71 Chapter 11

Lucian tried to pay attention to what his brother was saying but his mind kept drifting back her, the maid who had spilled tea on him. For some strange reason he had felt a sting of pain when Jade had slapped her and when her eyes welled with tears, anger filled his chest. But why he couldn't' understand. He certainly didn't know her and he couldn't say he felt attracted to her. Or did he?

She didn't look attractive to him. She was too thin for his taste, almost as if she had been starved. Her hair was short and ragged and her complexion looked rather unhealthy. She had dark spots under her eyes and her lips were chapped, yet he hadn't been able to stop himself from staring at her. Something about her drew him in. Was it the innocence in her big beautiful chocolate eyes? Or was he intrigued by the way she kept her calm even though she was going to get punished? Either Way, he couldn't stop thinking about her.


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