10 Chapter 10

~. Kusora .~

You know, sometimes I wake up and the world just tries to remind me that it isn't trying to be my friend.

I thought when I just gave in the world would stop fucking with me in ways that I haven't even imagined prior.

It was early into the morning around six. For a rare time, Marakyuu is pretty packed with either housewives or working men, with the major demographic being the classical Japanese salary man with glasses and a suitcase on his way to one of the many bullet trains in the area.

Coming from the conversation from last night, I thought Grayfia would be the one to show up. It would be weird for her to choose to come over in the morning for a change, although I wouldn't know since she only came around a total of twice.

What I didn't ascertain, however, is that Sirczechs would be joining her. No really, I'm staring at him right now. He's waiting right at a seat near to the back of the cafe while Grayfia is approaching me, probably to let me know of his presence.

"Kusora, I apologise for arriving so suddenly." Grayfia started. "I…can see that you are rather busy this time around."

Oh well, at least she apologised. "This still is a cafe." I said. "And I'm assuming the reason for your early visit is because of your husband sitting in the corner right over there."

"You would be correct." she said. "...About last night, would it be remiss of you to discuss it with him as well?"

I sighed. "This saves time actually. Give me a moment to finish up and I'll meet you two at the table."

Grayfia nodded and headed back. Just as she did, I see her take a seat right beside Sirzechs and whisper something in his ear. The Satan then proceeded to stare at me with a gaze that sent chills down my spine. But not for the reason I inherently thought, he's smiling, brightly in fact. There is not a hint of malice in his facade, and yet it seemed odd. Odd enough to unnerve me.

I kept my neutral glance and stepped back into the back counter to deal with the rest of the orders. It took some time, but eventually a good few of the customers left with coffee in hand and my register being fuller than I've seen in a good while.

Deciding to stop ducking away from the two of them, I bought a set of coffee for the three of us at the table. "Here I am, as promised." I said. Softly placing the tray on the table, I turn to Sirzechs.

"It's nice to meet you, Mr Lucifage?"

"Sirzechs, feel free to call me Sirzechs." he said. "I'm not one to favour titles."


I sat down on an extra seat at the table. "So, I managed to hear a good lot of what's happening with this marriage thing, but is there anything specific I should note before I share my idea?"

He looked like he wanted to say a few things, but from the corner of my eye I saw Grayfia give him a look. Afterwards, Sirzechs proceeded to take a whole moment to think, probably to explain things in such a way that won't reveal that the supernatural is real to me. It's not exactly ideal playing dumb when I know so much about this world, but I gotta keep all my cards to myself.

"There isn't much." He said. "What Grayfia said is pretty much the situation that we've found ourselves in. You claimed that you have…experience in the field of handling arrangements like these?"

I take a sip of coffee. "You would be surprised at how common such arrangements are in this place. Marriage contracts tend to always have a loophole they can exploit. Often in many cases, the honour of both families is on the line. So a good few are ruled out."

"So what do you suggest?" Sirzechs asks.

"There's something I've been thinking about, I know the bride is most likely not satisfied with the arrangements, but what of the groom?" I asked. "Is it possible that he too is unsatisfied with the arrangements?"

I can see Sirzechs scoff a bit, but quickly switch back to his neutral facade. "I would imagine not."

"We can make him lose interest." I finished.

Saying this may have sparked an interest in Sirzechs eyes as I suddenly see him lean a bit closer to me with an interested smile. "Interesting, what do you have planned?" he asks.

"Come by later, I have a contact that might…" I mentally sigh, and cannot believe I'm even suggesting this. "Appeal to his tastes."

He looked puzzled at first, until he widened his eyes and adorned a mischievous smirk. Without a single word he stands from his seat with a big smile on his face. Or more so a grin. I guess he liked the idea?

"Kusora, was it?" Sirzechs started. "Thank you for helping us, the coffee is as great as always."

"Wait, so the request for coffee beans came from you?" I ask, widening my eyes. Bastard said nothing, and chose to only smile at me. If I wasn't so afraid of him eviscerating me, I would demand he answer. But I'm not trying to get cooked today. It's nearly seven in the morning, I still have school to get to.

"I'll keep in touch," he said. "See you later."

Grayfia follows him out the door but not without leaving me a little bow and a soft smile before they walk to the left side. Which is most definitely not the way to the main street. A soft glow of red reminds me that they did not have the slightest intention of heading the normal way in the first place.

