Married to the Devil's Son

【Volume 1 - Married to the Devil's Son】 A prince, rumored to be the son of the Devil. He is the definition of Danger. He is the Darkness itself. A princess. Imprisoned in her own home, only to come out once she gets married. But married to whom? *** Once upon a time, the Devil fell in love with one of the King's many wives. One night he went to her room disguised as her husband and made love to her. She got pregnant with his child. Knowing this The King ordered her execution believing his wife cheated on him, but then the Devil appeared to the king making him a deal. In exchange for great power for his Kingdom, the King will let his wife Sire The Devil's Child. The King who was greedy for power agrees to the deal and his Kingdom becomes one of the most powerful Kingdoms and the Devil's Child, the seventh Prince of the Kingdom. Being a princess probably sounds nice. A life full of luxury, beautiful dresses and nice shoes, but for Hazel, there is nothing nice about being a princess. She can never go outside the palace, she can never have friends, she can never eat or say or wear whatever she wants and she can never choose the person she is going to marry. Soon she's getting married to a man she has never met, a prince rumored to be Son of the Devil. 【Volume 2 - Return of the Devil's Son】 **Sequel to Married to the Devil's son** He is back! This time fiercer, faster and stronger, with only one thing in mind. Revenge! Prince of Darkness, Son of the Devil, Lucian is back, and he has only one thing on his mind. Revenge! That's until he meets her. A woman who entices him beyond reason, but who also claims to be his wife. Surrounded by dark secrets and powerful enemies, Lucian must decide who to trust and who to destroy. After getting her heart broken once, Klara vowed never to fall in love again. But when her brother tries to force her into a marriage and the annoying but wickedly handsome Roshan rescues her, things get difficult. Can she protect her heart from the man whose touch sets her body aflame? Or will she surrender to her desire and risk her heart once again? —————————————————————————————————— 【Volume 3 - The Devil In Her Dreams】 THE BEAST AMONGST US Imagine living in a world full of fiery, feral beings, hiding in the shadows, roving in our dreams, creeping under our skin. Eavesdropping, manipulating our minds and exploring our bodies. They are savages, beasts but some of them are companions and childhood friends.  Some are dangerous, others even more dangerous. They live amongst us. Some of us call them Demons, others call them Djinn. But some of them should never be called.  THE BEAUTY  LOOKING FOR LOVE  Heaven, the devil’s granddaughter and princess of Decresh has everything in life. Loving parents, beauty, wealth, and status. But one thing is missing. And that is love. Heaven dreams of the kind of love her parents have and now that she has come of age to get married she has to find her dream man and the future king of Decresh. And she has to find him soon.  There is one man. A mysterious silver-eyed stranger who keeps appearing in her dreams. Who is he and what does he want? As the line of suitors grows, Heaven’s dreams become more vivid forcing her to go on a journey to find the man in her dreams. Could he also be the man of her dreams? Or would he turn out to be a nightmare?

JasmineJosef · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
314 Chs

Chapter 13

I lay in the bathtub as Lydia washed my hair after Lucian had left to let me sleep some more. I knew she wanted to ask something but didn't know if she should, so she was silent.

"He kissed me," I said. Her eyes sparkled.

"Really? Finally!" she said, "How did it feel?"

"It felt..." I remembered when our lips touched the warmth that spread through my body and when our lips separated the emptiness and coldness that came with it. I wanted more, "It felt good," I said.

"But you just kissed nothing more?" she asked.


"Don't worry there will be more," she said.


"Yes, my lady,"

"How does the first time feel?" I asked. She sensed that I was worried it would hurt and that I wouldn't like it. Just the thought of being naked in front of a man made my cheeks burn.

"Don't worry. I am sure his highness will be gentle since he seems to care for you" she said reassuring me "trust me, no man would have waited so long for the woman to agree. He would have taken you whether you liked it. I was actually worried for you my lady but now that I got to see his highness I am sure he is a good man and will take good care of you."

Everything she said was true. He never denied me anything and treated me well. I should be more understanding toward him and try to get close to him, but why am I afraid? Am I afraid of him? Or afraid of myself around him? It's like I don't have control over my body and mind around him, and his gaze and scent make me feel things I have never felt before.

"And you have to admit your husband is one very good looking man. I can see how the maids drool over him," she smiled "he must have a lot of mistresses," she continued but regretted it when she realized what she had said.

"I am sorry" she whispered with sad eyes, "I didn't mean to..."

"It's fine "I cut her off "It's not like I don't know". This was just my fate as a woman.

After the bath, Ylva came in and helped me dress up. I really missed the way she dressed me and made my hair. She knew my taste and what suited me best so she would always make me look beautiful, but this time she made me look even more beautiful.

"What is the special occasion today?" I asked.

