Married Off To A Cold Eyed Knight

Rosemary was born into royalty, but unlike the princesses in fairy tales, she doesn't enjoy the perks that come with the title. In fact, she's looked down on by those around her for failing to live up to what her society expects of her as one born into the Kuroriku clan's main family, strength, durability, and vigor. Rosemary was born with a frail body and inadequate mana, not like the other members of her family who were all born with hardy bodies and vast potential. The only ones around who seem to treat her nicely are her brother and his girlfriend, Artemia. Despite their moral support, Rose still desires to escape her unloving father and those around her who made her life a living hell. One day, the chance finally presents itself in the form of a tall, dark, and handsome upstart knight with a cold stare. Will she accept even though it might mean entering a loveless marriage. But, what if love were to bloom in the most unlikely of places? Or is that only a thing that happens in fairy tales?

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Chapter 8: Dance and Departure


I tried to not look at Saffron's chin, let alone his cold, deep purple eyes. Hopefully, my dancing was good. His steps weren't too bad. Although, he did feel a tad stiff. Or maybe that was just his personality.

After an hour or so of dancing, my legs started to feel shaky and my head light.

"You alright?" Saffron asked, putting a hand on my back as I nearly fell back.

My cheeks reddened from having my head against his chest. It felt sturdy, like an oak tree.

"Sorry," I said, turning my head away. "Seems I am a tad tired."

He sighed. "Then we should probably get get going. You can rest in the carriage."

I nodded slightly. Ugh, why was I born with such a frail body? Mom could dance a lot longer than this. I missed seeing her and Dad dance. Father wasn't warm before her death, but he wasn't as frigid as he was now.

"Gonna leave already? The party is barely beginning," Gael asked as he walked over. He had been doing funny dances by himself.

I caught my breath and gave him a weak smile. "Seems like it."

"Rose isn't feeling too well," Saffron explained.

My cousin's expression softened. "Ah, I see. Well, take care of her, Captain."

"I will," Saffron replied as he hooked his arm on mine. He escorted me over to Orlin and Artemia. The couple were getting themselves some punch. Did my husband figure I wanted to say farewell to my brother before I left?

"Hey, Orli. I have to go," I said, giving my brother a faint smile.

Orlin frowned. "Not feeling well?"

I nodded. "A little light-headed is all," I said, rubbing my head.

"Maybe some tea would help," Artermia said.

"I appreciate your concern, Artemi, but we should get going. Our destination will take a while."

Orlin turned to look at Saffron. "If her condition worsens during the trip, be sure to stop. Long distance travel is hard on her."

My husband nodded. "I will."

I stared at the floor, flustered. He might've lacked warmth in his voice, but he was quite the gentleman.

My brother grinned. "Thanks! And Rose, be sure to tell him when you feel unwell. Hiding it will only worsen your condition. Got it?"

I grumbled a little but nodded. Orli could really be overprotective at times. Plus, not like he was one to talk. He over did things too, sometimes.

"I'm going to say farewell to Mother and the kids. You can continue talking with them if you wish," Saffron said.

I nodded and took a seat by the punch bowl. He walked off.

"How are you liking your new husband?" Artermia asked as she sat down beside me.

I glanced at Saffron as he talked with his mother and little siblings. There were still things about him that I didn't know. My mother-in-law didn't have the chance to tell me her answer to my question.

I smiled as I thought back to the things I had seen. "Thus far, he seems caring. Even if a bit reserved."

"Think you'll work out?" Orlin asked, glancing at me. "If not, I can always help you run away."

I put my hands on my shaking knees. Truth be told, I didn't know.

"I think so," I whispered.

"You sound uncertain," Orlin said, sighing. He put a hand on my shoulder. "If it doesn't work out, tell me. I will help you, really."

I closed my eyes. "Okay." But was there really any going back from here? Running away from my husband might have made the situation worse for me.

After Saffron returned, he held held his hand out to me and helped me up.

I fell forward, bumping my head against his chest.

"You might have to carry her," Orlin said, putting his hands on his hips.

I shook my head as my face warmed up. "No, no! I am fine! No need for that."

"Understood," Saffron said, hooking his arm around mine.

I smiled slightly.

Artemia snickered. "Guess that works."

He escorted me outside. A black and gold carriage was parked by the entrance to the castle. Had Father arranged for it? Or was it Orlin? No, like that man would do something like this for me. He didn't even buy me a dress. I had to purchase it myself. Although, I didn't mind that. It gave me a bit of autonomy, even if small.

"Are you fine with this?" Saffron asked. "If a horse driven vehicle is too much, I could get us a taxi."

"It's fine." I opened the door myself and strode in.

I sat down on one of the purple velvet seat and smiled as I glanced outside.

Saffron turned away. His gloved hand covered most of his mouth. "Uh, I will be in the front."

"You are taking the reins?" I asked, sitting up.

He nodded. "Yes."

Had Orlin forgotten to hire someone? Or maybe he ran out of money. Wait, that would've meant he paid for the wedding out of his own pocket. Why didn't he tell me? Seriously, that brother of mine... I smiled. I was lucky to have him. Without Ore, I might not have lasted in the castle as long as I did.

"Alright," I said, feeling a bit lonely in the spacious carriage.

Part of me wanted to ride in the front with him, but the rushing wind could have deteriorated my health further.

I sighed. Guilt bubbled within me for having cut the festivities short. But my body just couldn't handle it. If I could barely manage this, could I do the tasks of a wife? Saffron might've made a name for himself, but he probably couldn't afford servants. As a busy man, it was up to me to make sure he had a nice home to return to. It wasn't like I had the skills to get a job of my own. And given my low stamina, would I even have been able to keep at it for long if I got one?

I leaned my head against the carriage couch and closed my eyes. Just what kind of life awaited me wherever we were going?

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