Martial Online.

Author: Alekzi
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What is Martial Online.

Read ‘Martial Online.’ Online for Free, written by the author Alekzi, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A single question has been on every fighter’s mind since the dawn of the world—which weapon is the mightiest? The answer...


A single question has been on every fighter’s mind since the dawn of the world—which weapon is the mightiest? The answer to that question came in an unexpected form. Martial Online—a game that was going to revolutionize the world and its future generations was created. It was said to be so realistic that it was near impossible to tell the difference between it and reality. Jesse Kraham, a youth from Nocklund, had been suffering from an incurable disease since he was a child. Because of the disease, he couldn't live a normal life, and he'd been living a lonely life. However, the universe was on his side, and he received one stroke of luck that changed the course of his life and the world entirely.

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A dayum good book is all imma say. As expected from Alekzi


Yo Author pls update on Martial Arts System……🥹🥹 That book has so much potential……just hurts to see it rotting in corner.


Just finished reading the first 30 chapters and I can already tell this novel is going to be amazing. It kind of reminds me of White online mixed with Martial Art System. Overall it is already a 10/10 for me. I am excited to see how the story unfolds


Another book of mine, I hope y'all enjoy it. I have got some crazy stuff planned for this book and it will definitely be a wild ride. It has some elements from my previous books—Martial Arts System and White Online. However, it is vastly different with its own unique parts and improved from my previous books.


Review: A balanced novel with an interesting take on the vrmmorpg script. The mc seems skilled but is not op, at least for the first 50 chapters, and doesn't get constantly get a boost to make him the best. He doesn't even really seem like an mc.Personal Opinion: If you can take the punishment of the first 50 chapters, then you did better than me. Nothing good seems to be happening for the mc and is facing never-ending setbacks with essentially no happy moment for the first 50 chapters. Pure torture and made me feel like I wasted my time. I read to find enjoyment, and I don't find enjoyment in a mc's suffering. I can understand you're trying to add "depth" to your character, but this man's only happy moment is when he logs into the game. Then proceeds to get trashed on because of his terrible "luck." He gets a glimmer of hope only for it to be destroyed, I personally hate novels like this. Chapter 48 was my limit.


I like the novel a lot, but what happened to the author? been a month since last update..........................................................


Once again another great story. It has similarities to white online and martial arts system, but I can tell that this story while be unique


i live the idea behind this novel, reading it makes me feel like am part of the novel in every step of the way.I will like to recommend this novel to all and every novel enthusiasts out there.


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😁😁,, , a fan , and another great book, ❤️❤️


I aint even gone lie, this story is rly good, the only downside is that there are only 56 chapters out as of yet.....................................


i beg you bro please start working on "Ghost Rider in Twilight" again please i am begging you bro first time in a month i got intrested in a novel but got backstabed because it was last time uploaded 1 year ago please start working on it again please..........


Bem não consegui ler muito depois de perceber como ele é tratado por sua família por ser deficiente, principalmente pela irmã. Abandonei logo. O MC também tem cara de ser bem passivo de modo que deixa as pessoas passarem por cima dele na vida real, por isso não é para mim.


This novel is pretty good, but I want to see what the characters look like. Like, you got to have a Discord or a stash of references for every single one of them.


5/5. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book. Read this book.


It's good[img=coins][img=coins][img=update]


Hello author! I would like to clear up some doubts... they are as follows: will there be NTR in the work (I hope not), is the FMC Yandere? or possessive? Finally, does the work contain lemons?


I am a big fan of VRMMORPG works, I've read all the major works in this trope, and yet this one positively surprised me. Despite the protagonist starting the story being quite unpleasant, he evolves a lot over time. In fact, we can say that this book is more about the growth of the protagonist, both in terms of power and in maturity and personality, rather than focusing on the VR aspect. The protagonist's evolution is realistic and gradual but very enjoyable. Another interesting aspect is that there is very little plot armor in this story. The protagonist is a competent player, but he loses a lot and often doesn't get the best rewards. The reason for this is quite simple: he's a newcomer 'pro-player' competing with many veterans. That said, the other players are important to the plot; they are indeed veterans and professional players,and they act accordingly. So, there's no protagonist monopolizing all secret quests or legendary rewards. The protagonist trains and dedicates himself a lot to make up for the differences in both physical abilities and experience, and it's enjoyable to read. So, if you want to read a VR story with a hardworking and dedicated protagonist, this is the story you've been looking for.


best novel readl all 41 chaps in 2 hours, .,...........................................................................................................................................


really hoping this novel continues. very much enjoy it


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