1 Chapter 1

Kelvin's POV

I woke up with a terrible hangover. The guys and I were at the club last night and we had quite a lot to drink, still wondering how I was able to navigate my way to my residence.

I got up from bed, groaning with a severe tumbling in my head -drinking may be fun but hangover sucks.

I was about to get off the bed when I heard a faint snore beside me, and surprisingly a blond was sleeping beside me, then I began to remember the previous day events, "I'm going to murder Josh." I thought to myself the fucking idiot knew how much I detested women and still allowed me to bring this bimbo home, "he's so dead."

I grabbed her hands in anger and jerked her up, she woke up with a yelp, "what the hell are you doing in my house?" I said coldly. "You took us to your house last night, don't you remember?" She answered with a smile on her face, I looked at her deeply all ready to burst into anger. Even amid the anger, I noticed she was a beautiful lady with long straight hair, a slim torso, a big sexy ass, and a perfectly curved breast. Pause a minute! what the hell am I even thinking?

She must have followed me from the club last night, I recall her taking me home against my will. She must have known who I was, gold-digging bitch! Snapping out of my thought, I walked to my bedside table, took out a bundle of cash, and threw it at her.

"Thank you for last night, you can go now," I said trying to sound as polite as I could. She didn't look so pleased but who cares? Certainly not me. She walked towards me aiming to slap me but I caught her hand mid-air. She glared furiously at me. "Do you think I'm a whole?" She yelled. "No darling, you're worse than that" I smirked. "Don't try to act innocent because I remember what happened last night so I advise you to pick the money and get the fuck out of my house." I added releasing her hand, she recoiled, picked up the cash and hurried away.

What a bitch! What did she think I would do? Marry her? She must be delusional. She took her clothes and ran out in tears but I didn't give a dime. I've had terrible relationships in the past that almost cost me my life, since then I had developed a strong hatred for relationships. I only use them to fulfill my desires but never commit to any of them.

Sometimes I also flirt with them when I'm drunk: drunk me loves being with women.

I picked up my cellphone to check the time, shit!!! I'm already late for work. I hate been late. I take my work very seriously, it's my number one priority. Most of my friends call me a workaholic but guess what? I don't give a fuck. I rushed to the bathroom to have my bath and also prepared for the day. Coming out fully refreshed, I walked to my walk-in closet to pick out a dress for the day.

I decided to go with my black Arman suit and my newly bought designer shoe after dressing I combed my hair to perfection. I rushed to the kitchen to take a glass of water and some painkillers to reduce the headache. My maid would come to the house to clean after I left and leave before I returned.

The hangover was killing me, I feel like shit. Getting to my garage I decided to select my BMW classic. Although I have a driver, he is not always needed as I prefer driving myself. Driving always clears my head. I only need my driver when attending official events or when I don't feel good enough to drive.

A few minutes later I arrived at my office building, then I parked my car in my private parking area and went into the building.

Though I heard many greetings being directed at me I walked right past without answering any of them, they quickly turned back to their work stations as they quiver in fear of my presence. Being the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company is not an easy task as I had to be ruthless and emotionless to be taken seriously. This didn't bother me cause they knew better than to get in my fucking way.

My father started the construction company and handed it over to my father who expanded it taking the company to greater heights.

Though the company was handed over to me three years ago my father still gets involved in critical decision making. I plan to expand it even more and make it greater than what it was.

As I made my way to my private elevator, I checked through a fingerprint scanner located at the elevator entrance. I like my privacy and was very strict with the securities cause I don't just want any scumbag sharing my elevator.

I got into the elevator and made it to the 60th floor where my office is located. In case you are wondering, yes my company is that big. "Good morning sir." My secretary greeted me with her flirty voice and I ignored her. She's always trying to seduce me with her skimpy outfit, always dressed like she was heading to a club. I could have fired her a long time ago but she's still there because she's damn good at the job.

I had barely sat on my chair in my office when I heard a knock on my door, knowing full well it was Ryan my P.A.

He came in with my coffee and some file in his hands, I could use a cup of coffee. He always knows what I need and when.

"Good morning sir," he said putting the file down on the desk and my coffee. "Morning." I answered, I know you must be wondering why I answered his greetings, he is the only person I can tolerate in this building the rest are insane, "sir your father called."

"He asked you to call immediately when you arrived at the office sir." He completed. "Did he tell you the reason why he called?" I asked him.

"No sir." He replies sir these are the files you asked me to go through, I am done with them, the files need your signature sir.

"You may go," I said dismissing him as he went out of the office quietly closing the doors. I could not help but wonder the reason my dad called 'I kind of have a shitty relationship with the old man he only calls when it's something important' or business-related.

I picked my phone and try calling him, it rang a few times before he answered "Good morning dad." I greeted him going towards my window, as I had a great view of the city from my office.

"Morning son." He answered. "I have been trying to reach you." I didn't let him finish before I spoke, "dad what do you want."

"Going straight to the point son I see you haven't changed a bit," he said with amusement in his voice I already had a shit day and my dad is adding to it just shoot me now.

"Dad." I snapped using my hands to caress my jaw. "Bring your voice down young man," my dad said with authority in his voice.

"Now listen, I want you to come to the house. We have something important we need to discuss," he said sternly. Living no room for argument.

"Is it business-related dad?" I questioned confused, "no son I and your mom have something important to discuss with you." I went back to my chair and sat down.

"OK dad," I said as the line went dead, I ran my hands through my hair, I wondered what the old man wanted to say. I sighed running my hands through my hair.

It better be good as I buried me into my work. Having much paperwork on my table to take care of.

I checked the time and it was 4:46 already. I forgot I have to go and see my father, I stood up and took my suit jacket, which I had removed earlier.

And my car keys and I made my way out of the building to my private parking area. I got inside my car and drove off to my father's house.

Which was a 5 hours drive from here, as I was driving I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn't notice a lady crossing, I almost ran over her, when I quickly stopped the car.

I came out and met her still screaming seriously. "I didn't hit her why do girls have to be so dramatic." She is just seeking attention.

"Stop being a drama queen. I didn't hit you with my car," I said in an annoyed voice going close to her,'' I have had enough screaming for one day.

She stopped screaming and looked at me with so much anger that there was a fire in her bright blue beautiful eyes that kept me captivated. I noticed her admiring me before she quickly recovered and continued to glare at me in anger.

How. Dare. You. Say. That. To. She said poking me after every word. "When you almost ran me over you fuck face." She said with so much anger. Wow, she is a feisty one.

"Fuck face." I repeat amused getting closer to her as I held her hand in a tight when she immediately kneed me in my area I let go of her hand.

"What the fuck is wrong with you to do you know who I am?" I said holding my dick ouch!! she kicked like a man I yelp in pain. "I do you are a fuck face," she said emphasizing the word "fuck face" with a smirk on her pretty face. Did I just use the word pretty?

Where the hell did that come from "pretty" I groaned when she hit me with her leg again snapping me out of my trance.

"That will teach you how to treat a lady idiot," she said walking away.

I went back to my car and drove off. I will admit she was pretty cute and different from all the women I have met before.

No woman has ever done that to me even when I am wrong. They normally apologize to me begging at my feet. but she is still a woman and I hate them all.

"And she is going to pay for doing that to me," I said to myself as I drove towards my father's mansion.

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