2 Chapter 2

That night marked the first celebration in the history of the Straw Hat Pirates, albeit with only two participants.

"Ahhh, sailing on the sea is really boring! Logan, what are you doing?" Luffy complained the next morning, finding Logan in his studio.

Despite joining the Straw Hat Pirates, Logan wasn't one to idle away his time. While the god-level manga system provided a significant advantage, he remained dedicated to drawing Mangas. This routine not only increased his defense and speed but also granted him the power to protect himself, even if the output was still at zero.

Maintaining his routine from his previous life, Logan would rise at 7 in the morning to start drawing Mangas.

"Hey, Luffy, you're up," Logan greeted, glancing at the clock—it was only 8 o'clock.

Observing Luffy's belly, Logan marveled at its swift recovery. He recalled Luffy turning into a big ball after consuming a lot of food the night before.

What an enviable digestive system.

Luffy approached, pulling out a hand-drawn nautical chart from his pocket.

"I don't know if the direction we guessed last night is correct. If we sail like this, do you think we can reach the next island?"

While talking, Luffy nudged the nautical chart toward Logan, indicating for him to inspect it.

Logan, unimpressed by the abstract chart, pushed it back with a hint of disdain. Even a god-level Mangaka found it challenging to decipher.

"Well, don't worry. I trust your judgment!" Luffy reassured, expressing complete faith in Logan's decisions since they decided to team up with the Straw Hat Pirates.

The man exuded a protagonist's aura, making his decisions infallible in Logan's eyes.

"Great! Since you agree with my judgment, it seems like I must have guessed right!" Luffy declared, placing the nautical chart back in his possession. He then leaned over Logan's desk, eyes wide with enthusiasm, and exclaimed : "Whoa, this person in your drawing can actually control lightning! It's amazing!"

"Hold on! The paint isn't dry yet!" Logan protested.

Seeing Luffy's keen interest in his Mangas, Logan sensed a looming disaster. Luffy, known for his impulsive nature, could easily wreak havoc in his Manga studio.

"It's okay, I'll just take a look. Don't worry about it too much," Luffy reassured.

"Don't worry? The more you say that, the more worried I get," Logan muttered under his breath.

Even though the destruction of these Mangas wouldn't affect Logan's strength, the effort he put into creating them made their potential destruction emotionally impactful.

"Come on, captain. If you have nothing to do, go outside and see where our ship is. Maybe the island is approaching," Logan suggested, getting up and leading Luffy out of the studio.

"Okay then, I'll come and have a look when you go to bed at night~~" Luffy's response made Logan cringe.

Why is he fixated on my Mangas?

Being familiar with One Piece's plot and Luffy's tenacious nature, Logan knew that once Luffy found something interesting, he wouldn't let it go.

Deciding on a strategy, Logan glanced at the bookshelf and pulled out a copy of "Akame Ga Kill."

Interested in manga?

Well, let's try this manga and see if it depresses him enough to lose interest in my Mangas.

Logan handed "Akame Ga Kill" to Luffy, saying, "Here, this manga is very suitable for you. Take it back and read it slowly. If you ever want to read manga in the future, let me know. Just promise me one thing—never come to my studio when I'm not around."

"Hee hee! Received!" Luffy exclaimed, joyfully raising his hands as he dashed out with the manga in hand.

"Hey... Luffy, it's not a joke. I'm serious; I really don't want my studio demolished by you. I hope 'Akame Ga Kill' can curb your interest in Mangas," Logan called out, shaking his head, and closed the door.

Meanwhile, Luffy, armed with "Akame Ga Kill," went to the deck for a brief lookout. Failing to spot the island's silhouette, he settled down and immersed himself in the Manga.

"Yeah! Let's go for the boy of dreams!" Luffy cheered, captivated by the Manga's depiction of Tatsumi, Ieyasu, and Sayo embarking on a journey to save their poor village.

As he followed the characters, Luffy saw shades of himself, Ace, and Sabo in their adventures. Once upon a time, his dream was for the three of them to set sail together.

Observing this scene now in the pages of the Manga, Luffy felt a warm sensation in his heart.

"Logan was right. 'Akame Ga Kill' is truly a good manga!" Luffy sighed with contentment.

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