Martial Arts System

Kurogami Ichiro was desperate because he couldn't achieve what he wanted when he once started his martial arts path at age of 8! 35 Years he spent training and honing his martial arts, but he always felt like he was born in the wrong era... And fate played its tricks and Ichiro lost his life while saving a young girl's life and no matter how much he trained his martial arts. He couldn't escape from death. But.. his story didn't end there... He reincarnated to a different world where martial arts and people with strength are targets of admiration... Can Ichiro finally reach his dream while having the assistance of the Martial Arts System? Martial Arts System seemed simple at first... But Ichiro will slowly find out... That the Martial Arts System is far from simple. ________________________________ Disclaimer: The cover is my own, made by Dini Marlina __________________ https://www.patreon.com/aesirproductions Me, alongside my friends, decided to create a novel. Please, check it out, and support if you enjoy it. I can promise, it's going to be a wild ride.

Alekzi · Action
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432 Chs

End of First.

A month later.

Ichiro and Azura were gathered on top of a small hill that overlooked the whole City of Irio.

Tomorrow, their flight to Coldland arrives.

Azura sighed while moving the strands of hair to the side, ''Mom won't be coming.''

Ichiro nodded, ''Good.''

''Good?'' She frowned and turned to look at his boyfriend.

''Yes, Coldland is a terrible place to be at.'' Ichiro rubbed his neck, ''He would be safe here and much happier. She opened a shop lately, didn't she?''

''Right…'' Azura sighed and felt slightly lonely, ''I just feel lonely without her.''

Ichiro nodded and took a large breath of the fresh air, ''What would you say… If you stayed too?''

''No!'' Azura instantly snapped back, ''Never!''

''Yeah… Thought so.'' Ichiro wryly smiled, ''If I had a choice, I would just lock you up here.''

Azura harrumphed with anger, ''Hmph, of course, I am coming.''