Mangaka in the StrawHats

Logan travels to the world of pirates, but his cheat seems to be of no use. Fortunately, he met Luffy at the beginning, and I planned to join the StrawHats I Translate and Edit this Fanfic Original Title 大航海:草帽团的漫画家 Original Author: Auspicious Clouds More in my P@treon/goldengaruda

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Chapter 211

In the new era, no ship can carry Whitebeard, but there is his home...

When these words fell into Whitebeard's ears, Whitebeard trembled violently!!!

It was a tremor from the soul!

His gaze was almost reflexively looking at everyone in the Whitebeard Pirates...

That's his family!!!

if he dies

The various forces on the sea will quickly carve up his territory as if they are vying for a cake

And his stupid sons, one by one, will fight for the territory left by their father.

By then...., how many members of the Whitebeard Pirates will survive?

Although Ace, whom he placed high hopes on, is now saved, he hasn't fully grown up yet.

Just like what Logan said, this family... still needs him to protect it now!

Thinking of this, Whitebeard's determination to die was shaken!!!

"Pop, let's go together!!!"

"Yes, without you, what happiness do we have?"

"Pop, we still have to take care of your retirement!!!"

"Don't you want to see Ace's future son grow up?"

"Don't you want to see if Marco's son has a pineapple head?"

"Hey! I think Pop should want to see if Izou's son is more beautiful than Hancock!"

"Pfft ha ha ha!!!"

"Pop!!! Let's go together!!"

When the people realized that Whitebeard's determination to die was shaken, they frantically launched a psychological offensive one by one.

Seeing the atmosphere of his sons, Whitebeard's heart was even more shaken!!!

But just when he was about to set foot on the bridge, he suddenly stopped.

Sighing deeply, Whitebeard said in a deep voice, "Logan boy, thank you! It's just..., this war has to end If it has to be between me and my sons , it should still be me!!"

With that said, he turned to look at the battlefield, and shouted: "Marine! Your opponent... is only me!!!"

Logan smiled: "If you're only thinking about ending the war, then you don't have to think about it. I have a plan for this."

"You have a plan?" Whitebeard asked in surprise, he looked at Logan, "What can you guys do in this chaotic scene?"

" When you're looking at people through the cracks of the door. Sometimes, fewer people are not necessarily a disadvantage, but too many people may become a hindrance"

As he spoke, Logan looked in the direction of the Going Merry, and said, "Robin, it's time to use that move!"

Nico Robin was standing outside the front of Going Merry's deck, in Luffy's state seat.

She crossed her hands and flexed her fingers

"Cien Fleur: Field of Flowers"

With the activation of her fruit ability, countless arms popped out li on the ground crazily!!!

These arms are combined in pairs, palms facing each other


When Robin shouted again, they saw that all these palms had created an energy ball...

A large amount of Chakra is released crazily at this moment

buzz buzz buzz ~

The bright and dazzling azure blue light balls are like a bunch of bright treasures

Rise up on the battlefields of Marineford!!!

"what is that...!!!"

"Aqua blue, what a beautiful ball of light!"

"Dangerous! My mother told me that the more beautiful things are, the more dangerous they are!"

"Hey! Isn't that about women?"

"Damn it!! There's a terrible atmosphere in the air!"

No matter if it is a marine or a pirate, when they see the countless azure blue energy light clusters condensed on the arm like a jungle flower sea, they are all fearful in their hearts.

"Bastard! What is that!!!"

Sengoku's eyes widened suddenly, and his entire face was covered with seriousness.

next moment

Those countless palms pushed out the azure blue light sphere condensed into max at the same time.

The speed is not too slow, probably slower than the speed of a bullet

But the power of these things seems to be much greater than bullets!!!


Sengoku suddenly yelled!!

There are three black lines running down Aokiji's forehead

Sengoku yelled

Whenever there is something that can't be dealt with, Sengoku will definitely shout "Aokiji"...

Aokiji didn't speak, and jumped up high, with both palms facing forward.

The icy cold air spewed out crazily.

The cold air met the Rasengan in the blink of an eye


The Rasengan that came all over the sky actually intersected with the cold air~

"Hmm...it doesn't seem to work...?"

Aokiji frowned and murmured.

"Yasakani no Magatama"

Immediately Kizaru jumped into the air too.

He transformed into a large number of light element particles, as his hands opened

Countless laser beams rain down!!

whoosh whoosh whoosh!!! …

The laser beam went straight through these Rasengan, shooting the ground a hundred times


Vice Admiral Tsuru narrowed his old eyes and said solemnly, "This seems to be an energy attack, but it cannot be offset by elemental energies"

Suddenly, Vice Admiral Tsuru seemed to have discovered something, and immediately analyzed: "Wait! These energy light spheres follow a parabolic trajectory, and it seems that the landing point is a bit forward!!"

