1 World Conscription

The sky was blue and cloudless, and the gentle sunlight that fell on the shimmering sea was like a soft silver veil covering the water.

The morning sun is a bit cold, and the ocean breeze is even more frigid, but the crowds on the shore are not cold at all, only their eyes are passionate about the sea.

Some of the crowd's formations are quite odd, from children of four or five years old with mucous running down their noses to teenagers of sixteen or seventeen years old with wielded iron swords. It is supposed to be a chaotic and violent situation, but there is silence. Only the trembling bodies and disordered breaths can prove that their hearts are not as calm as they appear.

The sea is stained red with blood, and the waves are raging, the tide is rising, as if there are monsters from hell crawling out from the bottom of the sea, but this group of "Boy Scouts" is not fear rather happy, filled with the boiling cheers on the coast.

The next moment, a naked and elegant young man walked out from the bottom of the sea, even carrying dozens of meters long gigantic Sea King class in his hand. Every step he made would cause the ground to shake and seawater to splash.

"WOW! Defeating a sea king class in the sea with bare hands, Longinus nii-san is just too strong!"

"Idiot, it's not the first time, what's so strange about this, but the main focus of your attention should be that Longinus nii-san has once again broken his record, taking just three minutes to capture a Kraken!"

"When am I going to be as powerful as Longinus nii-san?"

"When you can dive into the deep sea non-stop and exercise your physique every day like Longinus nii-san, then you can say such dreamy things!"

Not just the kids who were seven or eight years old, but even the 16 or 17-year-olds were impressed by the 12-year-old Longinus, each of them calling him by the term "nii-san" without any embarrassment.

The young man named Longinus had a gentle smile on his lips, and a glance at him gave them a feeling of trustworthiness.

"Baki, carry these sea-king flesh over there and distribute them!" Longinus leaped up high, fell like a meteor in mid-air, and punched the sea king's body, instantly slicing it into two perfectly equal portions.

The teenager who was mentioned stood out and came forward with dignity displayed as if it were a great honor to be assigned the task by Longinus, and the surrounding "scouts" also looked at him with envy and jealousy.

"Longinus nii-san, I will make sure the job is done!" Baki walked up to the Kraken's half-section, skillfully pulled out the hook and secured it in the flesh of the Kraken, then joined the other Scouts and held the rope ready to pull back.

"By the way, Longinus nii-san, this is today's newspaper, I almost forgot to give it to you." Baki, embarrassed, scratched his head and took the paper from his pocket, which he kept carefully, and sent it to Longinus.

"Excuse me for the trouble." Longinus acknowledged with a smile.

"No...no trouble, no trouble at all!" Baki blushed and stamped out, then ran back to the team to move the Sea King class with his buddies.


The shore was filled with cooking smoke, and the delicious aroma attracted salivating mouths. Still, Longinus remained calm until he had completed the last of his physical exercises. Then dragged his soaked body to the cliffs and sat down on the rocks, holding a huge roast of meat for breakfast and the other reading today's newspaper to gather information. The seaside is surrounded by cooking smoke, and the attractive aroma attracts maggots. Still, Longinus is unmoved and waits until the last physical training is completed before dragging a lead-filled body to sit on the reef. Holding a huge hill-like barbecue For breakfast, he flipped through today's newspapers for information.

Right now, Longinus's face was grim and cold; if Baki and the others were to see it, they would definitely never believe it, would Longinus nii-san, who always had a gentle smile on his face, still have such an unknown side to him?

Longinus gently closed the newspaper in his hands, and a smile finally blossomed on his calm and serene face: "After coming to this world for three years, it's finally a matter of knowing what kind of era I'm in now!"

Following Longinus's gaze, the first page of the newspaper was entirely covered by two huge headlines.

<<"The execution of Roger the Pirate King and the end of the pirate era once and for all!">>

<<"World Conscription">>

"Saying that the era of pirates has completely ended is nothing more than the last shameless cover for the Marine and the government, they see more clearly than anyone else that a violent era of great pirates is coming. otherwise, they wouldn't have started the world conscription when this 'situation is looking good'!"

Longinus calmly continued to finish the barbecue while thinking to himself: "According to my guess, the island I'm currently on should be the original part on the first half of the Grand Line. Although I don't know which of the seven routes it is, being in the wave of the Great Age of Pirates' opening, this place will soon become the center of the storm. The pirates that will appear will not be like the minor pirates that occasionally come to hit the autumn breeze in the past two years with 10 or 20 million bounties!"

"If we stay here any longer, we might encounter invincible pirates at any time, not to mention the fact that there aren't many Sea Kings left around, so it looks like it's time to get out of here!"

"It's not such a difficult decision for me to decide whether to go with the flow and become a pirate, or whether I should become part of the marine."

"With all the talents and the power this body and soul brings, what's missing is nothing more than the guidance and instruction systematically. After all, not everyone can be like Luffy, who had Garp lay the foundation at an early age and then had Dark King Rayleigh to guide him to Haki after going to sea. For me, joining the Marine allows me to maximize my talents, for one."

"If I'm going to take my place on this sea, there's no way I'm going to pass up the opportunity to benefit myself. Since I couldn't stay away from killing, it's better to choose a Marine that can kill pirates openly and have some support at the same time for the second."

"The use of marine and government intelligence systems is also essential if you want to decode what happened to my former side, which is the third."

"Besides, the so-called camps are nothing more than a profit to me, and if you need to, it would be good to transform yourself into lightness and have one of those minions." Longinus's eyes fluttered, after all :

You can't go around in the world without getting stabbed. You can't make a living without a vest - Lu Xun.

"Longinus nii-san, Longinus nii-san, something's wrong...something's wrong!" A blue-haired teenager came rushing in, upbeat, and out of breath.

Longinus' cold expression on his face softened quickly, instantly completing his personality change: "Fitz, what's going on, calm down and settle down."

The restless look on Fitz's face seemed to calm down because he had managed it, but his trembling legs proved that the fear within him was still there: "It's the Giant Rhino Pirates! It is the Giant Rhino Alexander, the giant pirate with a bounty of 37 million berries!"

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