232 Doflamingo

New World, Plutos Island.

The central square of Oriel City;

The two groups are confronting each other, and the surrounding residents have long been hiding away.

"Donquixote family, this is the territory of our Hurricane Pirates!" The earrings hanging smoking cigars, about thirty years old pirate leader reprimanded coldly, "If you know what to do, then hurry up and get out!"

"Trebol, this island looks great!" Doflamingo completely ignored the other side and turned his head to talk to a sniffling Trebol.

"Ne, ne, ne, ne, although not worthy of your identity, Doffy, but for the time being to land is enough!" With a snotty nose, Trebol said with a lewd face to a place three centimetres from Doffy.

"Doffy if you want it, let us get it for you!" Pica, who looked mighty and majestic, but had a sharp and shrill voice, shouted.

"Bastard, a bunch of stray dogs also dare to look down on us!" The Hurricane Pirates were still angry, but they all burst out laughing after hearing Pika's voice.

"Haha! That big guy wouldn't be a woman, would he!"

"Don't talk nonsense, it might be a shemale!"

"Maybe he's the mistress of this bullshit young master!"

"The trash ..." Pica's eyes glowed scarlet, clearly a sign that he was furious to the core, "I'm going to bury you alive with rocks!"

"Dare to insult my family, I can't pretend I didn't see it!" The corners of Doflamingo's mouth rose, revealing a dangerous smile.

Finger tapping, as if plucking the strings of the piano.


A sharp blade from the chest through the body, blood dripping down, the Hurricane Pirates captain looked back in disbelief.

"Bastard, what are you doing?"

"Captain, I can't control my body!"

Just as the two were about to perform their tragic drama, the crowd of Hurricane Pirates abruptly broke out into an infighting-like commotion.

"Help, my body is out of control!"

"Bastard, can you pull the knife out of my asshole before you call for help!"

"Have you all gone crazy? Even if you want to fight, wait until you've dealt with that bunch of trash!"

"What the hell is ... going on here?" Sivas looked dumbfounded at the riotous scene in front of him.

"Hurricane Sivas, this gift ...," Doflamingo laughed, "are you still satisfied?"

"Bastard, did you do this?" Sivis knocked the sharp blade out of his body and yelled in anger, "Come together, kill this pack of stray wild dogs for me!"

"Stray wild dogs?" As if recalling some bad memories, the temperature around him plummeted, causing Trebol and others to feel a chill, "Sounds like a real buzzkill!"

Without any further nonsense from Doflamingo, the people of the Donquixote family already rushed up.

The conflict between the two sides completely erupted.

It must say that although the Donquixote family is inferior in terms of numbers, the elite strength is too much beyond the so-called Hurricane Pirates.

As for the advanced combat power, the severely injured Sivas could not even beat the top cadres under Doflamingo.

When he walked from one end of the battlefield to the other, the storm had subsided.

"Ne, ne, ne, ne, what hurricane Sivas, escape ..." Trebol grabbed the dead dog-like pirate captain and threw it aside, "but quite like a hurricane."

"The New World is not a place where such weak people should come." Diamante, who dressed like a savage, laughed.

"This time ..." Baby-5, in her little loli form, said indignantly, "no one should come and destroy our family base again, right?"

"Thanks to the blessing of the Red Swordsman, the government and the Marine should not bother us anytime soon."

Doflamingo did not care to laugh, "As for the bases ... as long as you guys are okay, it does not matter how many those bases destroyed."


"Young master!"

It moved the members of the Donquixote family to exclaim.

"Fuffuffuffu..." Doflamingo's trademark laughs suddenly stuck, and he looked up towards the clock tower in the centre of the square, only to see a strange man with a ghost-faced mask sitting on the stopped hour hand.

"It's him! The Red Swordsman Apophis! When did he ..." Doflamingo's pupils first contracted violently and then regained their composure after an instant.

Everyone knows that the Red Swordsman is most abhorrent to those who are tainted with the slave trade, but he is not one of them, after all, he has long lost even his land.

Since it's not looking for his then ... Doflamingo turned his gaze to the dead Sivas, "How backward is this guy's luck? Even without me, they wouldn't survive today."

"Or rather, it's only thanks to me, at least, they don't have to experience the pain of being abused."

"Young master, what's wrong?" Seeing Doflamingo's sudden silence, the explosive masked head asked respectfully.

"Nothing, just ..." laughed Doflamingo, "A friend from far away has arrived."

Following the line of sight of Doflamingo, the rest of the family also spotted the uninvited guest's figure one after another.

"This attire, could it be the man with the billion bounty?" Exploding head Gladius asked in a deep voice.

"It is not easy to say, who knows that under the mask is ... so fast!" Suit wearing Senor Pink says, but found that the masked man appeared in front of them from the clock tower the next moment, can not help but take a deep breath and said, "This kind of speed, it seems only possible to be that Dragon Slayer Swordsman!"

"This guy is a madman who dares to kill even the Celestial Dragons!" Diamante was secretly on guard, "If we let him know Doffy's previous identity, we'll be in trouble!"

"Your target, it seems, was taken out by our casual hands." Doflamingo spread his hands and laughed, "I'm really sorry for making you come for nothing."

"So the Red Swordsman's target is the Hurricane Pirates? That's right, we haven't been involved in the slave trade." Hearing what Doffy said, the slightly tumultuous family also calmed down and secretly worshipped, "As expected of Doffy (young master), even in the face of a monster with a bounty of one billion like Apophis will not be half out of shape!"

"My target, not this bunch of trash."

Hearing Apophis's indifferent voice from the mask, the smile on Doflamingo's face gradually converged, "It's not them, is that coming at us?"

"You, to be precise." Apophis said succinctly.

"Me?" Doflamingo face slightly stunned, the smile on his face gradually sickened, "I do not remember I have offended you in any way, right, Apophis of Red Swordsman?"

"Not offense, but blood feud!"

"Fuffuffuffu!" Doflamingo laughed without changing his face, "Although confused about the situation, it seems that there should be no more talk!"

"Then next, let me see if you can really ... " violent and strong aura from Doflamingo erupted, as if the storm swept the four directions, "cut down the dragon in the sky! "

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