1 "You called the police on me!?" (1)

Earth, Haland Country.

Qingyun City.

11th March 2023.

10 ó clock in the evening.

Like any other day, Zhang Wei was walking to his apartment located on Southside heights in the south district of Qingyun city.

The south district was famous for its residential area, its quiet streets, and its serene atmosphere.

All the apartments in the Southside Height were too expensive for an average citizen to afford in his lifetime, but Zhang Wei had got the privilege to live in one of the most luxurious apartments on the sixteenth floor of the newly constructed residential building.

It was a privilege given to his lovely wife Yu Lei, but being her husband he was naturally allowed to live with her.

She was currently working as a vice president for Pearl Cosmetic International Ltd, which was one of the cash cows of the Lin Group, managed by the Lin family.

Both Zhang Wei and Ye Lei were graduates of business management from Qingyun University, one of the most prestigious universities in the city.

Yu Lei got the scholarship, while Zhang Wei worked part-time to afford the fees of the university.

Neither of them was rich, in university Zhang Wei spotted Yu Lei on the first day and instantly chose her as his idle target.

He was tired of working hard every day and wanted to live off others, for living a carefree life, the best way was to marry a rich wife.

Even though he has a god-given face and physique, with his average talent marrying a top beauty was out of the list, according to him it would take too much effort.

So he choose Yu Lei as his target, considering her talents she would definitely climb up the corporate ladder in no time after graduating from the university.

Yu Lei was extremely beautiful, even termed as the top beauty in their batch, but somehow she ended up falling for Zhang Wei.

It was strange for everyone considering, thought Zhang Wei had a good-looking face but there were much more impressive males in the university, so why did a goddess like Yu Lei choose her?

Their questions were never answered, as right after graduation Yu Lei married Zhang Wei, and her sudden decision startled everyone.

Right before marriage, she was selected for the position of junior manager at Pearl Cosmetics International Ltd.

Even her parents thought she should stabilize her career first, before considering marriage.

They were not concerned about Zhang Wei as he was a good child according to them, rather they felt their daughter was too hasty.

However nothing made her go back on her decision, the marriage ceremony took place soon after and they were married.

Since Zhang Wei also graduated from Qingyun university, he could easily get a job in an MNC.

But he chooses to not work, rather live off her wife's money.

That was his end goal from the very beginning.

He had a beautiful wife with the charm and gentleness of a goddess, who was ready to bear his financial expenses.

What else he needed in life?

A busty mother?

A loving big sister?

Some caring daughters?

When all of Yu Lei's friends believed that she would not consent to Zhang Wei's decision of being a stay-at-home husband, she surprised everyone and supported his decision.

In this way, she felt she can take better care of Zhang Wei.

As for her parents, they were told lie by her.

She lied to them, that Zhang Wei was working in the same company as hers, as she did not want them to worry about her future.

They were living in another city, so it was quite easy to cover this lie.

But why would a woman like Yu Lei ever lie to her parents?

Nobody ever noticed...

There were strange patterns here...

All of there were centered around Zhang Wei...

As if he was the one playing with everything from the beginning.

As if he was the center of every strange phenomenon.

Observing his current self, no one can tell a man like him was able to manipulate events to this degree, but it was all just a mask... His real face lies inside the mask...

There was a faint smell of alcohol oozing from his body, but he appeared to be walking normally without any signs of being drunk.

He suddenly grabbed the shirt and smelled it.

'The smell is gone...'

As if nothing happened, he continued walking down the hallway.

The alcohol was used to hide the smell of fluids coming from his body.

He was coming right from the bar, after messing with a beautiful waitress there.

To hide the scent from Yu Lei, he used alcohol to cover the smell of it.

Unlike the novels he has read, where those idiot protagonists are unaware of the keen senses and sharp noses of women, he was quite aware and made sure of everything after he made an affair outside with an unrelated woman.

The question was why search for women outside if a goddess was waiting for him in the home?

It was all to blame Zhang Wei for it...

