Married Off To A Cold Eyed Knight Book

novel - Fantasy

Married Off To A Cold Eyed Knight


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Rosemary was born into royalty, but unlike the princesses in fairy tales, she doesn't enjoy the perks that come with the title. In fact, she's looked down on by those around her for failing to live up to what her society expects of her as one born into the Kuroriku clan's main family, strength, durability, and vigor. Rosemary was born with a frail body and inadequate mana, not like the other members of her family who were all born with hardy bodies and vast potential. The only ones around who seem to treat her nicely are her brother and his girlfriend, Artemia. Despite their moral support, Rose still desires to escape her unloving father and those around her who made her life a living hell. One day, the chance finally presents itself in the form of a tall, dark, and handsome upstart knight with a cold stare. Will she accept even though it might mean entering a loveless marriage. But, what if love were to bloom in the most unlikely of places? Or is that only a thing that happens in fairy tales?