Marvel's Black Steel

Nothing special, it's just that your average nigga end's up dying while following his heart as he protects a woman from rape; you know, the usual BS. Dude ends up dying, only to reincarnate in a world full of people that can destroy universes on a whim, and all that other crazy stuff, lucky for our MC, he happens to meet a chill yet powerful being that reincarnates him with the potential of the strongest version of Superman; Superman Prime One-Million. _______ Would like to point out, MC won't be an edgy villain or anything of the sort; he's got a good heart, and will be raised by kindhearted parents, though as it is the marvel universe and the not the goody two shoes DC universe, he will kill people, though, only when absolutely required to. Also, this novel is a slightly slow, so you've been warned. Ps. I've set this novel up for both a Harem and Non-Harem route, so really it depends what ya'll want, so you gotta let me know; though like I said, the novel is a little slow on the uptake, so don't expect that much romance in the beginning. I also haven't read any of the marvel comics, so all of my knowledge is coming from the movies and wiki-fandom, so don't expect me to get super in depth on comic lore. Although I know this kind of novel has been done several times before, I've only read like two that I really fucked with, so I wanted to make my own, hopefully ya'll enjoy and if you do, might as well leave a review

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Chapter 37: Pharaoh's Idea

"Um, why are you looking at me?" Asked Jean awkwardly as she looked at the X-Men before glancing at Tut.

"Don't forget you're the reason why the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants even bothered to come here; they're not here for me; I'm just a guest." Remarked Pharaoh with a slight smile as he patted Jean's back, causing her to wince in pain slightly.

"Oops, sorry; hehe." Added Pharaoh with an apologetic smile as he backed away while Jean glared at him.

"So, young Jean, do you wish to join my school for Gifted Youngsters?" Asked Professor X with an amiable smile as he moved closer to Jean, who was still uncertain, something he noticed.

"Of course, Jean, you do not have to join my school; one of the main reasons why I'd like you to join is to protect you, though seeing what Young Pharaoh is capable of, I don't think protection is much of an issue for you." Added Professor X lightly as he looked at Pharaoh, who smirked in response while Jean glanced at him.

"Um, I-I don't know; I'd like to meet other people like me, but I don't want to leave my friends." Said Jean with a troubled expression while glancing between Professor X and Pharaoh in uncertainty.

"Hmm, how about this, Jean; before you make any definite choices, why don't you visit his school so you can get a better feel for it? I'm sure you wouldn't mind, Professor." Remarked Pharaoh from the side as he gestured to Jean before pointing at the plane, which was still hidden, so she saw nothing.

"Not at all, in fact, that's a wonderful idea, Pharaoh; what do you say, Jean? Allow me to give you a tour of my school, and only after should you give me an answer on whether you wish to attend my school." Stated Professor X with a smile while nodding as he looked up at Jean.

"I-I'd like that, Professor." Replied Jean with a nod, causing the X-Men to smile while Bobby seemed much more excited.

"Haha, you're going to love that place, Jean; I'm willing to be my life on it!" Commented Bobby while laughing in joy as he embraced Jean in a friendly hug, slightly surprising her.

"Those are some bold words, Bobby. Ah, I finally found it." Said Pharaoh with a raised eyebrow as he looked at Bobby before suddenly snapping his fingers.

"What did you find, Pharaoh?" Asked Beast curiously, greatly intrigued by Pharaoh.

"Professors School, it took a while to find it, but I had just heard someone mention some of your names or aliases. Hmm, it isn't that far away? Sounds to me like you're still in New York." Replied Pharaoh with a nod as he focused his hearing around North Salem, the town in which Professor School resides.

"My goodness, what powerful hearing; you must also have a powerful mind to sort through the tens of thousands of other noises." Remarked Beast in slight surprise as he approached Pharaoh, closely observing him.

"You're grossly underestimating how many things I can hear; I'm sorting through tens of millions of different noises. You don't truly understand how loud a city is until you've heard the entirety of it. Personal space, Beast." Stated Pharaoh with a nod as he tapped his head before pushing Beast back, feeling slightly uncomfortable by the look in his eyes.

After pushing Beast away from me, I looked over to Jean and Professor, who seemed to have just decided on a date; the next two days, Jean would stay at their school, which was perfect since today was a Friday, no school, meaning I could tag along. I mean, I was planning to do that anyway; until I know Jean is safe or until I can trust them, I'll be staying by her side.

"So, how are we leaving? Taking that cool-looking plane or what?" Questioned Pharaoh curiously in slight excitement as he interrupted Jean and Professor's conversation, his words earning him weird looks from everyone except the two.

"You're coming as well? I thought you said you weren't a mutant; were you lying?" Asked Bobby with a raised eyebrow while skeptically looking at Pharaoh along with the rest of the X-Men.

"Nope, I'm no mutant; however, I'm interested in this mutant school." Replied Pharaoh with a shake of his head, causing Wolverine to grunt as he snuffed out his cigarette.

