Mark of the Multiversal Pretender

Leo was a Great Pretender or a con-artist for those who don't know what Pretender means. Anyways, he's been an official full time Pretender, tricking anyone especially tourists for their money. He pretended to be a beggar who lost his child due to a fire and in need of some money even though he's still 20 and hasn't even experienced having a girlfriend. He also Pretended to be a police officer who extorts naughty teenagers when he saw them vandalizing with spray paints, by letting them go only if they gave him their cash. He even pretended to be a rich but fearsome mafia who extorted money from an old couple. Though he soon gave their money back to them after realizing that the money he extorted was supposed to be used on their granddaughter who suffers from cancer. So he would like to call himself a Kind Con-Artist. Then why did he reincarnate in some kind of weird world dominated by animals who talk and act like humans? Did he also tell you that he gained a system that made him a true Great Pretender in the entire Multiverse? |-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_| [My fifth fanfic!] [Harem!!] [First pairing will be Elsa from Frozen] [Chosen Worlds: - Kung Fu Panda - Frozen - Hotel Transylvania - The Incredibles - Megamind - Rise of the Guardians - Wall-E - Moana - Wreck-it Ralph - Monster's Inc - Next Gen - Despicable Me / Minions (Bababa baba banana!) - Monster House - There will be more if it can fit on the fic The schedule will be Monday to Friday. [I don’t own anything except for my own character] - You can join my Patreon - Patreon.com/SlimeSage - You can also join my Discord to discuss about the fanfic and see the illustrations- https://discord.gg/ukcjkM8fNt

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Ch. 24 - The Great Pretender learns how to pray

'Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! That was close.' In the training hall a few days later after Leo advances to the next level, he can be seen flipping around and dodging flaming arrows while making sure he stays in the handle bars on the ceiling.

"Too slow! Move faster! Learn to use your senses! Be sharp! Let your senses guide your body!" On the ground, Master Shifu was relaying guidance while at the same time, throwing extra sharp stones towards Leo to serve as a distraction.

"Dodge the arrows and deflect the stones! Do neither of them and your training will increase tenfold!" Hearing Master Shifu's words, Leo groaned as Master Shifu threw another set of sharp stones towards him.

'For the love of Oogway, Master Shifu is insane!' Staring at those sharp piercing stones that are rushing towards him, Leo used both of his feet to smash each other, unfortunately a storm escaped from his sight and managed to stab itself to his leg.



'Fuck!' Leo silently cursed, not daring to curse out loud enough for Master Shifu to hear.

Last time he cursed, he got two sharp blades spinning towards him.

Ever since then, Leo's view of Master Shifu has changed. He is no longer the wise old Master in Kung Fu, but a vicious old red panda who is a devil in disguise.

"I don't like that look! You'll do another set!" Master Shifu cruelly said in a stern manner, almost causing Leo to lose his grip on the handle bar.

'Curse you!'


"Are you okay? Master Shifu was quite harsh with you back there." After finishing another two sets of Arrow Dodging, Leo was removing splinters out of his wounded leg, groaning and moaning out of pain from time to time.

Hearing Viper's concerned words, Leo chuckled and waved his hand.

"Oh, this is nothing. To be honest, I think I deserved this after calling this training level 'easy'." Leo rubbed the back of his head, admitting his mistake.

"Well, if there's something Master Shifu doesn't like in the word 'Easy' he believes that there is no destination in taking the easy way. Everything must be earned the hard way." Viper said, briefly introducing Master Shifu's character.

"Really? That's something I haven't heard in my entire life." Leo was surprised by Master Shifu's hidden attribute.

"Well, enough of that. Would you please prepare dinner now? Look at my stomach! It's gurgling!" Monkey approached Leo with a very pitiful face before pointing at his stomach that he purposely deflates just so that he can look like he's hungry.

"...." Leo monotonously stared at Monkey without saying a single word, making him whimper.

"Lucky for you, Leo. Master Shifu is still gentle on you. Ask Tigress." Mantis said before pointing at Tigress who quickly looked away with slight pain and sadness in her eyes.

"Tigress?" Viper shifted her attention towards Tigress and called out to her name with a confused tone.

"Master Shifu was kind to me back then, Mantis is just lying as usual." Tigress spoke in a cold tone while glaring at Mantis before walking out of the training hall.

"How about we mind our own businesses, right Mantis?" Crane said with a squint of his eyes on Mantis.

"What? I was telling what I heard from the rumors." Mantis shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, rumors are just rumors. Don't casually believe them." Crane replied, shaking his head in the process.

"What if we ignore this conversation as if it never happened?" This time, Leo decided to put a stop into it before it grew into a full-blown fight between two Kung Fu masters.

"....Sooo, let's go back?" A few seconds of silence, Monkey finally decided to break it.

Without saying anything, Leo ignored the pain in his leg and started walking back towards their quarters.

On his way, Leo also stared at the screen in front of him.


