81 Chapter 21

"What nonsense are you saying?"

"I swear Your Highness. I saw him with my two own eyes." David shook as if remembering what he had seen.

Fear crept its way slowly into Pierre's heart. Lucian could not be alive. He had made sure that his brother was not breathing before letting the guards take him away.

"You said you burned him." Pierre accused.

"I...I did." David said his eyes widening in realization and fear at what he had done. "He will not spare my life." He said more to himself.

The horror on David's face was so real that it made Pierre wonder how his brother could have survived all that? Was he really the devil's son?

He chuckled darkly. That was ridiculous. David must have been feeling guilty that he started imagining things.

"Just leave." He said waving with his hand.


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