1 The World Had Changed. Recharge System

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"Sigh, what's going on!"

"I just took a nap and the world has changed?"

At the gate of Qingcheng Elementary School, Jiang Yi walked out of the school with a melancholic expression.

Thinking back on what he had seen and heard in the past two days, Jiang Yi was still dumbfounded.

He was originally an ordinary third-year high school student who was about to face the college entrance exam.

But three days ago, when he woke up in the morning, he realized that the entire world had changed!

With the recovery of the spiritual Qi, all living things competed with each other. Many spatial cracks knew as "Heavenly Abyss" appeared in the human realm. Countless ferocious and bloodthirsty desolate beasts constantly surged out from the cracks!

They were extremely aggressive towards all living things. The moment they left Heavenly Abyss, they would wreak havoc in the human realm, opening up their territories and killing all living things.

Some of the inhabitants of the islands were completely wiped out by the desolate beasts in just two to three days!

The sky had opened up a few huge openings in the extreme north. Myriad races in the universe had used these openings to invade.

Compared to the desolate beasts, although the myriad races did not kill indiscriminately, they would plunder resources and enslave the human realm inhabitants wherever they went.

Compared to desolate beasts that only knew how to kill, the myriad races in the universe with a well-developed civilization system posed a greater threat!

As for the human realm, it was no longer the world of technology that Jiang Yi remembered. Instead, martial arts and cultivation were prevalent everywhere!

According to what his teacher had said over the past few days, martial cultivators absorbed the heaven and earth spiritual energy to strengthen themselves, expel desolate beasts, and fight against myriad races. Only then did they maintain the basic stability of the human realm.

And Jiang Yi's current identity was an entry-level apprentice of a basic academy.

"Martial art, cultivation, talent..."

"Sh*t! My talent doesn't seem to be that great."

Recalling the words his teacher had mentioned in class over the past few days, Jiang Yi felt a headache.

It wasn't that he couldn't accept the changes in the world, but that he couldn't accept his talent!

His martial arts talent really belonged to the bottom!

"Hey, what are you thinking about, Old Jiang!"

Just as Jiang Yi was thinking about his talent, a clear voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Jiang Yi turned around and saw a tall and handsome girl.

"Nothing, Old Xiao."

Jiang Yi replied casually.

The girl's name was Xiao Jinwei. She lived in the same apartment building as Jiang Yi. The two of them had played together since they were young. They were really good buddies!

The reason he said that was because although Xiao Jinwei looked graceful and gentle, she was straightforward like a boy in her bones!

Jiang Yi vaguely remembered that when he first entered the school, a boy saw Xiao Jinwei's pretty face and chased after her for two months. When it was time for him to confess, Old Xiao didn't say anything and punched him to the ground...

Xiao Jinwei saw that Jiang Yi was unwilling to speak, so she simply said, "Forget it if you don't want to say it! I'm not willing to listen! Oh right, Old Jiang, there's still a month before the college entrance exam. Do you have any plans?"

"I heard that this year, people from Qizhou City will come down to inspect various places and select outstanding martial artists. If they were selected by the examiners of Qizhou City, they would have a chance to directly enter the Great Qi Martial Arts Institute!"

"There is still a month before the college entrance examination. I plan to give it a try!"

Qizhou City was the upper-level state capital of Qingcheng.

And the Great Qi Martial Arts Institute was the best martial arts institute in the entire Qizhou City.

Jiang Yi saw that Xiao Jinwei was full of fighting spirit and said helplessly, "Old Xiao, your talent is not bad. You have long entered the ranks of E-class warriors, but I am only an apprentice now. I am not even F-class."

As he said this, Jiang Yi suddenly fell silent.

Yes, his martial arts talent was so bad that he was left behind by two whole levels by his peers!

Seeing this, Xiao Jinwei did not speak anymore. She was not good at comforting people.

For a moment, the two of them fell silent and walked back home side by side.

When they reached the entrance of the unit building, the two of them said their goodbyes.

When Jiang Yi arrived at his door, he was about to take out his keys to open the door when he suddenly smelled the fragrance of food.


Jiang Yi was slightly surprised.

After the great change in the world, his parents had also become warriors. They spent most of the year at the front line fighting against desolate beasts or maintaining order in the city. Before the great change, his parents often went on business trips abroad.

Therefore, he was the only one at home.

But now...

Jiang Yi opened the door gently.

On the sofa, his father, Jiang Chen, was sitting in the middle, sipping some wine. In the kitchen, his mother, Li Zijin, was serving two bowls of hot rice.

There were all kinds of dishes on the table in the dining room.

"Dad, mom, you're back?"

Seeing that Jiang Yi was back, his mother, Li Zijin, said lovingly, "Little Yi, come and sit down for dinner. Your dad and I rushed back to see you today."

"Okay, I'll be right there!"

Ever since he was young, Jiang Yi rarely experienced the warmth of family reunions. Jiang Yi was very happy that his parents could come home.

He put down his schoolbag, washed his hands, and sat down at the dining table.

Li Zijin made two more dishes and sat down, too. It was a rare occasion for the three of them to have a meal together. They were very happy.

When Jiang Yi was almost done eating, his father suddenly asked, "Little Yi, how's the preparation for the college entrance exam going?"

Jiang Yi was surprised.

His father knew he wasn't talented in martial arts.

But he said quickly, "It's okay, dad. I'll try my best to study theory and science. It's also good to go to a good literature institute!"


Jiang Chen sighed.

He knew his son better than anyone else.

As for going to the literature institute... in this age of martial arts, what was the future of studying literature?

Glancing at his wife, Jiang Chen took out a small bottle from his pocket. He said, "Little Yi, this is the blood quenching pill. After you take it, you'll have a chance to improve your talent in martial arts."

"You should use it in the next few days to see if you can make a breakthrough. The Jiangs have a martial arts heritage. You can't just give up your inheritance."

As he spoke, Jiang Chen handed the bottle to Jiang Yi.

"Dad! This is expensive, isn't it?"

Jiang Yi took it in a hurry!

He had never heard of the blood quenching pill, but he knew that something that could change one's martial arts talent was definitely worth a lot!

As expected, Jiang Chen nodded and said, "Little Yi, this blood quenching pill is worth two 200,000 yuan. Your mom and I asked our comrades to buy it. You have to make good use of it."


Jiang Chen's tone was calm, but Jiang Yi felt his father's words were very heavy.

Although it was easy for martial artists to earn money, the cost of their own cultivation was also very huge. Therefore, Jiang Yi knew that these two hundred thousand might be all the savings his family had accumulated in recent years.

"Dad, mom, okay. I'll make good use of them."

Then Jiang Yi stood up and walked to his room.

Behind him, Li Zijin's reproachful voice sounded, "Dad, why are you putting so much pressure on your son?!"

Jiang Chen said leisurely, "Little Yi is eighteen this year. It's time for him to take some responsibility. We can't always spoil him..."

In the room, Jiang Yi was staring at the blood quenching pill in his hand. His parents' conversation was still echoing in his ears.

The family's savings of decades had all been spent on him!

If he couldn't improve his talent, all hope would be lost.


While Jiang Yi was thinking, a vague notification suddenly rang in his ears:

[Detected that the host has sufficient wealth. Martial Arts Recharge System activated!]

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