Name: Leonard Skinwalker

Current Templates:

- Template 1: Black Panther [36.869%]

- Template 2: [Locked]

- Reputation Points: 8,900

- Gacha

- Quest

- Multiverse

- Skills

- Inventory]

Although he just got a 15% increase in his template, he also generated another percent by adapting most of Black Panther's personality such as chanting 'Wakanda Forever' in every time he can.

Although Leo rarely got any chance to do his night activities of being a vigilante in the night, at least his training on the Jade Palace is turning better than he expected.

He felt like he's stronger than the original Black Panther if he's on 36%.

Just slightly.

[Gacha Tickets: 16]

Seeing how many Gacha tickets he has, Leo licked his lips and decided to roll 10 gachas after he finished his dinner later.


"Today's dinner is Lasagna!" Placing 4 plates with Lasagna on the table, the Furious Five didn't hesitate to munch on the Lasagna, ignoring any manners and such.

Even Tigress isn't exempted for this.

As a Tiger, she has the strongest appetite out of the Furious Five, hence she always has the biggest part in all of Leo's foods.

Of course this was unfair to most especially to Mantis and Monkey but a single glare from Tigress is enough to shut them up and keep their complaints to themselves.

If there is something they wouldn't dare to do, that is angering Tigress.

Last time, Monkey pranked her and stole her fur brush.

The next day, Monkey got his entire body shaved until he became a furless monkey.

Since then, no one wants to be on the bad side of Tigress.

'Thankfully, I prepared another plate for myself.' Leo smirked and went back to his kitchen where another plate of lasagna awaits his mouth.


Back in his room, Leo was rubbing his hands against each other.

"Please give me something useful." Leo closed his eyes and prayed to every god he knows of, even the unknown god that reincarnated him in this place before rolling 10 times of the Gacha.


Congratulations! You have received the following!

• Common - Harry Potter full series set book

• Uncommon - A photo of Tsunade in the sauna.

• Common - Masquerade Mask

• Common - Naruto's goggles

• Common - Cat food 500 grams

• Uncommon - Valorant Jett's knife

• Uncommon - Air Jordan 13 'Bred' shoes

• Rare - M4 Carbine Assault Rifle

• Uncommon - Fleshlight Limited Edition

• Rare - Stone skin Passive Skill]

'Two rares!' Leo's face beamed up in happiness upon seeing two purple lights on the screen. And one of them seems to be a passive skill, a defensive one at that.

Ignoring the uncommon and common draws and not even bothering to read them, Leo mentally asked for the M4 Carbine Assault Rifle description.

Soon, a new screen popped up but this time, it has a photo of the assault rifle along with a description on its side.

[M4 Carbine Assault Rifle

- The M4/M4A1 5.56mm Carbine is a lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, selective rate, shoulder fired weapon with a collapsible stock. Only has two magazines full of ammo. Use it wisely!]

"Holy shit! It's really a modern gun!" Leo cursed out loud, thankfully at this time of the night, everyone except for him is already asleep.

The reason why he's excited is simple.

In the second movie of Kung Fu Panda, a single cannon whose bullet is much slower than the carbine assault rifle has defeated almost every master that is introduced in the movie.

Sure the cannon is stronger, but the M4 Carbine Rifle is not only faster but easy to carry and lightweight.

If you've seen the movie, you'll notice that one of the reasons why Shen was defeated is because it takes so much time to move the cannon and to light it up.

In the world of Kung Fu, every second matters especially in the life or death situation. If Shen's cannon could move and fire just as fast as the Assault Rifle, no doubt Po would die and Master Oogway would have to go back from the spirit world to save the panda's ass.

Hence, why Leo was excited. With this rifle, he might as well call him the safest person in the entire world right now, especially since hot weapons haven't been introduced in this world yet, so Leo could also take the element of surprise in his advantage when facing an unbeatable enemy.

'How about the Stone Skin Passive Skill?'

[Passive Skill - Stone Skin

- As the name says, this passive skill makes your skin as hard as a durable stone. Can be stacked with your own defense or other defensive skills.]

'It sounds simple but a life saver. Now common thugs like those hyenas won't be able to hurt me anymore even if I let my body get hit by their blades. At most, I'll only get a slight bruise.' With those words being said, Leo finally decided to take a look at the common and uncommon draws.

'Harry Potter full series set book, might be good for passing time.'

'A photo of Tsunade in the sauna? If I can find that Sage dude, I'll probably sell this to him for millions of ryos.'

'Masquerade Mask, might come in handy someday.'

'Naruto's Goggles, lame.'

'Cat Food 500 grams? Maybe I should gift this to Tigress, when is her birthday anyway?'

'Valorant Jett's knife? I think I've heard of this somewhere. Hopefully, the knife is sharp.'

'Air Jordan 13 'Bred' shoes? How am I even supposed to use this in the world concentrated in china. Maybe If I get a Multiversal travel ticket to the modern world, I can sell this for money.'

'Fleshli-...Maybe Monkey will like this trash. It seriously even has a function of With Bush/No Bush.'





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