Married to a mechanic, she shocked the world

【Top Female Lead Crushing Trash-Talking Foes! Male Lead is Super Wealthy and Obsessively Dotes on His Wife】 Lin Wu was reborn. Her mother was duped into a sham marriage by a worthless man. And she herself was the pitiful illegitimate daughter kicked out of a wealthy family. She was mocked, "What can a wild child from the countryside amount to?" Facing adversity, Lin the Magnate just smiled faintly. What did being an illegitimate daughter of a wealthy family matter? She directly took her mother, kicked her worthless father to the curb, quickly gave her stepmother the boot, crushed the trash, and established her own skincare brand, living a prosperous life ever since. Facing her enemies, You advise me to be forgiving? Should I feel wronged to make you happy!? If there's no justification, I might give in a little, but why should I let anyone off when I am in the right?! —— Just as Lin Wu was living a thriving life, her maternal grandfather's family, who had been missing for many years, suddenly came knocking! And so, the woman who everyone thought was divorced and saddled with a child, unexpectedly became the sole heir to a wealthy family. What shocked Lin Wu even more was that her "good-for-nothing" car mechanic boyfriend transformed overnight into an unattainable top tycoon. Afterwards, Lin Wu became a lady of high society, who got everything handed to her on a platter and was pampered by the tycoon to the heavens and back. —— Later. Lin Wu had become a renowned female entrepreneur. Standing on a high platform, she delivered her speech: "Our ancestors mostly valued boys over girls, taking it for granted that 'once a daughter is married, she's like water that has been poured away'. They neglected the education and growth of girls, trapped them between household and trivial matters, asserting that husband was heaven and son was earth. Once betrayed by men, these women would lose their support and be condemned as ruined!" "But today!" "Look at this plaza filled with thousands of people, they are all the youngest female entrepreneurs!"

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067: Sky-high Emperor Green, mind your own business!_2

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Upon hearing this, Fang Hongyu's heart raced.

Was Fang Youling about to talk to her about the inheritance issue?


why would she be so solemn?

And even want to speak in the study?


It must be so.

Realizing that her years of waiting were finally bearing fruit, Fang Hongyu was thrilled and followed Fang Youling's steps.

When she arrived at the study, Fang Hongyu did not forget to close the door behind her.

"Auntie, do you have something to tell me?"

Fang Youling pointed to the chair in front of the desk, "Have a seat."

Fang Hongyu sat across from Fang Youling, noticing that now that the day had come, she was somewhat nervous.

After all,

she was about to be the Head of the Tang Family.

Thinking of herself as the powerful head of the Tang Family from this day forward, Fang Hongyu felt immensely satisfied.

Finally, the day had come!

It seemed,

some things could be moved up the agenda now.