Married and Rejected By My Cruel Alpha Book

novel - Fantasy

Married and Rejected By My Cruel Alpha

Kathy Malkovich

Ongoing · 79.8K Views


His breath is warm against my lips as he lowers his face toward mine. I melt under his touch and wrap my arms around his neck. We fit together like the last two pieces of a puzzle. He pulls away to catch his breath, his eyes shimmering in the moonlight. “Who are you?” he breathes again, resting his forehead against mine. When Alicia learns she is to be married to the rival pack Alpha, she’s heartbroken. She just met her mate two weeks ago—and now she has to be with someone else. But Alicia will make any sacrifice for her people. Then, when she goes to meet her husband-to-be, she is shocked to see her mate standing in front of her. Problem solved... right? “I didn’t know this was your daughter,” he says in a pained voice. My heart sinks. This isn’t the kind, warm, sweet man I met that night two weeks ago. His expression is cold and dark as he stares me down with hooded eyes. Married and Rejected By My Cruel Alpha is created by Kathy Malkovich, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Author.


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