Hearing this, Sengoku also saw it.

He immediately ordered loudly: "Stop chasing, retreat immediately, and avoid the impact of those energy attack!!"

The Marine soldiers are not stupid either. When they saw Rasengan flying over just now, they were ready to evade.

Now with Sengoku's order, they don't think too much, just run away!

After a while

The sky-filled Rasengan crashed to the ground


When the first Rasengan hit the ground, a small mushroom cloud suddenly set off...


Seeing this scene, those Marine soldiers who were still on the front line of the chase just now gasped hard!!!



This is only the first one that came and it explode!!!

And in that sky, the densely packed Rasengan also landed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!! …

When the spiral falls on the ground on a large scale

Mushroom clouds burst up one after another

The terrible explosion power caused the entire Marineford to fall into violent shaking!!

Those who didn't know thought it was Whitebeard who activated the power of Shock Fruit.

10 meters in front of Whitebeard and Logan is the concentration area of the explosion

Countless mushroom clouds, carrying raging energy storms, completely sealed off the entire area!

This scene made the faces of the Marine soldiers chasing the front line extremely pale!!!

They can imagine it, if they don't withdraw in time...

Then at this time, they may even be dusted

"It's terrible....Fortunately, that woman's aim is not very accurate."

"Yes! If his control is more precise, it can completely cover our retreat route."

"It's really a blessing from the gods, we don't deserve to die!!!"

"Are you stupid? What kind of god's blessing? What's the lack of accuracy? The person who can make such a large-scale group attack, she is not accurate enough?"

"I can see it too..., this Nico Robin clearly deliberately moved the impact point of these terrible energy bombs forward...

"She's being merciful, it's not that she's not accurate enough, idiots!"

"Ah...! Why did she show mercy to us? There's no reason!"

"Yeah, it stands to reason that everyone in her hometown died under Marine's Buster Call, so she should hate Marine so much!"

"Hey...! In fact, no one is a fool. Can't you see that this Nico Robin is not a child of the devil at all, but a pure and kind person"

"Hey, that's right. But if her heart was a little bit more vicious, at least a few hundred of us would have been blown to ashes."

Amidst the sighs of the Marine soldiers, Rasengan's explosion slowly quieted down.

When energy ripples and gunpowder storms spread...


Everyone sucked their hearts into their throats again!!!

They saw that the bombed area has become completely dilapidated at this time!!!

"Bastards!!! They destroyed Marineford to such an extent!!!"

Sengoku punched hard and flew into a rage.

"It's dangerous! We almost lost hundreds of elites!!"

Seeing that there were no casualties, Vice Admiral Tsuru breathed a sigh of relief

Vice Admiral Gion sighed slightly: "I believe you can also see it..., that is Nico Robin's mercy."


Hearing this, Vice Admiral Tsuru immediately stared at GIon, and said in a deep voice, "Don't say anything that will affect the moral...!"

On the deck of Going Merry, Nico Robin kept her hands crossed, and she shouted: "Stop chasing, Marine!!! With my strength I can do it again!!"

Her words...

A warning to Marine without a doubt!!!

If they let it go, then they don't have to die anymore.

If they still want to pursue..., then she will not show mercy!!!

When Robin's words spread throughout Marineford, Marine fell into a brief silence

A large number of Marine soldiers all set their sights in the direction of Sengoku at this time, waiting for the command of the Marine Fleet Admiral.

Sengoku looks ugly

This battle so far...

Marine can be said to have lost a lot!!!

If forced to compromise now, Marine will probably become a big joke

Moreover, the order from the Mary Geoise

He did not even complete one


Totally impossible!!!

But facing the threat of Nico Robin, Sengoku also knew that once he continued to pursue.

The number of casualties of Marine soldiers will skyrocket in a terrifying amount!!!

This is also a scene that Sengoku does not want to see

Just when he was caught in a dilemma...

A burly figure wearing a Marine justice cloak climbed up from the abyss!!!


"Admiral Akainu!!"

Seeing that Sakazuki was not dead, many Hawk Faction officers and soldiers shouted excitedly.

Sakazuki was full of anger, he was covered in billowing smoke, like a diesel engine

He looked at Whitebeard and Logan in front of him, and shouted coldly: "I can't spare such evil existences as pirates soon!!"

"Admiral is right!!! Destroy the pirates!!"

"Chase and kill the pirates, we will kill them all!!!"

"Follow Admiral, go!!"

All of a sudden, the officers and soldiers of the Hawk Faction rushed up.