"Nothing my lady. You should always look your best since you have such a good-looking husband," she said, winking at me.

"Thank you," I said as another maid walked in.

"Her highness? where would you like to eat your breakfast?" she asked.

"In the garden" it was my favorite place. Nodding, she walked away. I stood up from my seat to look myself closer in the mirror. I was wearing a wine red dress with long loose sleeves but bare shoulder. It was tight around the waist and up, but loose from the waist down. It had beautiful white patterns on the chest and at the end of the sleeves.

My hair was divided into two half. A straight lower half and a curlier upper half held up by silver hairpins.

"You are amazing, Ylva," I said satisfied with how I looked.

"As long as you are happy, my lady," she smiled.

I went to the garden where breakfast had been served.

"Has Luc..I mean his highness had breakfast?" I asked the maid.

"No, her highness. His highness went to meet the crown prince. The king is unwell," she said. If the king is unwell, I should go too, I thought.

I knew that the quarter next to ours was the crown prince's quarters, so I went over. As I walked in Levi came running to me "My lady" he said with a smile "thank you for the meal last time I never got to thank you." He is such a sweet kid and well behaved. Crouching down to his level, "You are welcome. How old are you?"I asked.

"I am ten. My lady?" his expression suddenly changed.


"Please protect uncle Lucian"

"Why?" I asked curiously.

"Because if the king dies, my father will kill all my uncles." My heart stopped. I knew that to become a king, a prince has to kill all his brothers or exile them. Unfortunately, most of them or almost all killed their brother to eliminate all kinds of threat to the throne. I never liked that idea, but I never thought much of it. Now that Lucian was involved, I felt scared and worried and absolutely hated the idea. How can brothers kill each other?

"My lady" a dark manly voice came from behind. Standing up, I turned around. A soldier who seemed to be a higher rank according to his clothes, maybe a general stood there.

"How can I help you?" he asked.

"I am looking for the crown prince and his highness Lucian" I said.

"The princes have gone to visit the king and I am sorry but no one else is allowed to visit," he said politely. I had a feeling that I have seen him before.

"Have we met before?" I asked.

"Yes, my lady. I am one of his highness Lucians men" he explained, "I brought you here on your wedding day." If he was one of Lucian's men and Lucian wasn't here, what was he doing here? Did he follow me?

"Are you following me?" I asked.

"I apologize, but it's my duty to keep you safe" he said with his deep voice. Was the situation that bad?

"I am commander Lincoln, please let me escort you back, my lady. It's not safe for you to be here."

Lincoln escorted me back to our quarters where many soldiers were gathered, some of them walking back and forth and some speaking in a serious tone. Of the situations were definitely very bad. "Are you sure his highness is fine?"I asked Lincoln.

"Don't worry my lady,I am sure he is fine," he assured.

"Lincoln!" a man called from behind. Turning around a found a young man with long blonde hair and blue eyes walking toward us. He was wearing a military attire and had a smile on his face. Walking closer he looked even much younger maybe seventeen or eighteen.

"My lady" he said and bowed, then he turned to Lincoln and they hugged each other.

"I am glad you are back" Lincoln said.

"Yeah so am I. It's such a pain to be with the other princes, I am happy to be back here and hopefully I will stay here with prince Lucian forever once the king dies" he said simply.

"Be careful" Lincoln warned "he is not dead yet."

"But his condition is very bad. He will either die tomorrow or the day after." I gasped and their gazes turned toward me. Lincoln cleared his throat "This is princess Hazel prince Lucian's wife" he said introducing me.

"I guessed that" the young man said scratching his neck shyly and his eyes still avoiding me "I am Oliver. I apologize for my way of speaking. I can't keep my mouth shut" he admitted.

"What happens if the kings dies?" I asked still worried about that fact

"Nothing much" Oliver said shrugging his shoulders as if it was not much of a problem" we will fight for prince Lucian to take the throne" he smiled.

"It's not that easy" Lincoln said while my eyes landed on Lucian walking from far away. He was also wearing a military attire with a sword on his left side. He looked taller, stronger, and even more dangerous wearing these clothes. His footsteps made a clicking sound that echoed through the hallway while his hair got blown away by the wind showing an expressionless face.

"Your highness" Oliver smiled as Lucian walked closer and stood in front of us.

"Good, you are back alive," Lucian said patting Oliver's shoulder "Lincoln I will talk to you later but now I need to speak with my wife for a moment," he said as he turned his gaze to me. The men left us alone.

Lucians took some steps back as his gaze traveled down by body and up again. He tilted his head a bit as his eyes glittered with amusement. "Did you dress up for me wife?"

Oh God. I had forgotten how Ylva made me look. Was it too much? Maybe I overdid it.

Walking closer he grabbed my chin lifting my head slightly he gazed into my eyes "you look so beautiful you make me forget all of my worries"