Martial Online.

A single question has been on every fighter’s mind since the dawn of the world—which weapon is the mightiest? The answer to that question came in an unexpected form. Martial Online—a game that was going to revolutionize the world and its future generations was created. It was said to be so realistic that it was near impossible to tell the difference between it and reality. Jesse Kraham, a youth from Nocklund, had been suffering from an incurable disease since he was a child. Because of the disease, he couldn't live a normal life, and he'd been living a lonely life. However, the universe was on his side, and he received one stroke of luck that changed the course of his life and the world entirely.

Alekzi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
528 Chs

New Bounty

In a modern-looking kitchen, with food ingredients spread out on the counter, Julian saw the ending of the fight between two players unfold on his phone, which was leaning against the toaster.


As soon as Olympos' body fell to the pavement and vanished into pixels, the screen turned dark as the stream suddenly ended.


"Hah." Julian chuckled, grabbed a knife, and masterfully began chopping the onions.


He was not surprised by how the fight ended, but Ambrose, the young player, once more left him in a state of shock. 


It was common knowledge that the older a person got, the weaker they would become as their reflexes and agility declined.


Julian was already 44 years old and had been at the top of the gaming world since his early twenties.


Many had already thought that he would've retired, and without Martial Online, that might've happened.