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The crowd did not expect the cold Vice Admiral Dragon to have been a boot camp member.

Moreover, the three major monsters of that term ten years ago have now grown to be big shots at the rank of vice admiral. Does one wonder what their three major monsters of this term will be like in ten years?

"Admiral Sengoku specially granted you a year's break. It's really a surprise to me that you came back so early." Dragon did not care about Kuzan's reveal, just said in a deep voice.

"What is past will always be past. Since I made the choice myself, there is nothing to regret." Kuzan said as if nothing had happened.

"... hope so!"

The two were talking in riddles, so the crowd was a little confused. Longinus was vaguely aware, 'Because in the O'Hara incident six months ago, Kuzan killed his best friend, the giant Vice Admiral Saul, with his own hands. Sengoku was worried about the shock he suffered, so he was granted a year's break?"

"Let's not talk about those boring things." Kuzan shook his head, looked across at Longinus, and asked, "Are you Longinus, the hero praised by Vice-Admiral Garp?"

"I just did what a marine should do. Vice Admiral Garp is the one who deserves to be a marine hero."

"Arara ~ the recruits nowadays are really stronger than the last one. I think it won't be long before you'll be on the same position as me."

"Hiss..." These recruits did not expect that the youngest vice admiral in the headquarters, Kuzan, would be so positive about Longinus. Didn't you just meet for the first time?

For his part, Longinus waited for the rest of the story. He did not believe that Kuzan had happened to come along today.

"Just like the Black Cloth Pirates I was going to capture before, I didn't expect to be defeated by you before I could do it."

Longinus has a slight stare in his eyes, and here comes the drama piece.

"Then they were lucky to be sent to prison early. It would have been a real nightmare for them to be met by Vice Admiral Kuzan instead." Longinus said as if nothing had happened.

"Am I that scary?" Kuzan laughed, then said in a stern tone, "Rather, they do have a terrifying figure on board."

Longinus sighed softly in his heart, 'Is it really for Robin?'

"Felix's fruit ability is indeed difficult, but should not be enough to be put in the eyes of Vice Admiral Kuzan, right?" Longinus "doubtful" asked at the right time.

"I'm not talking about him, but one of the slaves he captured. There was a little girl who could use fruit powers."

"When Vice Admiral Kuzan said that, I do have some sort of memory. At that time, I did save a little girl who had eaten the fruit, but she did not leave with me like the others. Instead, she fled in a panic."

"At that time I thought there might be something odd about her, but I was in a hurry to send those rescued slaves back. I had no time to spare, and when I went back to look for her again, she had gone missing."

"Is that so? Then she's really lucky!" Kuzan sighed with a puzzled look.

"Vice Admiral Kuzan, is there something wrong with that little girl?"

"It's true that there are some problems, but it's not a big deal. Let's eat it and save Dragon-senpai from blaming me for holding up your time later."

"Good for you to know!" Dragon said coldly from the sidelines.

"Ararara, Dragon-senpai is really cold!"

"Is it shifting the guilt for his best friend to Robin? What a complicated man!" Longinus, on the other hand, thought darkly.


Sitting on the couch, Zephyr flipped through a stack of records and nodded in content.

"Very good, in just three days you perfectly completed all the extreme training of the first year! Whether it's physical strength, will, or combat experience and combat skills, you are far beyond the same recruits!"

As if he found that his bias is too obvious, seems to be a bit thick, Zephyr hurriedly added, "Ahem, you two are also very good. To make up for the shortcomings within a week and catch up with Longinus' progress is rare in every sense of the word!"

Gion and Tokikake had some grief in their hearts. The two of them obviously belonged to the accessory items, right?

They used to be "other people's children"1), but now they have been reduced to the point of being brought up as a side character?

But when they thought about Longinus' display, they had nothing to say. He called both of them to be too far behind in all training.

"Dragon is right, it is indeed time to bring you forward to the next phase of training."

"Marine Rokushiki?" Tokikake asked with an excited smile.

"That's right, it's Marine Rokushiki." Zephyr nodded slightly and said, "Marine Rokushiki are physical techniques that transcend the limits of human physical ability and can achieve the leap from human to superhuman. Hence, it is extremely difficult to practice. Few people in the headquarters can fully comprehend them. Most people choose two to three of them as their speciality."

"For those who have Zoan abilities for example, it is more suitable to practice Tekkai and Shigan. However, Tokikake, your ability is somewhat special. I recommend you to practice Seimei Kikan as an extra on top of these two."

"As for Gion, your attacks are powerful enough. What you need now are Geppo and Soru that make your attacks more flexible, and Kami-e that allows you to dodge more danger."

After that, Zephyr looked at Longinus and said with a smile, "Unlike the two of them, my expectation of you is... to integrate Rokushiki."

"Integrating Roku... shiki?" Longinus whispered as if he was trying to chew on the meaning.

"Perhaps you have been told that Rokushiki is the key to unleash Haki. It is also true that many officers have shifted the focus of their training to Haki after grasping it. But what I want to tell you is that Rokushiki is a physical technique that has been constantly improved by successive generations of marines. Its potential is much more than simply being the key to Haki."

"Rokushiki are only the basics, where every single one of them can be expanded into more paths."

"For example, the average person's body can not move when using Tekkai and can only be used as a defense. But strong people who specialize in Tekkai are not limited to this. They can even manage to maintain the state of Tekkai while moving at high speed. The powerful force combined with the extreme speed is enough to cause great damage for this ability that is meant for defense!"

"Other than the fact that Rokushiki themselves can deepen and evolve, it can also complement each other."

"For example, Soru plus Tekkai, Tekkai plus Shigan, or Kami-e with Rankyaku. The skill used in unison between these skills is enough to bring your strength up more than one notch."

"Even I wouldn't dare to say that I have completely mastered all Rokushiki."

Longinus took a deep breath. Even he didn't expect that a strong man like Zephyr would think highly of Marine Rokushiki. It seems that he had still underestimated the potential of Rokushiki before.

But yes, his forecast of Rokushiki is based on the memories of foreign souls.

While the three future admirals of the Marine are top natural ability users, their physical skills are certainly not weak. However, they are still ability-driven in battle. When coupled with the physical skills of Zephyr, Garp, and others who rarely have a proven track record, it also makes his concept of Rokushiki still in the interim stage.

"Thanks to Zephyr-sensei, I will surely work hard to fully master Rokushiki!" Longinus solemnly promised.

"I still have faith in this point. You who have already grasped Seimei Kikan on your own, it is only a matter of time before you learn Rokushiki." Zephyr was pleased to nod in approval.

"Damn! It seems to be a bit biased again!" After saying that, Zephyr suddenly realized. He hurriedly acted as if nothing had happened and mentioned, "What I mentioned before is only the minimum I require of you two. If possible, I still hope that you two can also try to master Rokushiki completely."

Gion and Tokikake: "(ノ˃̩̩˂̩̩)ノ"


1) Other people's children is an internet term for the kind of person that you can't surpass in any way. They can do anything and are always being compared to you. It is a synonym for excellence, the world's most perfect people in the world. When you compare yourself with them, you can't compare your strengths with the weaknesses of others, so you can't help but feel ashamed of yourself and can't hold your head up. But there's nothing you can do about it but sourly say that it isn't me.

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