"You're interested in the school, or you don't fully trust us; which one is it, Kid?" Remarked Wolverine with a glint in his eyes while staring at Pharaoh, who smirked.

"Heh, this old man gets it; though both, I'm genuinely interested in this school of mutants, and if Jean does end up staying there, I need to make sure she's sufficiently safe." Said Pharaoh as he grabbed Jean's shoulders and playfully shook her while everyone but Wolverine chuckled.

"Hmph, I appreciate your concern, Tut, but I'm not a child; I think I can handle myself; I've got cool powers now." Said Jean with a huff as she shook Pharaoh away from her while trying to behave like a mature adult, though, in the eyes of everyone, including Pharaoh, she looked exactly the same.

"First off, Jean, you're 12; you're still a child; secondly, no, you can't handle yourself; you can barely even control your powers. See, this why I call you stupid, Jean; Peter and Gwen would never say something like that; besides, those two are quite mature anyways, so I wouldn't have much to say." Stated Pharaoh with a sigh as he karate-chopped her head, causing her to wince in pain while squatting down and grabbing her head.

"Hmph, bully." Muttered Jeansoftly with slight tears in her eyes as she looked up at Pharaoh while everyone else smiled at their friendly banter.

Chuckling, I grabbed Jean and tossed her into the air, causing her to nearly scream, though before she did, I caught her and placed her on my shoulders, prompting her to immediately grab my face for support.

"Since everything is already somewhat arranged, I'm taking this stupid child back home; I'm sure she's tired after everything she's experienced today." Said Pharaoh lightly as he looked up at Jean's face, which was full of exhaustion.

"Will you guys be staying here, or will you be flying back to your school?" Added Pharaoh as he poked Jean's cheek before looking at Professor X.

"We'll be staying here; fuel for the Blackbird isn't exactly cheap, you know." Replied Beast seriously, his words causing everyone except Professor X to sigh; nonetheless, they didn't object to his decision.

"Please tell me you've got sleeping quarters; never mind, I see them." Muttered Pharaoh as he looked at the plane, spotting a few sleeping quarters in the back.

"Super hearing and Super vision? All of your five senses have been massively enhanced, haven't they?" Questioned Beast suspiciously as he looked at Pharaoh, though he merely flashed a smirk before turning around and walking away.

"Welp, I'll see y'all tomorrow; actually, I'll see y'all later. Today is already Saturday." Said Pharaoh as he slightly waved his hand while walking down the sidewalk, passing by the unconscious Sabertooth Juggernaut, Mystique, and Magneto; Pyro was helping his fellow members.

"A pleasure meeting you, Pharaoh and Jean; we shall see you two in the morning." Replied Professor X with a wave while smiling before frowning as he looked at the Brotherhood of Mutants.

"Should we detain them, Professor?" Asked Colossus as he took a step forward while eyeing the five Brotherhood members in the distance.

"Haa, no, as we were in a hurry, we didn't come fully prepared; just leave them be. After what happened here, I doubt we'll be seeing them again for some time." Replied Professor X as he looked at Magneto before sighing and turning around, approaching the Blackbird while everyone else followed from behind.



The walk back home was relatively quiet; it seemed now that everything had come to an end; the exhaustion was finally beginning to set in for Jean, and she was constantly nodding with every one of my steps.

"So, you're excited to learn you're a Mutant?" Asked Pharaoh as he looked up at Jean, who had hardly registered his words.

"Hmm, yeah, sure, I don't know." Muttered Jean quietly before closing her eyes, nodding to sleep, only to be awoken by Pharaoh's walking.

Shaking my head, I didn't bother asking any more questions; she was barely even awake to begin with. Approaching Jean's house, I jumped up to the second floor, softly landing on the roof before sneaking into Jean's opened window; nearing her bed, I moved her blankets out of the way before softly setting her down in her bed.

"T-Thanks, Tut." Said Jean as she looked up at Pharaoh, her green eyes staring right at him.

"Heh, we're friends, of course, I'd help you; now go to sleep; you've got a big day, best to be well rested." Replied Tut with a smirk as he rubbed Jean's head before covering her in the blankets.

Smiling, I left her room and gave Jean one last look from atop the rook, and that stupid girl was already fast asleep; shaking my head, I hopped down from the roof and ran back to my house before jumping in through the window.

Taking my shoes off, I lay in my bed and stared at the ceiling for several minutes, listening as Juggernaut, Mystique, Sabertooth, and Magneto awoke from their forced sleep before flying off.

"Hmm, well, today has been a hell of a day, though I suppose it could've been worse; I got Emma's number and secured a date from Storm in six years; I think today deserves a sleep." Muttered Pharaoh with a slight smirk before closing his eyes and falling asleep only a few minutes later.



Looks like a trip to the X-mansion is about to happen, that's got to be interesting, no? Will he meet a couple of future baddies or not? Well let's just say, one of the future baddies got brown hair, and that's all the hints I'm giving.

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