Marvel’s Disassembler

Arthur found himself in the Marvel Movie Universe! “But appearing right on a battlefield amidst a hail of bullets, what kind of start is that?” “And why is my golden finger the Disassembler from DNF?” [Equipment Disassembled Successfully!] [Advanced Sniper Rifle Shooting Experience *100] [Equipment Disassembled Successfully!] [Advanced Martial Arts Experience *100] [Equipment Disassembled Successfully!] [Brilliant Battle Soul, can enhance physical attribute strength!] “Can it enhance to a level stronger than the gods?” [That’s just the starting point!] “Then let’s keep disassembling!” “…” Support me: https://www.patreon.com/NeverluckySMILE DISCLAIMER The story belongs entirely to the original author.

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Chapter 12 Unfolding

Upon hearing Agent Carter's words, Arthur's memory jogged back to their previous conversation.

But Arthur couldn't shake off the feeling that this whole thing wasn't his cup of tea.

He wasn't a Captain of the United States, nor did he aspire to be one. He had arrived in this world as a simple otaku, and the idea of transforming into a "Patriotic man with grand ambitions" simply didn't align with his agenda. To Arthur, it all boiled down to one word – nonsense!

Instead of diving into such discussions, Arthur figured it was best to focus on figuring out how to open the cans in his hands.

Agent Carter sensed Arthur's indifferent demeanor and was somewhat taken aback. "You're not seriously telling me you have no interest in becoming a Super Soldier?"

"How super are we talking about here?" Arthur replied without lifting his head. "Can this Super Soldier snap his fingers and take down the little mustache bastard in Berlin?"

"That's impossible!" Agent Carter shook her head. "Even a Super Soldier is still human. What you're suggesting is something only a god could do. But do you truly have no desire to become a hero? We… need heroes."

"There are always people eager to be heroes, right? After all, with glory comes the adoration of countless individuals…" Arthur chuckled. "But count me out of it."

If he had it his way, Arthur's philosophy was to simply survive World War II and return to his peaceful life.

Since unexpectedly arriving in this world yesterday afternoon, he had been thrust into a whirlwind of fear and shock.

He wasn't an assassin, a mercenary, or a martial arts expert.

He was just a regular, slightly nerdy guy.

From an incredibly peaceful environment, he had been abruptly thrust into a world of death and chaos, facing all sorts of terrors and unforeseen challenges. And yet, he hadn't been driven mad by this harsh reality!

Honestly, Arthur felt a bit proud of himself.

So, to heck with becoming a Captain of the United States, to heck with Hydra… he resolved to face these ordinary adversaries here with honesty.

He had no interest in getting entangled with beings that transcended human limits.

Before Agent Carter could say another word, the door swung open once more, revealing a middle-aged man this time.

His demeanor was serious, devoid of any trace of a smile.

He entered with a stern expression, casting a glance at Agent Carter, who promptly rose to her feet and saluted. "Colonel Phillips."

At the mention of the name, Arthur's memory instantly recalled the man's identity.

A Colonel, likely Agent Carter's superior, with a history of disagreements with Captain America.

In the movie, he had initially opposed selecting Steve Rogers as the subject for the Super Soldier Plan, deeming him too frail. During their training, he'd thrown a grenade to test their reactions. When panic ensued and others fled, Steve, without a second thought, hurled himself onto the grenade, saving everyone.

This act of selflessness had convinced everyone of Steve's worthiness for the experiment.

Saluting alongside Agent Carter, Arthur couldn't help but wonder why the Colonel had shown up… Was he also here to pressure him into accepting the plan?

"You can go, Carter," Colonel Phillips instructed.

Agent Carter exchanged a glance with Arthur, then with the Colonel, before reluctantly exiting the room.

Once alone, the serious façade on Colonel Phillips's face softened. He approached Arthur, giving him a pat on the shoulder. "Take a seat."

Arthur blinked in confusion… What on earth was unfolding before him?

Sitting down somewhat nervously, Colonel Phillips began, "I'm sorry. I never imagined that Agent Carter would pick you for that decapitation mission. The enemy's ambush caught us off guard. By the time I remembered you, it might've been too late to send someone to find you. Later, I found the soldier I dispatched to locate you in the trench. His helmet was smashed, and there was a bullet in his head."

As Colonel Phillips spoke, a flurry of images flooded Arthur's mind.

Firstly, it dawned on Arthur from General Phillips's words that 'he' was somehow familiar to him! Furthermore, for reasons unknown, this person seemed to have taken a particular interest in his well-being. During the chaos of battle, soldiers had been sent to locate him, presumably with the intent of ensuring his safety.

Simultaneously, Arthur couldn't help but think of the soldier who had guided him through the trench when he first arrived in this world. Wasn't that individual dispatched by Colonel Phillips?

Though the situation remained hazy, Arthur opted to hold his tongue for the time being.

Colonel Phillips continued, "But, such is the nature of war! Accidents happen every minute, every second. Today it's him, tomorrow it could be me. Your parents entrusted you to my care before they passed, but then damn war broke out. What could I have done? I wanted to shield you, but you went and secretly enlisted yourself!? If you hadn't been assigned to my unit, I wouldn't have even known!"

Arthur took a sharp intake of breath, feeling incredibly awkward about the unfolding scenario!

This middle-aged man, whom he had only glimpsed in movies and held no significant memory of, was now standing before him, claiming to be his godfather… What on earth? He needed advice urgently, like, right now!!!

Arthur remained silent, causing Colonel Phillips's expression to sour gradually. He abruptly rose to his feet. "Forget about the Super Soldier Plan! It's not your concern because you're not even American. They won't let a foreigner become America's Super Soldier! Whether you agree or not, from tomorrow onwards, you're headed back to the rear! Unless I'm dead, you're to stay away from the battlefield!"

With that declaration, the middle-aged godfather… no, Colonel, spun on his heel and strode away.

It seemed he had no intention of giving Arthur a chance to argue!

Arthur sat there for a moment, contemplating the absurdity of it all, nearly bursting into laughter!

These people came and went as they pleased, and now, for some inexplicable reason, he was off the hook from fighting!

Who in their right mind would willingly plunge into war?

Escaping the frontline was the best outcome imaginable.

For now, all Arthur hoped for was Colonel Phillips's continued health and well-being.

Once the excitement ebbed, his stomach growled insistently. After devouring the can's contents, he sat on the bed, lost in thought.

Then it struck him that he hadn't fully explored his own "golden finger" and resolved to delve into it.