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Shameless review once again~ I am not english speaking native, so some grammar mistakes is to be expected, but i am sure you guys will be able to understand my writing. Also No harem! Yay anyway i hope you guys enjoy my book!

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Author Update - I have looked at my previous chapters until 40, and I gotta admit that some parts were slightly amateurish and badly written, but chapters from 40 start getting better, I promise. I have written quite a lot of drafts, up to 70 chapter already and it keeps increasing and a lot of interesting things are happening in the life of Ichiro, even I, as a writer I am honestly surprised of the things I wrote and I think most of you will enjoy it, so please read at least up to 50, because a lot of interesting things start happening after it, and if you still don't like the novel, then you should prob it because this novel isn't probably for your taste then. Thanks for readind and I hope you will enjoy.


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Small review right here, I think this book is amazing, yeah first 40 chaps shows Author's inexperience, but it obviously becomes better, and after 50 chaps it is amazing to read. Good job Author!


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I went out of my way to write a full review for this story, because I felt like it had a lot of potential, decent plot idea, and the author can improve significantly. Writing Quality is a bit disappointing. "Show, don't tell" is a cornerstone of writing. There are lots of explanations for everything with info dumps, instead of a slow but steady discovery. Various descriptions are awkward many times as well. In addition, there are a number of typos. I honestly just expect more from a premium novel. Author updates regularly, which is great. Story development feels pretty basic. Nothing groundbreaking or new. There's a system. Someone has transmigrated. Theres a tournament arc. Etc. It doesn't pull me in because I feel like I've seen it all before. For a world that is being invaded, it doesn't feel like it at all. Everyone seems too casual about it all. Normal people just living their lives casually when the world is falling apart around them. We had a global pandemic where people were dying from covid, and things changed everywhere. I can't imagine monsters invading, and people just acting like martial arts are just "sports" anymore. You give little to no impression about how society has changed from this. Character design is a little boring. I wish that there was a little more character development. Everyone other than the MC feels a bit two dimensional. Even the MC sometimes feels a bit boring. I don't know how you plan to bring character growth to the MC either since he was already an adult, and he is doing the same thing he was doing in his previous life. There needs to be personal growth for the characters, otherwise you result in a Xianxia novel where everyone is rigid and unreasonable. World background also got 3 stars because there is nothing new about a world being invaded by monsters.


A great novel that was given up on too early. It seemed like the author listened to readers comments a bit too much and went back and rewrote chapters which changed future paths he had already visualized. While it's good to learn from mistakes and try to make fans happy, don't ever let them change your novel midway through. This will change the way the author writes the rest of the novel even if it's subconsciously, which in this case seemed to wilt his enthusiasm for this one, which ended up causing it to get dropped suddenly. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy White Online, but my personal opinion and a few of my buddies who've read both agree that Martial Arts Master was overall a better read and had even greater potential if it wasn't dropped. I hope that someday in the future the author either continues on, or rewrites the novel and does what he imagines without other's changing his views. Either way, I'm enjoying the reread I'm doing.


man,this story is kinda stupid,the people in this are not believable, I got a couple of laughs here and there,but the world building doesn't make sense.


i was rlly loving it, and just when i was about to purchase the privileges, i opened the chapter 174.. and droped... that was the worst decision i ever saw of an author.. im rlly rlly sad about it and if i could i wold just complain in everysingle fckng chapter trying to change your mind, but i wont use my fastpasses and coins in smthing so stupid. 5 stars until chapter 174, 0 stars after it, i will just give a 2,5


Literally mind numbingly awful. This novel is made for 12 yearold non native English speakers. The author obviously does not get out of the house much because it because 100% clear by chapter 35 they have no experience with normal human interactions. The MC meets with the first real female character and immediately just shouts at her β€œshut up thot.” If you like incel prepubescent outdated humor with absolutely horrible writing quality and beyond generic plot, this is the novel for you!


The story is pretty cool. If I had to point out one problem, it would be the fact that the dialogue between the characters are a lil bit forced, but it's alright... also please give more updates the cliffhangers are literally causing me immense mental, physical, and astral pain.


this is great to read but sadly author du...mped it ... i hope he will restart this.............................................................


I am the bone of my exp, Webnovel is my body, and exp is my blood, I've created over thousand useless reviews, Unknown to death, nor known to life, Have withstood my pain to write many comments, Yet those hands will never hold anything, Thus, as I pray... Unlimited Exp Works


Still in my heart number 1 don't care what people say. hope you return soon. .....................................................................


Reveal spoiler


My first Review I understand that this is the Author's first novel and said that the first 40 chapters might be a bit rough. After Reading 9 chapters I was getting really annoyed about how many grammatical and spelling mistakes I could find. The Author doesn't use the words "The" and "a". For example: captian instead of The captian young man instead of a or the young man said... Gorilla said:"" instead of The gorilla said:"" Furthemore the Author switches from 1st person to 3r person wich is getting me really confused. I had high hopes for this novel. Author! I don't know if correcting the chapters is very time consuming but please fix them so people can enjoy this novel it's not like you have to correct the tiniest mistake just the noticable ones.


It some personal dislike but first guy recive quest to some push-ups and so on, he have no trained body at all but he with his will do 100 of them somehow(it even written that 20 push-ups was his limit that get him weak arms) why not 10000 in the first time if his will only matter ? But it not worst thing, he trained and got some stats growed passively, and after one training he finished quest and got rewarded he got some stat points and he spend it all, why? Man have 15 years of new life experience that he spent By playing games he does not ask about drowbacks of it, will it limit stat growing in the furure or some of that thigs, btw man know about novels with and systems from previous life so he must think of it first. Is he stupid or just have some brain damage or he can not think about future grow idk. As i said probably personal dislike, i think mc is stupid.


I understand the author didn't like working on this story, but i prefer this one over white online 100%. Never got bored reading this, even though there were some grammar issues.


when will the second part will be updated?.....................The Novel is great...........................................................