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Martial Transcendence


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Read my new novel-- The Demon God Needs No System to be The Strongest Reincarnated into a world full of powerful cultivators. Du Chan, who was a normal person, contracted a disease? the day he was born. But after his encounter with an unknown object, he started cultivating. Among the countless cultivators, Du Chan, with the help of the unknown object, grew into a peerless genius. He killed his way into the Top of the World and surpassed the limits of Humans. He became Legend itself! ************** DISCLAIMER: English isn't my native language so there are some errors here and there. PS: I do not own this cover, if you're the owner and want me to take it down please contact me. Thank you! Join My Discord- https://discord.gg/u5tHEdE446 More Power Stones, More Chapters. Support The Book. ********* My other novel; Ancient Father of Cultivation!


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