouldn't call this much of a break, it was definitely welcomed." Remarked Professor X with a chuckle as he followed behind Hana, who lightly smiled at his words.

"Haa, I don't think that's something a Mother should say when their kid is present, Mom." Commented Pharaoh with a sigh as he watched the group head towards the entrance.

"And I don't think a Son should be worrying their Mother with fighting mutants." Replied Hana as she glared at Pharaoh, who sighed once more while the group chuckled at their banter,

"Haa, touché." Muttered Pharaoh as he walked towards the door.

"Anyways, I'm sure you must speak with Jean's parents now; it was an interesting conversation, Professor. Ms. Munroe, please keep your distance away from Pharaoh." Said Hana with a slight smile as she opened the door, prompting Beast to activate the discus, which was called an image inducer, concealing them from Hana's sight.

"Ugh, I will, Mrs. Kent." Replied Storm, grunting in annoyance at being referred to as the X-Mens pedophile.

"Seeya." Said Pharaoh as he stood beside Hana, who closed the door once they left the vicinity.

"Now then, let's talk about what you did, Tut." Declared Hana as she folded her arms and glared at Tut, who subconsciously shivered.



Uh oh, did Hana ruin Mc's chances to get with Storm? I wish I could tell y'all, but I don't know either. So, umm, how's it going, guys?

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