Martial Arts Master

Here martial arts are no longer intangible legends. They have been passed on from generation to generation and from century to century. After the confrontation with science and technology, they have completely integrated into modern society and all kinds of martial arts competitions are taking place across the country as superiority among scholars are hard to reach a consensus but not as difficult among martial artists! Lou Cheng has inherited the lost skills of the greatest martial arts sect. Towards his original dream and the glory in his heart, he advances step by step, becoming the warrior of this modern city and the hero of the era!

Cuttlefish That Loves Diving · Action
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753 Chs


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"These days the youth can't do anything without the mobile, laughing like an idiot." Lou Cheng's mom Qi Fang clicked about him playing with his phone in the car while taking the lead towards her sister Qi Yan's building.

Carrying alcohol, cigarettes, meat, and fish for this new year visit, Lou Cheng chuckled instead of retorting.

Fortunately, there's a generation gap between mom and I or she would know it is love!

Is it all one-sided? Based on Yan Zheke's recent responses and our interactions with each other, I feel pretty confident we have gone beyond the friend zone. Whether we're ready to get more intimate will be another story. Don't get the false sense and don't feel too good about myself. Most importantly, don't act recklessly and ruin the excellent trend!

The revolution is not yet completed, and I must struggle on!