Marriage Contract with a Werefox Prince Book

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Marriage Contract with a Werefox Prince


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"First of all, Mr Saverio I never signed a marriage deal with you. Second, you are my boss and third, you make me cringe!" His brows raised, "Cringe, how?" "Ever since the day I met you, I knew you are the one. How does that sound? Moreover, I do not believe getting married would decrease our possibility of dying." "So you agree with me that those lines are cringe, right? I wonder what those writers were thinking when they wrote them. But I had no choice." Eva couldn't believe her ears. So her boss had to surf through the net to propose to her? Wow, she must be Alice and he must be Johnny Bravo. He clicked his tongue calling her attention before walking towards her. Eva walked backwards and he proceeded until her back hit the wall. He leaned closer, "It's a myth, it's okay if you find it hard to believe, however, aren't you quite tired of the pain you derive when I'm far away?" She swallowed. It is true, whenever he is near her, the pain disappears, however her body begins to heat up whenever he isn't nearby. They were both cursed and the only way to get through is to remain close. This sounded like a typical drama. "Fine. I will sign the deal but on one condition." A smirk came across his lips as he replied, "How many times do I have to say you already signed it?" He paused, his dark blue eyes staring into her ocean blue ones, "Meaning, there are no conditions. The only condition you need to abide is mine." ××× Eva Lee, a young woman lived a free life, however after an incident that took her father's life, she turns into a woman seeking revenge. Her primary objectives remain to become extremely rich for her family and then find her father's murderer but what happens when she becomes a bar of magnet that attracts nothing but bad luck? When she thought her life would become nothing but bliss if she gets employed in one of the biggest companies in South Korea, she stumbles upon a handsome white-haired man who turns out to be her boss, the CEO of the new company she works at. Unknown to her, he is an accumulation of bad luck in the form of a human. As things unfold, she figures out that this almighty CEO is far from being a human and the most disturbing part of her discovery is the semblance between the CEO and the notorious killer who is known to chop off the hearts of bad men. However, as she begins to plot how to expose him to the cop, she finds herself stuck in a marriage contract with him. How did he do this? Actually, that isn't the most disturbing thing. He begins to reveal too much about himself, at the same time literally dragging her to a historical world entirely where demons, vampires, weres, witches and other creatures dwell. Not until she becomes trapped in the new world will she realise that he is nothing but a Werefox and what is she? The bride of a Werefox Prince!