1 The Revelation of the Prophecy

(17 Years ago)

The mansion with muted and earthy colors stands out proudly in a large vast field. Multi hue schemes that celebrated the structure, such as turned porch spindles and fish-scale shingles under the eaves form a harmonious combination. The bright moonlight cast in the endless sky traveled through the night, illuminating the beautifully constructed mansion. An unwelcoming creaking sound of the open door to the wide hall resonates to the deafening silence. Upon the walls were the photographs of a family, so obviously full of love. The floor was an exquisite parquet floor and the walls were flaxen gold meeting a bold black baseboard. Under the moon-shine, a hushed conversation can be heard.

Inside the mansion, a woman wearing a red gown as dark as the color of her lips that was pressed in a thinned line glanced down at the woman, kneeling before her. "Indulge me with your vision Seer"

A 125 years old woman with a face and body of a young noble lady smirked, her violet satin fabric that was neatly ironed was messily creased. Ancient writings and symbols were tattooed on the arms of the woman.

"What would I gain for revealing my foresight to you Milady?" The Seer replied cunningly.

A sickening laugh erupts from the woman.

"I will grant you the blood of a young maiden with a royal blood, the one thing you really wanted"

Hunger filled the Seer's eyes. Her heart began to race for the anticipation of drinking royal blood to make her, even more, younger for many years.

The Seer's eyes suddenly glow into a dark violet, masking the once black iris the Seer has.

"The chosen kismet bore the mark of life and destruction. Everyone will bow down on her feet, kissed the ground she will walk into, her name will be heard across the sky and land"

The woman frowned "Who is she?"

"The Holder of Triquetra Celts" the Seer blinked several times as she resumed to her normal self.

Shocked laced the woman's face. Her light brown eyes widened upon hearing the Seer. It should be her older daughter and not that child.

"ARGHHH!" the woman threw the glass of wine she is holding to the solid wall of the hall. The clear ringing sound of the smashed glass rent the room for a few seconds.

"Why does it have to be her?!" shouted the woman.

The Seer watched silently, her eyes followed how the woman slightly yank her hair, stumble, and then smiled wickedly. She understood the dilemma of the woman. The child that was born with the triquetra celts was her youngest daughter. She knew that the child was different the moment she laid her eyes on the little girl. But the day when she received a sudden vision, everything became clear. The child was the chosen.

"What if I dispose of her? Will the prophecy change?" the woman suddenly asked, reflecting on the chances of altering the augury.

"You will dispose of your own daughter?"

The woman took a deep breath, stood haughtily again, and stared at the Seer. Her eyes were full of glint and cruelty in them. She shudders upon witnessing the viciousness of the woman.

"Yes, she will understand me because I'm her mother and this is for the goodness of the people. You need to help me…… on killing her" the woman said nonchalantly as if she was not talking about her child "And you have no right to refuse"

The Seer rolled her eyes "I have no problem on killing her with my own two hands because she was not even my child"

Clattering sounds of the heels of two women leaving echoed through the empty and darkroom. They walked to the path that leads to the small basement of the mansion. Gleam lights of candles on the wall offer a sufficient amount of light for the women. The once warm hallway became rather chilly once the two got nearer on the lower ground floor. But it didn't make the perpetrators falter. They casually stroll, following the series of stairs.

The prolonged growth of mold in the space gives a musty odor, rotten egg smell in the basement along the foul stench of urine and excrement. A little girl wearing a royal blue dress was chained inside the cellar. Her hair as white as the snow scattered all over her face. Stained blood almost covered her barefoot that barely touched the cold concrete floor.

The woman covered her nose with the soft thick kerchief that she was carrying the whole time. She gave the Seer a knowing look before scoffing at how slow the Seer opened the rusty cell.

"You should've asked someone to assist us so that I am not holding this filthy metal with my bare hands right now" the Seer demanded.

"Stop complaining can you? Just open the damned cell"

The tinkling sound of the key to the metal cell wakes up the child. Her bright amber eyes welled up in tears at the sight of her mother.

"Mother! I'm sorry please, I will not do it again. I will not go outside without your permission just please let me out" she cried out.

"Shhh everything will be okay. I will let you out but I want you to do something for me" The woman leveled to the child. She stroked the beautiful hair of the child that she despised so much.

The little girl sniffed "Okay"

A wicked smile appeared on both women's lips. The Seer pulled the dagger secretly that was hidden in the sleeve of her dress. It is a customized short stabbing knife made by the dark mage she knew for her. She put a spell on the dagger that will inflict excruciating pain to anyone who will be stabbed while cursed on someone who will be lucky to escape her dagger. It is a win-win strategy for her.

"I want to close your eyes and open it until I say so, do you understand?"

The innocent child nodded but before she closed her eyes, she caught sight of the dagger the woman behind the cellar door was holding in her back.

"I love you" is the last word the child heard before someone stabbed her in the chest.


The Adeosian Castle; permanently garrisoned stronghold gleaming in the moonlight with high walls and towers that seemed to be kissing the sky, built of stones of varying sizes and shapes, each being the only one of its kind that nobody would think anything of were they loose by the roadside. Every single jewel in the castle shimmered and shined under the radiant moonlight; the kingdom’s flag with gold embroidered symbol of a golden lion on the left and an eagle on the right with a shield in the middle that is defending the central point; flower wreath in the bottom, and a royal crown in the top, swaying as the wind blows.

Inside the castle, in the King’s Tower is a man with sinful beauty; with Jet black hair— the deepest, darkest shade of black resembling the vastness of the dark night was standing in the room. His X-crossed shaped earrings sways as the wind blows swiftly from the opened window inside the room. The rays of the moonlight glistened his inscrutable perfectly structured face as if it giving the man a followspot in the room holding the powerful and supreme position in the kingdom. His mesmeric electric blue eyes were fixated on the red and gold oversized, bejeweled chair inside the palatial room.

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