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Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

"Garp, can you bastard give me a break!" Sengoku, who was talking to Vice Admiral Tsuru, was unable to hold back his thoughts after being distracted countless times by the sound of Garp crunching senbei and finally broke out.

"Hahahaha! Relax, there's no need to be so tense."

"Relax? How do you ask me to relax! Since that bastard Roger put things before death, the situation on the sea has become worse than ever. The frequent outbreak of pirates around the world, the constant war, the surge of pirates in the past two years, compared to Roger's death before, it is rising by 30%, and the ratio is still increasing." Sengoku slapped the table and stood up, spouted saliva at Garp.

"I will not repeat these. Those guys in the New World are the real big trouble. Shirohige began to contact Fishman Island often. Kaido supports the puppet in the Wano, even though the BIG-MOM will once again set her sights on Elbaf. This chaotic situation, how do you ask me to relax!"

"Watch yourself, watch yourself!" Garp wiped away the spit on his face and said, disgruntled. It was obvious that he didn't listen to a word of Sengoku's outburst.

"You bastard couldn't be more of a marine hero? In this regard, you should really learn more from Dragon. He is much calmer and more composed than you!"

"How can I learn from my son?" Garp was digging out his nostrils unhappily and throwing green bean-sized biochemical bombs at Sengoku, "Besides, he was able to get to where he is today, all because I taught him well. It means that my teaching ethos is a big success!"

"When he has a son, watch me raise him to be the strongest Marine King!"

Sengoku, who had narrowly avoided the bio-bomb, finally could not hold back his anger and went forward to fight with him, "Idiot, what do you mean by Marine King? I think you were infected with the bad habits of pirates because of that bastard Roger!"

On the side, Vice Admiral Tsuru sat down and waited for the end of this "strong man who locks men1)" fight.


"Vice-Admiral Garp refused to be promoted to the rank of admiral, and Admiral Zephyr retired behind the scenes. Fleet Admiral Kong was seriously injured in the battle with the Red Count, so the current Marine Headquarters is actually held up by Admiral Sengoku alone." Commodore Morgan warns, "Therefore, you must not be rude when you see Admiral Sengoku, okay?"

"I understand."

"That's good, Sengoku-dono...," said Morgan, who had gotten a little carried away talking with Longinus along the way and casually pushed open the door. When he saw such a hot scene as "male on male", he instantly sobered up and hurriedly backed out to remedy the situation and said, "No... sorry, I forgot to knock, I just got lost and saw nothing when I was lost because of the wind."

"There are rumors that Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Garp have a bond that goes beyond being brothers in arms; I never thought it would be true!" Commodore Morgan thought gossip in his mind, and then some fear, "I know too much. They will not silence me, right?"

Sengoku and Garp looked at each other in confusion, then realized that their current posture is indeed a bit intriguing. They hurriedly stood up separately and pretended as if nothing had happened. Garp said in a loud voice, "Cough cough, it seems that you, Sengoku, have not put down the exercise after you became an admiral!"

"Cough cough, to avoid a repeat of the kind of vicious incident that happened with Kinjishi (Golden Lion) two years ago, of course, I have to be in top form at all times." Sengoku tacitly picked up.

"It turns out that Admiral Sengoku and Vice Admiral Garp are actually in a test? When it comes to the office, they do not forget to exercise themselves. They are worthy of being the model of our marine forces!" said Commodore Morgan with a strong desire to survive by raising the volume.

Longinus looked at him with respect. This kind of acting skill is really a waste if he didn't go to the World Government for further training!

When he saw that Morgan was so up to this, Sengoku nodded in content, "Is that Commodore Morgan? The door is not locked. Just come in yourself."

When Commodore Morgan came in, Sengoku spoke seriously, "Morgan, what exactly was the distress signal you sent earlier?"

Commodore Morgan took a deep breath and said with a sad face: "It was the Scorpion Pirates and the Blade Pirates who got the news from somewhere. They intercepted my escort warship at the middle of the journey. In the end, one-third of the marines on the warship was lost. The three of the nine men who had joined the boot camp were killed in battle."

"Damn, when did the pirates also dare to attack and kill the Marine openly? These pirates are really reckless and lawless. Tsuru-chan, you lead a fleet to eliminate those two pirates !" Sengoku was already annoyed by the problem of pirates. He even thinking about a major purge when he heard such a vicious incident.

"Wait, Admiral Sengoku! Those two pirates have been wiped out!" Morgan hurriedly called out.

"Oh? I recall that the two pirates are quite good in Paradise. Also, since they dare to take the initiative to attack, they should have some kind of support. In this case, you can defeat those pirates is indeed very hard!" Sengoku nodded with great appreciation.

"It's not..." Morgan interrupts somewhat awkwardly, "This time, it's thanks to Lieutenant Commander Longinus of the G2 branch who showed up in time. Otherwise, we'd probably have ended up losing the whole army."

"Longinus..." said Sengoku with a slight nod, "I've heard that name mentioned too many times by people from the G2 branch. If it's him, he's indeed capable of doing it. Only why would he appear in... right, he also seems to be a part of this session's boot camp cadets."

Morgan has listened to the secret, stunned. It turns out that Lieutenant Commander Longinus has long been in the sights of the upper levels of the Marine?

"Did Longinus come with you?"

"Lieutenant Commander Longinus is waiting just outside the door."

"Call him in with you."

Longinus came in only to find that the trio of famous figures in the Marine were all gathered here; at that moment, he also restrained his unwanted thoughts and saluted properly, "Admiral Sengoku, Longinus has come to report."

The youthful face, upright and strong posture, strong and resolute eyes. As if the mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law, Sengoku nodded in content; he even dispelled a few days of gloom in his mind.

"Although the pirates are becoming rampant, but we in the Marine is also sprung up new stars, they... are the future of the Marine!"

Sengoku, who was about to make a few "grandiloquent" remarks, had his throat dampened when a wild burst of laughter cut him off.

"Hahahaha! Are you Longinus? Not bad, not bad. It really has some of my aura of mine back then. I can say that you are almost second to me, especially in terms of looks. It is no wonder that many people call you the marine hero of the new era."

Garp "shamelessly" boasts, unaware of the murderous gaze next to him, "Do your best, and strive to take over the title of the marine hero from the hands of mine as soon as possible. O course, if you can steal this fart Sengoku to become a fleet admiral before, even better!

"Bastard shut the hell up!" Sengoku warned in a low voice only to feel that he had lost his face among the marines. Garp had the nerve to say that people were second only to him, even with that cobbler face.

No, this is not the point. The point is... Longinus, the rising star of the Marine for that hero's vision, will only be directly disappointed!

Sengoku thought sadly in his heart.


1) I don't want to explain it. I will provide you with a picture for the explanation.

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