695 Gorosei: Fleet Admiral Position, It Will be Temporarily Replaced by Sen...... Well, Kizaru!!

Mariejois, Room of Authority.

A furious roar came out from inside the hall, causing the guards guarding the outside to tremble their bodies involuntarily.

"What? How dare that bastard do this? He stopped Sebastian from enforcing the law, but he even dared to seriously injure him! Is he trying to mutiny like that bastard Dragon?"

"It seems that we have given him too much freedom!"

"He must be punished most severely, otherwise, the government will lose face!"

"First, the Vice Admiral abused and killed the Celestial Dragon, then the Fleet Admiral violently resisted the law, and even seriously wounded the Chief of CP0! It' s time for the Marine, it' s time for an overhaul!"

Just then, the voice of the gatekeeper came from outside.

"Gorosei-sama, Fleet Admiral Longinus requests an audience!"

"Humph! He still has the face to come to see us?" The long-haired Gorosei said with a cold snort, and after a moment of contemplation, said, "Let him in, I'd like to see, what else does he have to say?"

Despite these words, the faces of Gorosei looked much better.

In the end, they were also intimidated by the brutality of Longinus this time; they are well aware of the influence of Longinus; if that man rebelled, the impact on the government is incalculable!

Therefore, when Longinus showed a "soft" attitude, they are also happy to give each other a step-down.

Ultimately, it was not Longinus who killed the Celestial Dragon, and his performance can be interpreted as the overreaction of a good older man who is truly enraged!

If the other party is Longinus, they are still willing to give him a chance.

The doors pushed open, and the familiar face of Longinus appeared in their eyes. Moreover, the first words he said were beyond their satisfaction.

"About the matter of Sebastian-dono, I deeply apologize!"

The bearded Gorosei nodded slightly in amplitude, but their faces were still full of chill, "This matter, is not something that can be revealed with a single apology!"

The blond Gorosei also said with a cold face, "You should know what a bad influence your actions have caused!"

Longinus's face calm, "Regarding this point, I will resign from all positions in the government and the marine!"

Gorosei look increasingly relaxed, apparently very satisfied with the attitude of Longinus admitted his mistake, "As compensation, your position in the government will be handed over to Sebastian, as for the post of Fleet Admiral of the Marine, it will be temporarily replaced by Se... well, Kizaru!"

They also suddenly remembered that, due to the wise operation of some idiot, the internal Marine was completely enraged, not only Longinus.

Longinus did not object, just said in a deep voice, "I can accept all the government's discipline, however, I hope to exchange all the merits I have made in the past for a request back!"

"Hmm? A request?" The blonde Gorosei narrowed their eyes, "I hope you won't say a request that makes things difficult for us!"

"Undo all the crimes on Law!"

"Longinus! Do you know what you are talking about? That man, however, has committed a crime that can never be forgiven!"

"Of course I know that!" Longinus said, "But I know even better what injustice the Marine Corps has suffered in this incident! Our soldiers are fighting on the front line, but their loved ones are being bullied in the rear! Even if the other party is the Celestial Dragon, I absolutely will not agree!"

Seeing Longinus with such a strong attitude, the Gorsei are also a little difficult.

The five of them know the details of what happened, they have more than once in the heart cursed Carlisle that idiot, if you want to attack the Marine Corps, there are many ways, but he chose the most stupid kind of approach.

But no matter how unhappy they are with Carlisle, their position as Celestial Dragon will never change; the Celestial Dragon is not wrong; the wrong can only be the world!

Therefore, Gorosei held the sword stood in front of Longinus and said, "No matter how the process of things, the result is that he killed the Celestial Dragon! From this point on, he must die!"

"And what if, I don't agree?" Longinus lowered his eyelids and asked, word for word.

"Longinus, are you provoking the government's bottom line?" The blond Gorosei questioned with suppressed anger.

"No, it is you who are provoking the bottom line of the Marine Corps!" Longinus replied forcefully.

As if he couldn't believe his ears, the long-haired Gorosei trembled his fingers and questioned with shock and anger, "You, you, you say that again!"

"What you are doing now is provoking the bottom line of the Marine Corps, and the bottom line of this world!" Longinus said with steely eyes.

The bearded Gorosei covered his chest as if he might collapse at any time because of excessive emotion, and then, with anger gushing from his eyes, he shouted, "Someone, arrest him!"

Soon, the door pushed open.

Some CP0s who were urgently transferred back rushed in; however, they looked at Longinus and looked at each other, surprisingly none of them dared to go forward to make a move.

After seeing this scene, the Gorosei's anger blazed more and more.

"What? Do even you guys want to betray the government?"

A CP0 said stiffly, "Gorosei-sama, just a few of us, there is no way we would be a match for Longinus-sama!"

Hearing that these CP0s were still using honorific terms for Longinus even now, Gorosei almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood in anger.

Of course, they weren't worried about their safety.

After all, this is the Holy Land! With Imu-sama around, no one could threaten their safety.

However, they were not willing to do that as a last resort. Due to the Holy Land's previous big explosions, their evaluation in Imu-sama's heart had fallen to the bottom. If they bothered Imu-sama again because of their men's rebellion, they doubted that they would be killed by Imu-sama directly.

Just at this time, Longinus closed his eyes, took a deep breath, took the initiative to stretch out his hands, and said, "No need to be so troublesome, take me to Impel Down!"

Seeing this scene, the crowd was a bit skeptical; what the hell is going on here?

"Causing the government to split because of me is not the result I want to see!" Longinus sighed deeply, "I want to fight, but only for the future of the marine and the world, if my death can make a change in the world, then, I do not mind!"

Hearing what Longinus said, even these CP0 were deeply shocked; in this world, there is a noble personality to make them dare not look straight at the person!

Even from an opposing standpoint, they had to admit that this man's determination and verve made people involuntarily want to follow!

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and arrest him for me!" The blond Gorosei first ordered and then looked at Longinus with a complex gaze, "We have not said to kill you, you will be locked up in the Impel Down first, when you have figured it out we will consider releasing you!"

"It doesn't matter what I do, but, you are not allowed to make a move on Law!"

"Ah! Get the hell out of here!"

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