I sigh.

The things I do to smash hot chicks these days. Having Riser hire me certainly is the plan, but one that can go very bad, very quickly. My aura is gonna be working overtime.

I look around the cafe and it seems to be empty, so I decide to flip the sign and head upstairs to prepare for the day. Sirzechs will most definitely be back by tonight, in which the plan will be set into motion. I have to prepare on my side, when it works.

~. Later .~

I said that, but in reality there wasn't much that I needed to prepare for. Everything was depending on what type of answer Riser would give. So while in school, I was practically waiting for Sirzechs to appear. It was dumb since I knew he's probably gonna show up at night where Rias has no chance of seeing him or sensing him. But high school is boring once you already know most of what you were taught and no longer give a fuck.

Although class was boring, the other events that occurred were not as mind numbing when it was over. Akeno hugging me certainly is a highlight. Even though I don't know why she was doing it.

Wait a minute, why is she hugging me?

"Why are you hugging me?" I ask.

"I need to recharge." she said. "I haven't seen you in a few days."

Her inviting me back to the ORC was nothing outside of the ordinary. Frankly I was surprised since I was sure she would be acting a bit unusual since Riser most definitely showed up yesterday, but no, she was her usual mysterious self. Even though she's not that mysterious since I knew everything about her, and am just actively waiting for the chance to pry without getting smited.

She was definitely a little clingy though, maybe she was just acting or maybe she really was. I happened to remember that alongside my lust aura, I also happen to have a body that is a natural relaxing agent by touch. It would explain why she's hugging me if she's doing so to keep calm, though I wish not to think that. It's a little too dark for my tastes right around Season 1. But I can foresee this being a thing when she eventually caves.

"You already missed three days without me, Akeno." I said. I hear her laugh and step away soonish. There was a little longer but not enough for me to situate anything other than a budding, unusual friendship.

Yeah, that isn't gonna last long. Can't forget about that ass of hers, when i'm done with Riser i'm coming for her next.

She must see something in my eyes, since the moment I choose to pay attention again she is staring at me while licking her finger. Instantly I try my damndest to keep a neutral glance at the many things I was imagining. My face morphs into a confused facade, not quite what I was looking for but it would do.

Wow, I must really be backed up if a glance from her is enough to nearly send me raging. I should look for a client before preparing for Sirzechs tonight. Get all this…thing out of my system. The last thing I want to be thinking about while staring down a Demon King is me railing Akeno from behind.

The mere thought nearly gives way into imagination, but I'm interrupted by Koneko shifting in her seat and suddenly standing right in front of me. Mockingly blocking Akeno's way towards me.

"Stay away from my student." Koneko says. "Pervert."


Akeno looked confused, I guess Koneko didn't seem to mention it to her. She eyes me, this time not in playful flirting, but genuine puzzlement. I guess it's time for me to step in.

"Long story short, I was looking for a Gym on my way home the other day and I ended up stumbling across Koneko's Gym. She let me join after some snacks." I said.

Of course the main question of why I needed the Gym in the first place wasn't something I was gonna answer aloud anytime soon. Akeno didn't seem like she wanted to pry anyways, she sorta looked like she was a bit glad. Which certainly would be the case if she guessed why I really needed it.

"By the way." Koneko started. "Kusora, twenty push-ups. I saw the way you were looking at her."

Koneko narrowed her eyes in a way that left no room for questioning. It seems like training did not extend to only the Gym. I thought I hid my thoughts better, but then again, her Senjutsu is canonically bullshit in the light novel.

I gave a few sighs and looks hoping for her look to change but she didn't relent. In silence, I placed my books onto the empty green sofa and got onto the floor. In hindsight, I probably deserved the push-ups for simping. But I believe in Akeno supremacy, no one can fault me as a prostitute.

Koneko ended up sitting on me while I did my push-ups. Despite what the anime believed, she actually felt lighter than I imagined. Either that, or she is purposely making herself light enough for a human to believe, because there's no way in hell she can toss whole structures without having a strong and solid core.

I can hear Akeno laughing as she took a seat. "You look good down there." she teased.

"What are you imagining?" I teased back.

Akeno chooses then to remain silent, but I can't see her because Koneko also chose that moment to put her legs in front of my face. She didn't say anything, but her message of not staring was conveyed pretty clearly.

"We're not gonna be here for a few days." Koneko says. "Make sure you don't slack off."

