Manipulative Harem God

#Harem #R18 #Action #Dark #Comedy #Cultivation #Threesome #Polygamy #Elf #Superhumans #Modernfantasy #Urban #Mystery #Overpowered MC #Evil MC #Conqueor . . . "You all go to work, I would help you take care of your wife in the home," — Zhang Wei. ______ Zhang Wei, the self-proclaimed community service guru, takes it upon himself to rescue damsels in distress when their husbands mysteriously vanish. With the touch of his magic hands, he transforms lonely homes into cozy love nests. He even manages to charm the widows' daughters into believing he's a park-wandering superhero, all while his endlessly patient wife applauds his "heroic" efforts. .................................. First official 'proper' novel, improves every next chapter! Commit reading 300 chapters to see magic of Brother Zhang! #NoYuri #NoNTR .................. Disclaimer: Cover page is not mine Discord: https://discord.gg/dsc4fftBeF Warning: This work is completely fiction, and does not promote any kind of violence against any living being. The Villain is meant to be hated!

SKuLL · Urban
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527 Chs

Characters [Spoiler]

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1. Zhang Wei 

- Main Character

- Dragon God bloodline Inheritor

- Age: 25 years old 

- Usually Calm and Manipulative, but have an Aggressive personality. 

2. Yu Lei

- Wife of Zhang Wei

- Married for three years

- Interests: Mangas and Novels

- Borderline Yandere 

3. Leng Yan

- Daughter of Leng Mei

- Rightous Police officer 

4. Leng Mei

- Owner of Power Gen corporation

- A "Salted Fish" 

5. Feng Xinyue

- Celestial Princess

- Little Milk Factory of Zhang Wei

6. Feng Ruoyan 

- Younger sister of Feng Xinyue

- Sworn Enemy of Zhang Wei

- Miracle Doctor 

7. Lin Ruoxi

- Owner of Lin Group

- Sex Slave of Zhang Wei

8. Rose 

- Real name: Long Yufei

- Past leader of White Tigers gang

- The Dragon Lady 

9. Wu Xue 

- Assistant of Lin Ruoxi

10. Zhao Hongyan

- Wife of Mayor, of Qingyun city

- Mother of Song Shoushan

11. Song Shoushan

- Rebelious girl

12. Li Liying

- Mother of Li Xiaoyu

13. Li Xiaoyu 

- Zhang Wei's Goddaughter 

14. Xie Meirong

- The Artist 

15. Fang Dongmei

- Director at Lin Infrastructure Pvt Ltd 

16. Wang Xiaoying

- Daughter of Wang Zheng

17. Shi Jingjing

- Language teacher in Middle school 

18. Xiong Mei

- Student of Xiangyun Arts School

- Canary of Zhang Wei

19. Bai Wenling

- First year freshman, in Qingyun university 

20. Tang Lifen

- Manager of Jade Court