Given that you are reading this document means; you are ready to accompany me on my life journey. It all started when I returned to my apartment after a hard day at work.

Imagine the freedom a man experiences after a constant stream of paperwork. I relaxed on my couch, grabbed booze, and dosed myself into comfort, getting rid of all mundane matters.

I remembered that I still had to complete the online web novel that I binged on in recent months.

It gave me chills to read about the hero's climbing through adversity to achieve the pinnacle of power and prosperity in these fantasy worlds.

The feeling of connection to these characters gradually arose in my mind. I laughed a lot whenever I tried to visualize myself in their place. But being a man of science, I had to discard these sweet little dreams of mine.

Completing the last few lines of the ongoing chapter, I immersed myself into sleep.

When I returned to the laboratory the next day, the final preparation was on its way. " Long Tao, you finally arrived. Is the last phase preparation of the reactor specimen concluded?" I apologize for my late arrival.

Today was a big day for the laboratory. I finished the last phase check-up of all the units before giving a thumbs-up to the supervisor. 

A vital breakthrough was on its way. The laboratory designed the experiment to improve the human brain's capabilities. Our mind was estimated to be functioning at 30% efficiency during the usual time. A spike of another 10 -20 % may be seen in rare cases. 

The lab was trying to break through this barrier. The experiment's design was based on the fact that the human body could not harness its brain's maximum possible potential. We need to give it an overall boost. The first human trial is now on its way. 

The experiment was scheduled to start after some time. I wanted to gain the blessing of my parents before the trial began. I left for the nearby room and gave them a call.

  " Mom, we are finally about to start the experiment. Wish me luck.". I conveyed my pleasantries to her and returned to my laboratory.


" Commencing the power, station requested to monitor patients' vital stats and conditions." The operation started. The supply of power was being increased slowly. " Reaching 50 % efficiency, please report the stats.".

" All stats are normal. Proceed immediately". The scientists crossed our fingers. A loud bang occurred when we were at the very end of the experiment.

" Noooooo!" was the last thing I heard before engulfing the flames.


'Cold' was the first feeling that I experienced. Opening my eyes, all I saw was a lonely stretch of land with no signs of life. I looked around, trying to find a ray of hope. I started panicking, scared of this loneliness. When my expectations were about to be crushed, a mysterious force grabbed me into a different scenario.

A blink later-

I was still trying to make sense of the situation. All I could feel was getting dragged into a building that appeared out of nowhere. I tried my best to resist, but my limbs had forsaken me. The darkness engulfed me.

A moment later- 

I was lying on a stone slab. My limbs were still cold. Soon the temperature of the plate started increasing. At first, it was bearable, but soon a painful burning sensation started arising in his body.

Long Tao gnashed his teeth and continued to bear the pain. But soon, it became unbearable."Aaah-Aaah-hhaaaaahhh," Long Tao's screams were heard all around the room.

My skin was being burnt, blisters growing on them. But I was helpless. Just then, I heard a creaking sound. I hoped my saviour had arrived. Twisting my head, I opened my eyes. Waiting for me was the worst nightmare of my life. A large enough beast to fill the whole space was staring at me. It drew its head closer to me. Its jaws were wishing to have a bite of my burnt skin. 

But then, all it did was breathe on my body. Wait, it wasn't air coming out of its nostrils. A painful cry was heard from my mouth as the view of my whole self changed. I was on fire.

An unknown time later-

Waking up, I found myself in a room with a grand old furnishing, sitting on a chair. It took me some time to come to my senses. What just happened to me. I was looking around to find my injuries. Was it all a nightmare?

As I was grazing around, a painting came into my view. It was serene and beautiful scenery that calmed my mind. I lost myself within it.

" The painting helps gain a state of peace and serenity," A voice sounded from behind. Long jumped back as he saw a man in his mid-forties walking towards him.

" You are quite something, boy. Be able to bear the pain while managing to retain your sanity. ...…..ahhhaaaaaaahahaha, I am frustrated by your good fortune."

Before I could react or reply," Since you did pass the trial of limbo, I allow you to have a chance at re-incarnation into a parallel world of cultivation. Do you accept?"

I calmed my mind down and picked up all his courage " Before I choose, I would like to ask you about this world."

" Interesting, a mortal soul still dares to ask this question to me. As you would have suspected, you are already dead. Although you were not supposed to be in this room, fate plays a wicked role in everything. I don't feel like informing you of the details."

"Although I can't send you back to your world, I can send you to a better world. Think of it as a consolation prize for yourself." I hesitated for a bit, but after a brief thought, agreed to it, " I am fine with the proposition."

" I hope you have a life." A white light shrouded all over my body, and I started floating. A faint tremor was heard, and the man's face changed. He rushed out in a hurry without even looking at me.

The room started shaking, and weak explosions were being heard. Just as the white light was transporting me out, the painting on the wall floated up and turned into a blue projection burying itself in my head.

The room was blasted apart as I was being transported out. When I was about to vanish, I saw a sizeable monstrous figure fighting a black silhouette that looked like the man from before. A splash of blood fell upon me, and I was teleported out.

Sometime later, opening my eyes -

Extreme pain and senselessness was the first thing I experienced after waking up. As I gradually opened my eyes, I was able to see small rays of light coming in through the gaps within the leaves. I found myself in a moist environment. Turning my head, I could see a red liquid all around me. I took some time to realize that it was my blood.

" Is this the re-incarnation that guy was talking about? Death after just being re-incarnated. Isn't it too unfair"? I was losing all my senses. But just then, a faint heat emerged from my body.


If one could see the body from afar, one would see pale black blood seeping out of Long Tao's body and his wounds slowly recovering. The blackness continued to engulf him, and the pain became more intense. 

" How did it turn to become like this." Blacklight covered Long Tao's body, and he fell unconscious. Soon Long Tao blanked out, but a white light began to originate from his forehead and began spreading, tackling the darkness.

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