Oh, so their training before the Rating Game is happening that soon? So Riser gave them the same ten days as I would imagine. I have roughly that amount of time to annul the Marriage contract, cause I have a feeling that Issei isn't gonna be up to the task this time with Asia missing.

Still, the fact that Koneko felt that she needed to let me know either shows she takes training seriously or that she's considering me a friend. Probably both, else I wouldn't be allowed in her gym in the first place. No doubt she uses Senjutsu in that gym where she feels like she can't hurt anybody, so she must've known that I was coming from the moment I stepped in the driveway.

I was feeling a bit brave, emboldened by the fact I was on push-up nineteen now. But I wanted to try my hand at saying something as well.

"I'll text you everyday." I said.

"You don't have to." she said. "I'll probably ignore it."

"I'll still do it regardless."

I was done with my set of twenty, and my arms were burning to say the least. But Koneko didn't get off for a few seconds. And suddenly, as I manoeuvre to look up. My eyes are blocked by her hands. But even then, I can hear the sound of Akeno's teasing.

"Aw, look at what you did Kusora." Akeno teased. "You made her embarrassed."

She was embarrassed? Oh, wait. She's still affected by my aura isn't she? And since she was sitting on top of me, the relaxing effect of my body was in place too.

I feel something reactively swish around my legs. Her legs were at each of my sides, and both of her hands were covering my eyes…Oh, shit.

Is the thing currently swishing around the back of my legs, her tail? If so, it makes sense why she wanted me to close my eyes. It only lasted a few seconds before I hear Koneko take a sigh and get her bearings. Her tail disappeared and she slowly got off me and took a seat at her place on the sofa.

If there was any confirmation as to what happened earlier, despite being monotone she barely turned to see my face. There was only a better thirty minutes left for break, but I decided to leave regardless to ensure I didn't get in the way while they were packing. Besides, if Rias sees me before I've dealt with Riser, it could lead to some big problems on Sirzechs part.

"I'm heading out. Good luck on your trip. Koneko, Akeno." I said.

Koneko only waved me off. "See ya."

Akeno, instead, stood from her sofa and dug her hand into her breast pocket. Then she pulled out–

Oh hell no, when did she have the time to steal my phone?

She must've seen the look on my face since she found it amusing enough to laugh as she handed it back to me. "See you in a few days. Text me as well, okay?" she said.

"I'll probably forget." I said.

"Wow, so mean…" Akeno said, mock crying.

She didn't stop until she heard me sigh and chose to peek at me through her enclosed elbows. I dig my finger in between to look at her. "Fine, I will." I said. "You crybaby."

The afternoon came soon enough, and through the rays of the twilight sun, I don't remember Akeno or Issei making their way back to class right after I left the ORC. It seems like Rias chose not to waste her time.

Which also means the plan begins tonight. There's a lot of chance that happens in between the ideas I had. But fuck it, it's the only one I had in mind.

So when the ringing of the bell signaled the end of the day, instead of lingering around and scanning the area, I chose to go home once again, and despite the mad blue balls I had from lunch time, not seek out a client before preparing.

But I guess fate had other plans, because I barely made it outside the clubrooms for the track team before I found myself being blindfolded and dragged somewhere on some covert-ops type beat. The first indicator that I wasn't in danger was the sound of the assailants, there were women, one at each of my sides. And if there were women who were dragging me somewhere despite me trying my best not to be an enemy in any sort of way, then there was only one other thing I could think of.

My first clue was that they took me to a shower, and only moments later after they removed the blindfold did I notice that I was in the Kendo Women's Locker room. At that point, the two assailants were just staring me right in the face, I didn't even need them to walk from behind me to know that they were responsible.

I gave them a curiously raised eyebrow. "Murayama, Katase?" I called. And not too soon, both of them display themselves to me. Katase had a tinge of excitement while Murayama looked quite irritable.

Still though. "Blindfolds? Really? Is that how we're doing things now?" I said. "If you wanted to fuck me, you could've just asked."

"Really? That makes things easier then." Katase said.

"Wait, what?"

I was only joking. Is that really the reason they did all that?

"I can't stop thinking about it." Katase admits. "Just watching it was wild enough, it never seemed to leave my mind. It's driving me crazy."

"Sounds like a skill issue." I say.

