Marked By The Alpha, Fated For The Vampire Book

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Marked By The Alpha, Fated For The Vampire


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** Author is taking a break for this novel because I’m experiencing a severe burn out. Pupa will focus only for one novel now, please check out ‘She Becomes A Hot Sensation After A Scandalous Affair.’ I’m sorry for this announcement, and thank you for reading. ** [Mature Content.] In desperate search for her missing sister, Celine finds herself trapped between a hot werewolf and a cold vampire. What's an ordinary woman supposed to do? - Celine Seymour, 25, uproots her entire life and heads to the small town of Helen’s Creek after her sister, Monica, vanishes there. But Celine never expected that her sister Monica would be involved in two mythical factions that aren’t even supposed to exist—werewolves and vampires. To Celine’s dismay, she gets accidentally marked by Jaime Calhoun, the hotblooded young Alpha of Blood Moon Pack who seems instinctively attracted to her, but repulsed by her human nature. To make things worse, Monica is now a hostage in the hands of icy Lord Zhenya, a Vampire Noble who is convinced that Celine is the bride he has been waiting for a millennium… - “I have been waiting for you for a thousand years, Celine. Be my bride, and I will show you what that wolf bastard did to us a thousand years ago.” —Zhenya. - “I don’t give a damn about your history with him. You are my true mate, and I will defy fate so I can make you mine, Celine.” —Calhoun. As both sides lay claim over her and tensions rise, will Celine pick the hot wolf or the cold vampire? - Official Commissioned Cover - Contact me: Instagram: @foreverpupa