74 Chapter 14

The world went suddenly still around Lucian and the only thing he could hear was his name echoing through the silence. He wasn't sure if he heard it right or if it was all in his head. How could she know his name? His real name.

Slowly he turned around, his heart beating erratically inside his chest. Hazel still held onto his arm and her eyes swirled with so many emotions and unanswered questions. Lucian had his own unanswered questions. Who was this woman and how did she know his name?

"My name is Alexander." Lucian tried to correct her but she shook her head. She didn't believe him.

"No...no…" a tear fell down her cheek "you are Lucian...my husband."

Husband? Lucian laughed nervously.

"Alright, it's enough." He said pulling his arm away and turning around to leave but Hazel stopped him again by suddenly wrapping her arm around his waist from behind.


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