She grabs my shoulders, and I can see a lust in her eyes that's barring on feral. Holy shit is this what my aura does to people? Or was she already this horny from before, and seeing me with Aika triggered it? "Please, Kusora…Fuck me." Katase begged.

I look to her apparent Girlfriend for confirmation. But Murayama already started to strip. "What, you too?"

"Don't get the wrong idea." she said, "I-I'm just doing this because I can't leave her alone."

Well, taking one good look at her revealed that she was talking out of her ass. Despite the irritable look on her face, I could see the juices of her vagina running down her leg. Literally dripping as she slowly walked sensually towards me.

I sighed. "Fine. But we definitely have to walk on this thing we call, consent."

With the way Katase was looking at me, it's obvious that the only thing she heard was that it was okay to go to town. She licks her lips and leans back, eyes fluttering. I swallow, staring in surprise as her nipples suddenly stand so erect that I could see them right through both her shirt and vest.

She twitches her knees apart and looks away, trembling gently. I can see the pants of her kendo uniform clinging to the lips of her pussy so tightly that I can see her clit through them.

"I hope that's…I hope that's enough…" Her voice is breathy and lustful, and I can see from how her breasts are heaving and her hips are twitching that she's beyond aroused. Little is known how long she felt like this ever since seeing me and Aika in action, but she definitely wasn't setting me up for something.

I can feel my body reacting as my cock starts to swell. At the moment, I'm reminded that Akeno had me sporting the hottest daydreams, and that I'm currently too backed up to meet with Sirzechs. As I look into both the eyes of Murayama and Katase, I thank God I broached the topic of consent to at least one person that seemed reasonable. Because I know, deep down, that if I take them into my arms right now, they'll do far, far more than kiss me.

"For your information, I didn't expect this in the slightest." I nonchalantly said, in spite of the fact that I was currently pinned to the tilled wall of the shower. The two women had unbuttoned my shirt, leaving my chest exposed. Training with Koneko had visibly left me less fat. It wasn't jarring since I was already in shape, but I could see my midriff starting to take shape.


Murayama traced her finger on my chest. This whole situation confused and excited me, because handling these two was bound to be a lot easier than handing the Fallen Angels. Besides, I've been a bit out of practice because of the gym lately.

"Woah." Murayama gasped. "Are you an athlete?"

If you consider what we are about to do as a stamina draining activity, then…"Yes, somewhat…"

I try to hold onto either of their waists, but both of them move my hands away. "We'll do the work. Like, just sit back and relax." Katase said. We're not gonna let you blow before we do."

"Do you guys even know what you're doing?" I asked. "Being, lesbians and all."

"We don't care." Katase said.

"Holy shit!" Murayama exclaimed. "Katase, this is a lot bigger than you told me it was!"

The aforementioned kendo captain looked down to see my painfully erect member. It was throbbing, my cockhead starting to go red from all the blood rushing to it. Katase's eyes widened as she saw her lover holding up the massive penis from its base.

It nearly sat the entire length of her face, graciously stopping at the crown of her nose. If my arousal wasn't apparent, then the fact that my dick was pulsing with veins would've been enough of a sign.

"Like, what did you feed this thing!?" The short-haired vice captain rushed over to where Murayama was, right next to my groin. This gave me a good look at her brilliant, toned ass.

"You've got to be shitting me. It's, like, almost my entire face!" Murayama exclaimed, her eyes widened from complete shock.

"Face? It's almost as long as my arm!"

Katase had fairly short arms for being in kendo, but as she held up her forearm next to my cock, it showed that it was roughly the same length as the distance from her elbow to almost her wrist. Regardless of her short arms, for my dick to be that big was obviously a tad bit impressive. I didn't brag too much, Prostitutes don't brag.

While the girls were still yapping about my cock, I tried to move my hands only to find them bound by the kendo uniforms belt. I tugged at his binds and it visibly loosened a bit. Looks like these two were as dumb as they looked in the anime. I'll free myself soon. For now, I'll just let the ladies enjoy themselves. They're obviously curious, it is the first dick that they've seen this up close and personal.

"Ohhh, yeah." Katase purred. "Hey, Mura? Let's get started already."

Murayama looked a little hesitant, but she sighed. "Fine, let's just do what we usually do to the dildos."

Dildos? These girls were definitely kinkier than I thought.

The two of them went to work on my cock and balls––Murayama rubbed on my shaft, while Katase began to suck on my testicles. I groaned as I began to feel the pleasure from both women, well-trained dykes who did a lot better at blowing than I thought lesbians could manage.

