72 The Cold-Faced Dragon Tragically......

The outskirts of the city, in the middle of the forest.

Many hundred energetic faces are in a constant fight. It is one of the training, and those who can stay till the end are the real winners.

Although there is one strong person whose strength is clearly superior, these recruits, such as the fourth-ranked Ronos, he clearly does not have Longinus or Gion kind of superior strength. Instead, he was knocked out first because he was too obvious.

When he saw the fight in the field become more intense, Dragon also nodded with content, which is why he thought of sending Longinus and the others away early. With that kind of superior monster in, there is no point in any fight at all.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just then, there was a constant sound of rumbling in the distance.

Dragon's powerful Kenbunshoku Haki spreads like radar in all directions with a frown on his face.

A normal Kenbunshoku Haki can't perceive a large area, but Dragon, who has the name of a monster, can easily perceive half of the island.

Soon, Dragon has "seen" the answer.

'It is... Zephyr-sensei's aura?' A few hints of interest surfaced in Dragon's cold eyes, 'Is it that he is personally teaching them Rokushiki? It seems that Zephyr-sensei really thinks highly of them, or rather of him...!'

By this time, the fight in the forest was nearing its end.

"Hahahahahaha! Sure enough, the one who can laugh till the end is the one who laughs the most!"

The final winner, somewhat to Dragon's surprise, was Gregory, one of those who had always stayed at the top.

'However, it is not all luck. His own strength is ranked in the top twenty, plus there is some truth to the fact that he can keep to the end by hiding all the way to the end, as well as the connections and power he made before.'

'Only, this goes against the original purpose of the battle. It seems that the rules will have to be properly modified next time.' Dragon has not yet canceled Gregory's results. To be able to take advantage of the loopholes in the rules would have meant that there was something wrong with the rules they had made. Naturally, it would not be possible to let someone else take the blame for this mistake.

"Take the line!"

'Is this what Instructor Dragon's got on his mind? He even ended it early?' Although their minds were in doubt, the recruits returned to formation as quickly as possible.

"You guys have been a bit of a marine these past few days." Dragon nodded slightly, "Next, you can rest a little for a little while and go with me to observe how others fight."

While not free to roam, but for these recruits, not having to work hard to continue training is already a great blessing. How dare to expect more.

It was Gregory, who was not afraid at all, who asked, "Instructor Dragon, there wouldn't be a vice admiral or even an admiral from the headquarters fighting, would there?"

"It was Admiral Zephyr who was teaching Longinus as well as those two." Dragon replied in plain words.

"Wow! I can't believe that they have the personal teaching of Admiral Zephyr! The two of them, Gion and Tokikake, are so lucky!" Gregory said with envy.

"Yes! Wasn't it three that were able to be... wait? How did you leave out Longinus?" Others around were nodding in deep agreement when they suddenly realized something wasn't quite right and asked with a confused look.

"Idiot, it's perfectly normal for the boss to be taken seriously. How can you describe it as lucky?" Gregory said as he looked at him with a concern for the retard.


However, soon, the envy in their hearts was changed to glad and fear.

On the stage, a long distance away, it is difficult to hear the few people's talks, but many recruits can see the tragic state of those three people in the field.

Gion and Tokikake were fine, they just had one arm stretched down in a twisted way, but Longinus was bloodied and bruised. Those with sharp eyes even noticed that even his internal organs were scrapped out in his previous cough.

The harder it hurts, the harder it hits.

It was a desperate and ruthless battle for those who did not know that the two sides were immortal enemies.

"That's... scary, is this Zephyr-sensei's teaching? I heard that we will also do Rokushiki in the second year, should not..."

"I should, no... not so much! With so many of us, Zephyr-sensei certainly doesn't have time to point out alone."

"That's hard to say. For Zephyr-sensei, it makes no difference at all whether there is one or a hundred of us at this level."

If the crowd was envious of how they treated Longinus and the others, now they are most grateful that they are just a bunch of salted fish who don't have to struggle.

"Tsk, how ruthless Zephyr is, even to his own students."

The sudden voice made these recruits stare in disbelief that someone would dare comment on an admiral like that!

"Garp... Vice Admiral Garp, it's Vice Admiral Garp!"

"It's a Marine Hero, Vice Admiral Garp!"

After noticing the speaker's identity, the surrounding recruits are unable to help but scream up. With his own hands to destroy the "Rocks" era, and several times forced the Pirate King Roger to the corner, as the Marine Hero, the status in their minds of this generation of the Marine, even higher than the Fleet Admiral.

When Dragon ignored him, Garp was bored and then said, "But that little guy is indeed smart. Rokushiki are meant to be the ultimate physical skills summed up in one battle after another while Zephyr is a top expert in Rokushiki. The gains from a battle with him are much stronger than if he had learned it himself. Like the other two youngsters, they are still in awe of Zephyr's status as an admiral. If they are afraid, it is they who will suffer in the end."

"Not everyone can be as fearless as Longinus." Dragon briefly comments.

"Yes! This kid does have some of the aurae of me back then." Garp nodded rather smugly and then sighed, "It's a pity that he only learned my mentality of not being afraid of authority, but not my ability to ignore the rules and be free. It's a bit boring."

Dragon twitched the corners of his mouth and said, "What you call boring, he has this kind of self-discipline to be marine... Wait, when did he learn from you?"

Garp was so angry that he stared at him and said, "Is this the manner in which you should talk to your father? Humph! Just look at your students there today. Otherwise I'll make you remember what is called the iron fist of love!"

Hearing the dark giggles of the recruits around him, even his own adjutant made the "pfft" sound as he forced himself to hold his breath. Dragon's cold mouth nearly broke straight away.

After scolding Dragon, Garp explained, "I have always been known as a Marine Hero, and this little guy also has a reputation as a hero in the G2 branch. That means he must be quite admiring of me, so much so that he imitates my ways in every way he acts."

"Well, such a good talent who admires me can't be ruined in the hands of that rigid bastard Zephyr."

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