Mark of the Destined Princess Book

novel - Fantasy

Mark of the Destined Princess


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(Thousands of years ago) Silvra, the goddess of the elemental magics summoned the seven Altors. Seven magical stones along with seven creatures appeared in the Orphiel Shrine, each standing in each circle. Bright, radiant, glowing seven different colors of light appeared, blasting towards the sky. Under the millions of stars cast in the vastness of the night, the goddess created the destined princess to prevent the abuse of power and balance to her world. Only one child will be born under the rarest moon to appear every 50 years— will be the chosen, boring marks of the fate they hold. Fearing the god beasts will invade her children, she commands the Altors to stay in the land. The seven creatures then transformed in their physical manifestations and scattered in the world. The magical stones disperse in the seven stone walls in the shrine. … Seira Lacresia is a normal woman at least for her, trying to live as peacefully as possible and protect the only family she had left in the small town outside the capital of the Adeosian Kingdom. But an accusation will bring her life upside down, forcing her to confront the place where her nightmares and pain lies. Kyrian Azrael is the crowned prince of the Adeosian Kingdom. A dangerous, painstakingly vigilant, cold, calculating, unforgiving, and ruthless man and known as the Prince of Death. Opposite to the tradition of his kingdom, he didn't want to meet the destined princess. For him, the power that the destined princesses hold is the one who induced greed in people and swore to kill the chosen woman for the throne. What will happen if the past that she tried so hard to forget invade her present? How can she protect herself from breaking even more when her fate is already tangled to a person that has a great connection to her past and future? In the battle of principles, will love be enough to change the written predestination of the sky or chaos will fall upon them?