Katase began to bob her head up and down my dick, taking it further and further into her throat. She skillfully deepthroated my member, coating it in her spit and slobber. It glistened in her oral juices, a lubrication which eased each of her mouthfuls in my cock. Small bubbles began to form at the base of my shaft from the rapid blowjob I received, pockets of air being gulped down and sucked along due to her throat that seemed like a vacuum.

It was only when Katase took my dick to base did I notice that she had an avid lack of a gag reflex. I can visibly see her getting wetter and wetter as my prick hit the back of her throat. Her arm snaked down her thigh, beginning to finger at her damp folds, pleasuring herself.

She looked over at Murayama. She wasn't having it easy either. The kendo captain was trying to take one of my balls into her mouth––and she was struggling with it. She slurped at my nuts, like she was sucking on a jawbreaker. Holding the hefty ballsack with her hand, she felt the immense weight of my testicles.

Despite how clumsy she was being, the fact she was trying was enough to build up my arousal to the point where I got tired of playing the fool of being restrained. So in the next few moments, I rip through the kendo belt.

The sound of torn leather cracked through the room. Before either of them could react, my wrists were free from their prior bondage. Immediately, I slipped my hand under Murayama's chin, eliciting a surprised yelp from the kendo captain.

I turned my attention to Katase, who still had her lips around my cock. With both my hands, I grabbed her by the temples and pulled her head down. A surprised whimper echoed through Katase's throat as she got more than a mouthful of dick in the span of a second. She gagged a bit, sending small waves of spit out of her mouth which dripped down my shaft.

Gripping her short locks of hair, I began to actively facefuck her, dragging her up and down my cock at a rate almost beyond her capabilities.

Katase could only groan in response with my cock still lodged in her throat. She was having a hard time breathing, and the wide girth was starting to strain her jaw. Wet, obscene noises echoed from the moist facefucking, and the girl's eyes began to roll up from the little oxygen she was taking in.

Despite the rough treatment, Katase was moaning, wildly. The vibrations from her mouth were hitting a spot that was way too good and driving me wild.

Murayama was frozen, her gaze never leaving the horrific yet arousing scene. I found her gaze transfixed on the sight of her dyke lover getting used like some sort of fleshlight by the very person they had effectively kidnapped.

She watched from the side as my dick went in and out of Katase's mouth, creating a prominent bulge on her throat. While their hairstyles and color schemes were different, I bet that Murayama saw a reflection of herself in Katase. Watching said reflection get manhandled like that turned her on. She was visibly dripping.

"Ngggh!" Murayama released a stream of her love juices, simply from imagining what it was like to get throat-banged in such a brutal manner.

"Haugh, hahk, agh," Katase continued to gag. Despite the intense fucking she got, Katase could still feel the cock in her mouth begin to expand. Steadily, the slow thrumming in my balls echoed louder, a prelude to the massive load that had me ready to burst.

"Fuck!" I roared, as I busted my load down Katase's gullet. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Bumps appeared on her throat as she tried swallowing the viscous globs of cum. Thick white globs of cum began to leak from the corners of her mouth. As her oral hole was busy gulping down my full load, Katase tried her hardest to breathe through her nose alone. As I pulled out my cock and she breathed, she let out a huge moan as she was overcome with a giant orgasam from her fingers. She collapsed to the floor, exhausted. Falling flat on the tile like a used cumrag.

"What the?" Murayama swallowed a lump in her throat as she came to terms with the scene that just unfolded. Katase was lying unconscious, muttering incoherent sentences and drooling with the dirtiest look on her face.

I could see it in her eyes when she realized that the two of them probably bit off more than they could chew. It was too late though, far too late. I was still horny, and I had no intention of getting blue balled twice in the same day.

My cock had not lost a millimeter of its erection, even looking at it myself, it seems like it had grown a bit from its previous size. It looked longer and thicker than before.

"Uh, like, how the fuck are you still hard?" Murayama questioned.

She seemed a bit rattled, but from what I could see, she was still incredibly aroused. And only growing more lustful the longer I stared. I was at an impasse and considered just leaving things at just Katase.

But something inside me just kept nagging, that I was on a precipice of something. I could feel something warm, shivering and yet amorous all the same. These certainly weren't what I was feeling in my body, but still. I felt it, somehow.