A man can never have enough...

He wanted to have a harem of beauties.

Being fully capable of gaining one, he chooses not to, it will take him a lot of effort and he won't be able to slack off anymore.

Yes, he wasn't weak in academics because he can't learn, rather he did not want to learn.

Unlike what others think him to be, he was extremely shrewd and intelligent, one of the proofs of his abilities was Yu Lei, despite being at the top of the university, she was easily manipulated by him.

She even knew of his affairs outside, yet she kept her silence on it, as every time she tried to bring that matter up, Zhang Wei will play his cards and make her forget about it.

But he still needed to hide the smell, he can do it in silence, but if he does it openly, she would certainly not be able to take it, then his luxurious life would be gone.

He arrived in front of the door and put his finger on the biometric scanner.

Once again, he made sure his hairs were unkempt and his clothes were wrinkled as if he was drunk.

One of the essences of manipulation was pretending to be dumb, where the other person thinks you can't understand him and reveals the things he shouldn't.

In this way, Zhang Wei can pretend to be drunk and notice his wife's reactions to many things.

Sometimes he comes with lipstick marks on his clothes, sometimes with a packet of used condoms in his pockets.

Each time, he increases the level to see what's her tolerable limit.

He pretends to be drunk, while being completely awake and notices her reactions, to see if she needed any corrective actions.

This was an essential step in manipulation, to keep checking on your target occasionally and manipulating and making adjustments when needed.

Today, he had a red lipstick mark on his right cheek.

The biometric scanner naturally rejected him with a beep, it was because he put the wrong finger in.

Seeing a red light shining in front of him, he frowned and started beating the door in front of him.


His loud screams were not heard by the neighbors due to the excellent soundproofing on the doors.




Suddenly the door was opened, and a beautiful woman poked her head out.

She did not say anything but turned to the side allowing him to enter inside.

Zhang Wei staggered on his steps but somehow managed to walk properly without falling.

Yu Lei's sight wandered across the red lipstick mark on his face, after frowning for a second, she ignored it as her expression went back to normal.

"Are you drunk again...?" She asked with a natural look.


Zhang Wei sat on the large luxurious sofa and shouted.

Yu Lei stared at him for a few seconds and after sighing once she walked in the direction of the kitchen with quiet steps.

It was pretty clear, she was used to it.

But Zhang Wei noticed something strange.

His eyebrows lifted in surprise, today she was looking at him with a difficult look with a hint of anger and this has never happened before.

She can be sad with him, and she may cry but she was never angry with him.

No, it wasn't just anger...

If it was just anger, it should be fine...

But there was a hint of hate and contempt in her gaze.

'Does she need better taming?'

Zhang Wei thought to himself.

Right then, he opened his phone and a black terminal window flashed on the small screen.

He used RAT to infiltrate Yu Lei's phone and instantly check her all messages.

RAT stands for remote access Trojan, despite being a business management graduate, Zhang Wei was well versed with computer viruses and the dark web.

He bought this RAT on a Tor website at a Halloween discount, it was some kind of virus that can be used to spy on other devices.

The ironic thing was he bought it using Yu Lei's money and was spying on her phone.

Since he can physically access her phone and she had high trust in him, sending a RAT to her phone was easy.

He just embedded the RAT in a photo of their marriage and send it by text message, the moment she downloaded the photo, the RAT was activated and functioning.

Spying on someone with this modern technology is too easy.

All you need is some money and knowledge.

After going through her latest messages, he did not find anything strange.

He was keeping sure Yu Lei was isolated from all her loved ones, so he had to keep track of whom she contacts, and if she is habitually contacting anyone, he would make sure to break her relationship to make her isolated.

Once she is isolated, the only person she can depend on was him.

Zhang Wei was extremely intelligent and can control people as he liked, if not for his apathetic attitude toward life, he would have long surpassed the achievements of Yu Lei.

Right when he was checking through her older text messages, he heard some footsteps and instantly placed the phone down on the table.


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