Marrying a Werewolf to save her hybrid sister. Book

novel - Fantasy

Marrying a Werewolf to save her hybrid sister.


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[Completed] "When it comes to love, you can't force your heart how or where to choose. My soul landed in the dark and my heartbeats paced for a cold demon." Synopsis: Luna accepts the Queen's invitation for the Mistress selection to become the prince's mistress. But she did it for one reason, to save her Hybrid sister. But she found the royal palace a hell, a true hell with a great secret. The prince is a human werewolf. A dangerous and real killing machine. But, he is devilishly...shabbily handsome and enticing that eyes travel after him, no wonder she can't ignore this cold but gorgeous devil. Can she save his heart and make him, her husband? Can she win the rest of the mistresses and become his wife? ______ what's in the story? "Let your heart light up your path but don't fight with your destiny, my dear Luna." Why would someone like her alert Luna? Why was she talking about an unpredictable future? "Why? Why are you telling me this?" The woman halted, her palms moved up, and grabbed either side of her face, gently. "Because if you don't tame his heart, someone else would take your place, and I am afraid that person isn't suitable for your position. Because many people will die if you refuse his heart." Her hands dropped, and Luna peered into those purple eyes. "Who are you?" .... *** Volume 1: Childhood Volume 2: Love and Rage (Matured content warning) **Notice: This is a classic fantasy Romance that contains, Love, mystery, power, lust, pain... all at once. Every location is based on an imaginary world.