Then I felt it. And I felt it hard. A voice ringing through my core.


"Shut that slutty mouth of yours," I grunted.

Holy shit where did that come from? It slipped out of my mouth faster than I could think. I was on the cusp of apologizing to her, until I saw Murayama.

She was actively red in the face and drooling. All vestiges of her irritation had vanished and although I could see a bit of her there, a feral lust was creeping in that enraptured her similar to Katase. "What did you just say to me?" she questioned, fuming.


I didn't hear the voice ringing through once again. But, since it's just Murayama, I decided to take a risk and try something. "On your back, ankles up in the air, now." I said. I see a shiver of pleasure course through Murayama's body. Despite looking seethed and irritable, her body felt like it had frozen in the presence of an alpha male. She scowled like a brat, but to my utter surprise she complied, scooching over on the shower floor to do as I said. "Does this make you happy, you fucking jerk!" she questioned.

Holy shit, I think that voice just told me her kink. She has a domination fetish, I've seen some housewives do this before. It was a rare case for those that hired me, but Murayama was acting the same way.

I'm gonna have to find time to seriously think about the abilities I have, and consider the fact that they are actively evolving. But now isn't the time to do that, I still have women I need to please.

Murayama's legs spread instinctively as I closed in on her body, tearing her panties off and laying her sex bare for me to see. Despite looking like she wanted to whack me with her bokken, she offered no resistance at all, proceeding to even hide her panting behind her scowl; she wanted this, despite her earlier intentions on dominating me with Katase.

Murayama watched with wide eyes as my cock dangled over her sopping snatch. The thick cockhead slowly entered her vagina, making her release a low moan as I began to bury myself in her pussy. The girthy member filled her hole up, stretching it more than it had ever been stretched before. As soon as the large dick bumped her cervix, I took it as a signal to wait a moment before I started to move my hips.

Hey, just because she likes to be dominated doesn't mean that I should ignore the basis of courtesy. The route of any kink is crazy good sex. That's why I'm the best at my job.

I slammed into her missionary style, with Murayama's ankles satisfyingly up in the air with the back of her knees resting on my shoulders. Wet, plunging noises echoed from the obscene motions, coupled with her whorish grunts as she went cross-eyed in pleasure from the deep dicking she received.

"Oh, oh fuck!," Murayama absently moaned. Her jaw hung loose as she continued to make the pleasure in her pussy audible. "You're––so fucking deep, so fucking deep…"

I barely grunted out a reply as I increased the power of my thrusts, amping up the bottom woman's sensitivity. She came multiple times on my cock over several minutes, her tongue lolling out in a fucked-crazy frenzy as she kept begging for more. Sluttily, she bucked her hips up as I continued to mash her womb in a feverish mating press, like two animals rutting in their sweaty heat. Her nails drag onto my skin, scratching his back as I keep thrusting deep inside her. She kept muttering the same slutty groans as I bottomed out inside her time and time again. The thought of protection didn't even cross Murayama's sex-addled mind as she began to feel my thrusts slow down, focusing more on deep penetrations than aggressive rutting.

She knew what was coming next, as the heavy balls clapping against her fat ass began to thrum with virile power.

After what felt like a rushed lifetime of sexual fulfilment, I finally reached my peak and as I plunged as deep as I could inside her, I dumped my load deep into her tight pussy. She moaned deliriously as she was filled.

With a smirk, I licked my lips at the sight of Murayama thoroughly fucked. She was staring emptily at the ceiling, her heart-shaped pupils dazed and unfocused. The boneless wreck of a woman probably experienced the best sex of her life, evident from the slutty smile that plastered her face. Long, messy strands of black hair were draped across the beige tiles while the sweaty woman took deep breaths when she came down from her coital high.

Murayama's chest heaved as she recovered from the multitude of orgasms that I had coaxed out of her.

But my cock was still erect and up for more. He turned to look at the state of Katase. Who had been getting herself off to the scene of her lover getting beautifully bred all this time. I questioned whether to use the same tactic on Katase, but considering the pool of her juices right below her, I opted to throw all caution into the wind. "Get that fat ass of yours over here," I bellowed. "Eat her out. I want to fuck you doggy while you're doing that, alright whore?"

One could tell that I'm not exactly used to treating women during sex like this, but if it's a part of the kink, then as the most experienced in the room, it's my duty to step up. At least the two of them seem aptly aware that I'm playacting, or they don't and I would have to explain it to them later, either way, being a rough dom wasn't something I was as comfortable with, but it's necessary.

