1 South Korea Incheon Airport

A pair of beautiful eyes looks restless glancing left and right, the atmosphere of the airport at night is not very pleasant for Nana, who has just set foot in South Korea for the first time. 

The night was getting late, Nana was getting restless because the person who was going to pick her up didn't arrive.

"Oh my God, it's already 10 pm. Why hasn't Yuri come? My cell phone is dead and the address is there and now what should I do?". Nana thought as she pulled her trolley toward the airport exit.

From the side, there were approaching footsteps, Nana smiled and immediately looked up. But she had to swallow her disappointment because that person was only an adult man in a taxi driver uniform.

"Good evening miss, are you waiting for your pick up?". asked the man politely.

"Yes, but she's not here yet". Nana replied warily.

"I will escort you to find the address, please enter my taxi!". Said the taxi driver, pointing at the taxi.

"I will wait for her, but can I borrow your cell phone?". Asked Nana, who could no longer enter the airport and was forced to borrow a cellphone from the taxi driver. 

Even though Nana's Korean is not fluent, the taxi driver can understand every word that is said by Nana.

"I will lend it, as long as you want to use my taxi service. Besides, you should come with me because there are many sudden crimes around the airport".

Because the man's appearance convinced Nana, she immediately agreed and then pushed the trolley toward the taxi which was not far from where she was standing. 

The man stopped in front of his taxi and put Nana's suitcase in the trunk.

"Does this man really want to help me?". There was a little doubt in Nana's heart, but she immediately erased it because she shouldn't be prejudiced against others.

"Please come in!".

Nana nodded then got into the taxi without suspicion.

Along the way, Nana was busy looking at the beauty of the city of Seoul at night through the glass of the car which she deliberately lowered so that the night wind could freely enter her face gently.


Nana stopped the taxi when she realized something was wrong. 

The man ignored Nana, he continued to escape until finally he stopped in front of a dark old house.

Seeing the old house, Nana shuddered in horror and started to get restless. 

"Miss, come down!".

The man grabbed Nana's arm after he opened the door for Nana.

"Tell me where we were?". Nana pulled her hand away from the man's grip in fear.

"This is my house, we will stop here briefly before I take you home".

"Then you just enter I will stay here".

Nana moved away so that she would not be touched by that man again. 

The man seemed to take a deep breath, after which he dragged Nana out of the taxi roughly. 

"Let go of me!". Nana tried to get away but she couldn't keep up with that man's strength. 

Suddenly she saw several men dressed in black coming out of the gate of the house, immediately Nana glared and cold sweat poured down her face because of fear. 

"Who are you?". Asked Nana, trembling. 

"We want to invite you to have fun because we are men who like to give happiness to others. So, tonight we will have fun!". The taxi driver said, smiling mischievously at Nana. 

Nana's eyes seemed to jump from where she saw the creepy men, Nana immediately thought hard to find how to escape from them. 

After that Nana tried to gather her courage so as not to look weak. 

"Please let go of my hand because I'm in pain, I promise I won't run away because I can't possibly fight you two". Nana said, trembling. 

The man also believes in Nana because what Nana said is true, otherwise she might escape. 

Not long after, Nana took off her bag and glared at the men while clenching her fists. 

"Wow ... Do you want to fight us? Hahaha ... Look friends, this girl is so cute and adorable, I can't wait to play in bed with her. Hahaha ..". The taxi driver said, chuckling. 

"Miss, you better not fight if you do not want to be hurt, therefore hand over all your belongings and serve us after that we will release you, how?".

"Don't hope you can touch me, now get ready to die ...". Shouted Nana. 

The men were immediately shocked to hear Nana's scream, immediately they glared at Nana who wanted to fight them. 

Not long after, Nana ran into one of the men in front of her.

"Aaaa ...". The man fell, while Nana managed to get away from them, she was running very fast while crying because she was really scared because she didn't know how far she was and which direction to run. 

Come on, run Nana. Nana's mind encouraged her. 

"Chase the damn woman!".

They all immediately went after Nana because tonight they must not fail. 

Nana kept running aimlessly, because the most important thing was for her to be able to escape from these disgusting men.

Occasionally Nana glanced back several times, but she was surprised when she hit a young man who was about 182 cm tall, with a slender body with a thick black coat, his expression was very dark and his gaze was sharp as if he was ready to kill the person in front of him. 

"Aaahh ..." Nana moaned after falling, she felt her butt hurt.

After that Nana slowly watched the long legs of the person she hit, immediately looked up, cupped her hands to her chest and said, "Sir, please forgive me, really I accidentally hit you. I was in a hurry because I was being chased by criminals. So, can you help me? ".

"Boss, he's already in the old warehouse, now what should we do to him?". Asked a man who had just stood in front of the man Nana hit. Instantly Nana was silent but didn't dare to open her eyes. 

"Just kill him!"

"Yes boss!".

Nana's jaw dropped when she heard the order given by the man to the person who had just come over to her and Nana was immediately terrified.

"'Is he a gangster here? That means I'm asking the wrong person for help? Nana's mind gritted her teeth in fear.

Instantly Nana felt like digging a deep hole to hide from that terrible situation. 

Meanwhile, the person who Nana hit was still standing in place without saying anything to Nana.

"Please don't kill me, this is my first day in Korea, I'm just having bad luck because I met the wrong person." Nana said while begging with a trembling voice.

After saying that Nana immediately opened her eyes, immediately the eyes bulged when she saw him, she was fascinated by the aura of creepy but his face is very handsome and has a sexy body like a model. 

"Is he a prince from a fairy tale?".

a moment later, once Nana woke up and back down, and said, ". I don't seem to be able to ask you for help, that's why I will go now, please forgive my accident! ".

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