66 Omake 2: The CEO and the Flirty Secretary

Itachi couldn't believe he was doing this again. His honeymoon was severely short-lived after his younger brother announced that he got knocked up. It has been a good half-year since he was separated from his mate and it was starting to become stressful. Not only were they unable to communicate often, the amount of stress was doubled because he was also feeling Kurama's stress as he managed the fox demon clan on Naruto's behalf. The children were taken back tot he demon world shortly after their birth and it was driving Kurama insane.

"Boss, these are the reports you requested for," Yukimura the new secretary in training said and snapped Itachi out of his thoughts effectively. It was only ten in the morning but already, Itachi felt like falling asleep. It had been three days since he hasn't had any decent sleep. The lack of proper rest was starting to take a toll on him. Yet, the stubborn CEO persisted.

"Thanks. Put them in that tray. Also, could you get me a cup of coffee before the meeting?"

Yukimura smiled and excused himself to get the coffee Itachi wanted. The older Uchiha rubbed his temple. The migraines were back and Itachi groaned. At times like this, he was reminded about how great it was to have Kurama working with him as a secretary and a bodyguard. Back then, Itachi had only been a frail human and he wondered how Kurama was able to do everything so perfectly. Now that he was a new demon, Itachi understood how.

Demons had magical abilities and didn't need to eat or sleep as often. Itachi hasn't slept well in three days but he didn't feel as if he had to drag himself to the hospital. The worst thing that could happen was a mild headache that would go away if he had the time for a two-hour nap. Unfortunately, work has been piling and Itachi was busy with overseeing the new overseas business expansion. Sasuke did a good job of acquiring the huge contract but Itachi wished his little brother hadn't been that eager to establish the Uchia Empire overseas so quickly. Dealing with work wasn't a problem for demons. interacting with dumb humans, however, tested his patience. No wonder most demons were short-tempered. Power was an addicting thing and once Itachi had a taste of it, it was difficult to resist using mind-control to force things to work his way. Unfortunately, Itachi still had his principles. No matter how difficult those business partners were, Itachi couldn't possibly abuse his demon powers on some frail human. The thought remained extremely tempting.

Yukimura returned with a cup of coffee and Itachi didn't look up from the spreadsheet. Yukimura hasn't left so Itachi took a sip and wondered what he should assign the new secretary next when he paused. The coffee tasted different today for some reason and it felt nostalgic.

"Yukimura? Did you brew this coffee?"

The bespectacled secretary stiffened and shook his head. "No, I was just told to bring it up to you by a new manager. He said that he had some business to attend to but he will be seeing you soon."

Itachi felt his heart come back to life. Could it be? "How did this new manager look like?"

Yukimura tried his best to recall. "Handsome, tall and red hair. He didn't tell me his name but he said that you knew who he was."

Itachi had a hard time maintaining his collected expression after hearing it. He was finally back! No wonder his mating bond was so silent today. Kurama the sneaky bastard was trying to surprise him.

"Understood," he told Yukimura. "Please tell him to see me as soon as possible."

Relieved that Itachi wasn't mad at the change in coffee taste, Yukkimura bowed and took his leave. As soon as the door clicked shut, Itachi was surrounded by a scent that he missed so much. A pair of strong arms that he knew very well snaked around him and loose strands of crimson hair entered his peripheral vision.

"Did you miss me?" the deep timbre of his lover's voice made Itachi feel weak.

"Every single day," he whispered and pulled Kurama down into a kiss. The fox demon didn't hold back either and they didn't part until they were reacquainted with each other.

When Kurama started to undo Itachi's tie, the CEO gasped and stopped him. "I have a meeting in an hour."

Kurama sighed through his nose. "Really? After all the trouble I took to infiltrate your office and return to my rightful position by your side, you tell me you have a meeting that's more important than making up for lost time?"

Itachi grinned. "If you truly returned to your post, I would indulge you. Yukimura couldn't help me much with my work and I'm currently swamped."

Needless to say, there was no need for further discussion. Kurama agreed. Now that Sasuke and Naruto were in hell, raising their children and ruling the fox clan, Kurama was free to spend as much time as he wanted with Itachi.

"Sure, I'll help you out after this," the crimson hunter agreed and ripped open Itachi's shirt. The CEO didn't care and spread his legs invitingly so that Kurama could wedge himself in between them while he attacked a nipple. For some reason, Kurama has become extremely fond of playing with Itachi's rosy buds that they've now become extremely sensitive.

With just a lick and a flick of his mate's tongue, Itachi was reduced to a moaning mess, trembling as he held onto the armrests of his chair. Kurama didn't stop there and palmed the clothed erection, teasing his lover a little more before undoing the belt.

With his long hair dishevelled and his eyes glazed, Itachi didn't care about his CEO image. All he wanted to do was sweep all the files onto the file so that Kurama could bend him over the desk and fuck him senseless. It had simply been way too long and that urgency was communicated perfectly through their bond.

Kurama growled. Itachi was becoming more and more of a vixen but he loved every filthy second of it. Hoisting the man up, the hunter noticed how Itachi had lost weight yet again. This wouldn't do, his mate was working too hard. After this, he would be sure to pamper him thoroughly.

Itachi needed no preparation and Kurama tore open a packet of condom that he kept in his pocket. The moment that pale buttock was exposed, Kurama felt himself go rock solid. Itachi was already dripping from his hole and the pink entrance twitched invitingly.

Itachi didn't know what was taking Kurama so long but when he felt a blunt head pressed against his opening, he shivered in delight. The deed was rough and quick just like their desperate need to confirm each other's presence. Kurama slammed home in one swift movement and stilled, groaning at the velvet heat tightening around his rod as Itachi adjusted.

Itachi cried out when he felt himself stretched wide open, even wider than the four fingers he normally used to stimulate himself. Kurama's shape was just so different and finally, he was sated. This was it, this was what he needed and wanted for so long.

Despite priding himself in his ability to control himself, the hunter found himself apologising in advance as he snapped his hips in a relentless rhythm. Itachi couldn't breathe with the overwhelming pleasure causing him to shoot his load under the table and onto the carpeted floor. He was crying out too loudly that Kurama had to kiss him to mute the obscene screams.

Despite being lost in pleasure, Kurama set up a sound-proof barrier and locked the office door with magic. Itachi's moans were music to his ears and it would be a shame if they had to keep it down. He wanted Itachi to feel him with his body, heart and soul. He wanted to recolour the man's insides with his seeds but knew that he wore a condom for a good reason. They couldn't afford to have any more kits running around with five monsters overturning the fox clan daily.

The climax was fast and dirty as Kurama groaned with one final thrust. Itachi felt boneless on the desk and allowed Kurama to finish him off for the third time by hand. His overstimulated penis throbbed with pain and pleasure so much that his mind went blank.

By the time Itachi came to, he was cleaned and dressed once more but lying on the couch in his office. The sun behind Kurama was also starting to set.

"What time is it?" he asked. The meeting he was meant to attend must have been cancelled.

Kurama smiled. "Six in the evening. Are you hungry? Yukimura bought some sandwiches for lunch but I didn't want to wake you up. You were exhausted."

"The meeting?"

His lover brought the food over and Itachi accepted it with thanks. "I attended it on your behalf. It looks like I've made quite a deep impression from the previous time. They still remember me as your advisor. Also, don't worry about it and recover properly. I'll take care of everything else."

Itachi smiled. "I love you."

Startled by the confession from nowhere, Kurama didn't know what to say until Itachi kissed him. Returning the kiss and feeling all that affection through their bond, Kurama nuzzled their noses.

"I love you too."