Katase gulped and responded with a quick nod. She crawled over to the spread-legged form of her lover, looking at her puffy red pussy which was still stuffed to the brim with cum. In this position, she was on all fours; this gave me a brilliant view of her ass, despite it still being covered by her crimson skirt.

"What are you waiting for?" I gave her ass a good smack, making her cheeks jiggle beneath the dark red fabric. Katase yelped in response, much like a bitch in heat. I fondled her large bubble butt, giving it a few good squeezes.

I was enjoying this a bit too much, but can you blame me? I never knew that Katase had an ass this fat. Akeno's was bigger, but goddamn.

I found this situation arousing, since normally these two would totally kick my ass. But that wasn't the case now, however. As Katase whined when I pulled her black thong to the side of her thigh, exposing her dripping pussy to the room's cold air.

I pushed the back of her torso down––forcing her face onto Murayama's creamed snatch. She began licking the thick cum out of her, once more savoring the thick taste of cum that filled her mouth earlier.

Katase felt the cockhead press against her pussy, before screaming as it was violently shoved deep inside. I grabbed her hair and pulled her along with each thrust, forcing her to buck like a horse as she was rutted into. My balls slapped against her thighs as the doglike rutting went on, seeking to drill my cock deeper into her womb.

Katase was long lost, succumbing to every carnal desire she had as she was dominated. She instinctively threw her ass back onto me, shaking her fat back like she meant to take my job.

She twerked her booty hard, helping my balls clap even harder. "You like that?" I growled, as he yanked on Katase's hair, bringing her head up so I can whisper slowly into her ear. "You liked what you saw last time, didn't you?"

To her credit, Katase tried to give a coherent answer, she really did. She wanted to reply no, but it came out as a lusty, drawn-out "nnnngh" through a stifled moan, nodding her head in agreement.

"I thought so." I released his grip on her hair, this time gripping her wide hips to ease the acceleration of my fucking. "You saw Aika, didn't you? You see Murayama, don't you? You're going to be fucked into a coma, just like her. You'd like that, wouldn't you? A good, old-fashioned bareback creampie."

I cringed. What was I saying, this is the last time that I play dom. I know I'm hot as all hell to the both of them, but personally, I feel like I'm embarrassing myself.

This time, Katase couldn't even hear the question. She saw stars every time I knocked on her cervix, gasping for air as if my cock tickled her liver each time it bottomed out. That didn't stop my thoughts from coming inside. It's just something that went with the lingo. "I'm cumming." I warned.

Noticing the lack of response from her, an idea struck and I slowed down my pace. "Maybe I should stop?" I teased.

Apparently that worked a little too well, since Katase seemed almost frantic when pleading. "N-no!" She said. "Don't stop, don't fucking stop, please don't fucking stop!"

Goddamn, I'm in danger. And going by how tight she was gripping me inside her pussy, It didn't seem like she had wanted me to pull out either way. That, and the desperate panting that I heard from her.

"Alright then." I said, smacking her ass several times as I quickened my thrusts. "I'm getting close, and I'm not going to pull out."

"Oh, oh, oh god!, Oh my God!, Fuck!" Katase moaned, throwing her head back and forgetting to eat out her lover's stuffed cunt. Like her cumatose comrade she began to crave that warm feeling inside her. "Give it to me, give it to me~oh, God!"

Her resounding cry of pleasure harmonized with the relief of dumping my load inside of her. I bottomed out even harder than I did for Murayama as Katase collapsed beside her filled lover in a calming embrace beneath the shower.

After moments of making sure that they were okay, I was finally flaccid enough to put my pants back on. They were okay, just resting together and relishing in the afterglow. Thankfully as I made my way outside the kendo clubroom, I could still make out the sunset, I didn't take too much time with the two of them.

Just as I find my clothes, I open my phones screen completely by accident and I notice a new tab for a brand new order tomorrow.

Name - Miki Hyoudou

Job - Once-Off

Location - Kuoh, Japan - 424 Shentengai Ave

Time - 12:00 AM

Amount - 42,000 Yen

For the first time in my life ever since I took on this job, I find myself transfixed by this very screen. Dilemmas and thoughts running against walls as I try to figure out what exactly to make of this. But it all results in a resounding–

What the fuck is going on?

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