320 Slowly but surely



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319 And you are the reason why God created middle finger.

320- Slowly but surely

321- He was dying

322- Ma Roma

323- Murderer

324- They just love kissing me, just like you

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"Idiot. Just what are you thinking? Did I say I'm staying?"

"But you--"

"I barely asked you to stop the wheelchair, and your non-existent brain made up non-existent things." Zeng opened his mouth but Suyin cut him to that. "Shut up now, and take me to Honey."

"So you are not--"

"Zip it up, ge!" Suyin watched him staring at her in doubt. They both knew if she had decided on something, none can stop her. But this time he wanted to be with her, and not let the past repeat.


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